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U.S. Government Enslaves Citizens

Image from Google Images - Washington D.C.

Definition Of Slavery

Slaves came from the Medieval Latin sclava, because the Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early middle ages. As a noun it refers to a person who is under the domination of influence or by another person. As a verb it refers to working for the benefit of others against your will. There are two ways in which masters can wield this power. They can use finances to keep the slave dependent upon to master or they can use the point of a gun.

By definition these are the ONLY two ways that a government can control its citizens. Thus, all citizens are slaves of their government. The only way for people to not be slaves of the country is to be “off the grid” and living freely as self-sufficient sovereign persons. It is most unfortunate that people do not see and understand this concept. For them, it is easier to be a slave and live in denial than to take responsibility and live freely. After all, slaves can always claim it is their master’s fault that things go wrong.

A sovereign is a supreme ruler, one who has dominion over himself and is NOT subject to the rules of others. When we talk about individual liberty, this state of sovereignty is what we are talking about. Anyone who agrees with the government and what the government does, and abides by the government’s rule, has effectively made themselves a slave by giving up their sovereignty. To be free of government mastery over one’s life, one must first realize they are free of government.

How Government Slavery Works Through Finances

I realize that many in America will not take kindly to this conception but that does not stop it from being true. Like I said, many live in denial. So let’s take a walk through the financial side of the argument and see if we can persuade some people to realize what is really going on. We can look at the “point of a gun” side in a latter section.

Image from Google Images - Money/ Finance

Regardless of how many people in know what the use of government is or not, I doubt that many would argue if we said that when you work, 100% of your income must go your boss, that such a thing would be slavery. Just think about it. You work eight hours per day, earn 400 bucks for that day, and on the way out of work you have to turn that money over to your boss as you go home. Do you consider that slavery?

It fits the definition perfectly so I would have to presume you would say yes. Now just simply replace the boss with the government. If you worked all day and 100% of your pay was being forfeited to the government do you still consider yourself a slave? The majority of people reading this would have to agree. There will be a few that say no but they are living in denial still.

For all of you that recognize you are a slave in this example because everything you earn goes to the government and you are thus dependent upon the government for your very survival, lets go to the next question. What if only 99% of your pay went to the government, would you still be a slave? What about 90%? How low would you have to go before you consider yourself NOT a salve? When you reach that point, since it is just an arbitrary number, what makes you not a slave at that point but one percentage point more and you are?

We can easily see how 100% makes us slaves but our education under the government re-education camps called public schools has blinded most of us to the fact that anything less is not. In order for principles to work, they must work in every case where they can be applied. If, in principle, you are a slave at 100% then, in principle, you are a slave at anything other than zero percent. The more government takes away from you the more you are dependent upon government. This will never change.

As with all governments, the U.S. government works the same way. Even though we preach about individual liberty, it is NOT practiced because the government continuously makes more and more slaves out of all of us. AND, just as with anyone who gets something for free, a moral hazard to care for that something ceases to exist. Our government wantonly spends because they know they can get more from their slaves at any time they want it.

How Government Slavery Works Through The Point Of The Gun

We are supposed to be a nation of laws. By definition, laws are supposed to be created to secure and protect our individual rights. Once you break down the laws, anything beyond the securing/protecting of our rights is in fact an infringement upon the very rights that are supposed to be protected. It does not take much to see how this works.

Prior to, let’s say speed limit laws, there was no such thing and people could travel at any speed they wanted. Once the laws were created and enforced, the ability to get from point A to point B as fast as you desired was taken away. If you got caught, you were fined. Refuse to pay the fine, go to jail. Welcome to the point of a gun.

We do not have to limit ourselves to just speed laws to see how bad it gets either. Every year our government comes out with 50,000 new laws at the federal level and an almost equivalent amount at the state/county levels. That means, every year, we are forced to obey some 100,000 new laws that were not laws last year. Each one of these is an infringement upon your ability to live freely.

Disobey any law, have it enforced, and watch how your freedom disappears while they cart you off to jail (the point of a gun slavery) or force you to pay a fine (financial slavery) to stay out of jail. In 1776 there were no American Laws, only English laws. After the war, we were a fairly free people as the laws were minimal at that time. That is not so today. The more laws there are in a country, the less free the people are.

It used to be that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. However, that is changing with the tremendous volumes of laws that keep being added every year. There are several Supreme Court case that are developing against this theory. Liparota v. United States is a good example where the law that was applied was a sanction across a broad range of apparently innocent conduct.

As things continue to develop in the United States, we can see that if the government wanted to arrest you they could. If they didn’t have a law to make you conform to THEIR standards, they simply create one and suddenly what was not against the law yesterday, is today.

Freeing Yourself From Slavery

Image from Google Images - Break the Chains That Bind You

Short of a revolution I seriously doubt that the government is going to go away any time soon. Nor do I presume that I can change everyone’s minds about being a slave. For those who do not want to be a slave and for those that want to be “less” of a slave, the process toward freedom is the same. Where you stop and feel comfortable is up to you. The idea here was to first get you to recognize what was wrong. Now that we see such, we need to figure out what to do about it.

The strength of the financial slavery comes from the enforcement of the “unlawful” laws that infringe upon your unalienable rights. These infringements are at EVERY level of government. The more local the law the more impact it has on your life. This means, if you want to have immediate effects, start locally and work your way up the food chain.

Government gets its power from the consent of the people governed. Gather people locally and walk into your government meetings. Bring to vote the repeal of local laws that your local municipal government controls. Think in terms of laws that say you cannot buy alcohol on Sunday’s but any other day is OK. Remember, for the principal to work, it must work in every situation where it applies. That means if it is OK for you to buy beer on Saturday, it should be OK on Sunday as well.

Don’t stop there. Go after any blue law that exists. Go after any “innocent victim” laws that exist. The more of these laws you repeal and remove from the books the freer you as a society will be. Once you are satisfied at the municipal level, jump to the county level, followed by the state and lastly the federal.

I don’t expect everyone to become sovereigns overnight. So long as government exists, I suspect that there will always be some slaves being told what to do and how to live. In order for YOU to be free of government YOU must first recognize that you are free of government. To that end, remove as many laws as you possible can and free everyone else with you.

Yours in Liberty

6 comments to U.S. Government Enslaves Citizens

  • Parker

    Now there you go again, gettin’ all uppity on Massah’s plantation. Sit back down and, Hey! Where are your chains? Bad slave, bad slave.

  • LOL – hello my friend, so good to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    I gotta keep trying to help people see. Government re-education camps called public school has really dumb downed people’s ability to think and see. Someone needs to shine the light into the darkness to try and keep them from tripping over stuff.

  • Parker

    Might be out your way this month of October. Still waiting on the schedule. Just been busy like a one legged man in an ass kickin’ contest. I did remember to get My absentee ballot though. Don’t leave home without it. I liked your article. Been preaching that sermon for about 30 years now. Putting a lien on a man’s labor is irrefutable evidence of ownership of that labor. Your problem is you make too much sense. It’s too logical and it simply explodes the world-view of the average public school simpleton. We need to just tear that damn invention of Woodrow Wilson, Horace Mann and John Dewey up by the root and throw it into the unquenchable fire. I can hardly wait for the collapse of the mighty Federal Reserve Note. This country of takers won’t even see it coming. Batten down the hatches, it’s gonna be one helluva ride. Hope to see you after the ash clears!

  • I plan on being here.

  • John

    Love your article. Very well thought out and articulated. I would love to copy this and send it to others, but there are a few typos and missing words that you obviously inadvertently left out but which distract. Any chance you could re-post this after correcting it? Again, I love the piece….it’s excellent. But I would never want to copy it and then edit it myself–that would be dishonest.
    Well done!

  • John,

    I think I got them all. Feel free to pass it along.