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The Republican Party Is Losing It

Many things are happening in the world of politics and all of them show just how despondent this country has become. Mike Huckabee announced the other day that he would not run. He did not want to give up his newly found lucrative career with FOX. Trump proceeded to jibe him about his making so much money and building news etc.

Now today, Trump himself has made the announcement that he too will not running for president in 2012. And his excuse, he is not ready to leave the private sector, read that as he does not want to leave his TV show either. He would have bought some fun to the primary season but there was no way he would have won. His remarks are too far off the cuff and his presentations border on the absurd.

Not to be outdone by in the world of outlandish remarks. Newt Gingrich made some rather bizarre statements when he referred to the GOP Medicare plan as “right winged” and is now seemingly supporting the Obamacare that is currently in effect. Based on the story from the Wall Street Journal, Gingrich “backed a requirement that all Americans buy health insurance, complicating a Republican line of attack on President Barack Obama’s health law.”

I find it amazing that he would do such a thing in an environment where the GOP is supposed to be getting back to limited government and fiscally responsible roots that they lost over the years. This certainly will now bode too well for him in the upcoming election season. Expect to see some back pedaling here but realize that its all show since he displayed his hand on how he is really for big government. There is nothing like a neocon showing his true colors early. I sure hope people are listening and watching what is going on.

Then we turn our face toward the current leadership of the Republican Party. Boehner, who is supposedly favored by the Tea Partiers and Libertarian leaners of the GOP, has stated that he is ready to compromise on the raising the debt ceiling. Talk about a slap in the face of the people trying to get things done. So much for listening to the people, as speaker he once said something along the line of “the people have spoken and its time we listen to them”. I guess that means its time to listen so long as it achieves what you want and the hell with what they want.

Compromising won’t do, it is time to solve the problem. The debt limit has already been reached. Geithner, holding true to his word about manipulating funds has begun to maneuver investments of two big government pensions plans in order to allow the government to keep borrowing. Actions have consequences and this move will take these plans into the “unfunded” category. You know; the ones that all the states are having trouble over because of the unions. Well, now it is happening on the federal level.

Playing the fear card he warns lawmakers that if they do not raise the debt limit ceiling by Aug 2 the government will default on its debt. He leaves the painting of a picture of doom and gloom for the future if the ceiling is not raised on time. Boehner plays into the cards as well since he notes that no one in congress or the president are at odds with raising the ceiling and all recognize it needs to be done.

Trying to keep the Tea Party types happy, Republicans have said in the past that they will not vote to raise the ceiling unless Congress and the White House agree to reduce the deficit. With the note today that Boehner is ready to compromise; we can see this is a fallacy. So much for his speech last week saying that any rise in the ceiling must be accompanied by a larger decrease in spending. If all it takes is decreasing spending, why not just stop spending the 40 cents on each dollar we borrow.

This country has gone to the bowels of political correctness and shamed people into non-action. Channel 22 NEWS of Orange, Mass. Reported last week of a civil rights controversy. An 11 year old boy in Butterfield Elementary School drew a picture of the United States flag. His teacher supposedly told him that hanging the picture of the flag would offend another student. He was not even allowed to hang it by his desk in his own “personal space”.

Of course, now the superintendent is doing his little side step to skirt the issue and protect his school. He says that such was never the case and that they recite the Pledge of Allegiance at least once a week and that the young artist had drawn the offending flag during part of the day that did not was not for art class.

Do we know no bounds to the depths we will sink to be politically correct? Oh my goodness, do let allow us to show any patriotism. Who knows where such actions might lead.

The world in which we live; we have gone from being one of the greatest countries in the world to being one of the stupidest. Over the course of the decades we have shun everything that made this a wonderful country to live in. People were proud to live here. People had a chance to better themselves and attain what was once called the “American Dream”. Now we all try to simply survive without the government throwing us in jail.

We have sunk so far that we now allow our government to tell us everything we should do. 2012 is nearly upon us. The new election cycle begins soon. Do not be fooled by the neocons and centrist, unless you are for being a slave of the government. If that is the case, be sure to vote and keep this country down its torturous path.

We have a chance to fix the problems. We can change the course we are on and right this ship to once again be the mighty beacon of light shining for liberty. If you believe in freedom, this is the year you need to make it known. Failure to put the correct people in office in 2012 will ensure our march into slavery.

You are faced with a choice. Plenty of Libertarian leaning people are running. It is time to put them all into office and remove the fear mongering socialist and neocons.

The fate of this country lies in your hands.

Choose wisely.

Yours in Liberty

4 comments to The Republican Party Is Losing It

  • Parker

    Trump was and still is a very unfunny joke; a left-leaning moderate at best. Nothing close to a libertarian and far from a ‘conservative’.
    Newt Gingrich is a hapless boob. A product of a national love fest with reruns. (See the latest hollywood offerings.) And notice the nations latest, greatest attempt at reviving National Socialism, ie., fascism.
    Boehner is a weak-kneed, linguine-spined political coward. A veritable sissy-pants, whining, cry-baby. A pansy who lacks a proper understanding of limited government, constitutional restrictions, and the fact that Keynesian economic principles are predicated upon a failed socialist model. In other words, Boehner is not a ‘tea-partier’ nor was he ever. He is a political opportunist. A veritable cartoon character.

    Since this writing, we have heard Mitch-the moderate-Daniels won’t throw his empty hat into the ring. Tim(my) Pawlenty of contradictions in my bag of rhetorical tricks is going to run because he just cares so much about his country. I mean, seriously, we are talking about a politician crafty enough to get elected as governor in one of the bluest of blue states. Minnesota. Good grief, either the people of Minnesota are so stupid or this guy is a Barnum and Bailey’s Ringmaster. I suppose it doesn’t necessarily have to be an either, or situation, but could be a matter of both.

    Now that leaves Republican hopefuls, Michelle Bachman, (the tea party femme fav outside of Palin), Herman Cain, the most promising of conservative principled candidates and a potential end to the race-baiting in political analysis. Sarah Palin, only if she is truly a masochist will she run. I can’t believe this woman hasn’t found a cave to hide in. Talk about hate-speech. If Palin isn’t a victim of hate-speech, there is no such thing.

    So who’s left? Mitt Romney? Egad. A living breathing Ken doll. A man who wears what he believes to be ‘magic’ underwear. No thanks. Oh well, he’s got to be better than Obama, right? I seem to remember people muttering that inane excuse for trying to convince people to vote for John McCain. No thanks both times.

    And then we have Dr. Ron Paul. A friend of libertarians and juris naturalists. A friend of most true lower-case republicans. We all know he has a chance at the nomination, but only if he is actually counted among the ‘real’ candidates by conservative political commentators, which sadly, he will not be. He will be ignored and/or subjected to the usual demagoguery and name-calling. The ‘experts’ will just call him kooky, cracked, loony, and out of touch. And, unfortunately, most voters will nod in agreement without really investigating for themselves.

    Alas, there will be a third-party candidate who will receive about 5 percent of the vote and the American people will get another 4 years of the Leftist Fascist in chief.
    The American people will be miserable for it and the welfare rolls will increase, wars will expand, and the ‘food-stamp’ president will retire in luxury.

    Ah, the Republican party is losing it. My friends, they’ve already lost it.

  • I wonder what would happen if EVERYONE decided to join the unemployment at once.

    I wonder what would happen if EVERYONE decided to drop their private insurance carriers at the same time.

    There has to be a way to speed up the process so that we hit bottom faster and begin the recovery properly.

  • Parker

    What would happen, indeed? I’ve often tried to, ‘rally the troops’ to cancel their withholdings for a mere six months and starve the sons of bitches. Too scared.
    The public education system has done an admirable job of mind manipulation. Likewise, the media and its annual expose’ on some famous rich guy the IRS pummels, in order to demonstrate how, “if they can get that guy, just think what they’ll do to you…” Propaganda really works! And the beat goes on.

    I just hope there are enough people left who have retained to ability to actually think for themselves and intend to vote this primary with the full intent of casting against the power-brokers. I hate to admit it, but I don’t personally have that much faith. That would be the kind of faith it requires to, “…move a mountain,” and I am probably to cynical and pessimistic to move much more than a freshly blown bubble.

    Alas, I just wish the libertarians and the juris naturalists would find a better forum for getting their message out. There has to be something available and someone with the means to eliminate at least one reality tv show in a prime time slot.
    Maybe Glen Beck’s new network might have a slot or two. He claims he’s libertarian, (I doubt that) but at least he makes the claim. I just worry about hanging out with people who think their underwear possess magic powers and give them their strength. Oh well…

  • I am afraid that it may actually come down to the use of force in order to protect ourselves again. This is not a solution I want to see happen as many innocent people will get hurt. It may be high time people begin getting their guns ready to protect what is theirs. If they don’t know how to shoot, it is time they learned. I don’t see things getting better any time soon.