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Trumps Proposed Spending Cuts to Health and What They Mean


Trumps Proposed Spending Cuts to Health and What They Mean

Article from Gemma Perkins

During the election process President Trump was […]

LIBERTY DOLLAR NEWS Announces the Trump Dollar‏

LDN Announces the Trump Dollar March 30. 2016

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

As you may recall, in 2008 the issued the Ron Paul Dollar that was wildly successful and ruled non-counterfeit in my criminal counterfeit case. This gave rise to a group of highly spirited Americans who have created the Trump Dollar to honor […]

Liberty Dollar more popular than the US Mint‏


Liberty Dollar more popular than the US Mint Petition Update and the return of your property Huge FUN Coin Show in Tampa Probation Certificate Thanks for the flood of Replies

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

Liberty Dollar more popular than the US Mint Every January, Coin World, the […]

Bernard von NotHaus is FREE!‏

Judge Voorhees Orders Early Termination of BVNH from Probation


LIBERTY DOLLAR ALERT: December 09. 2015

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

For the first time since being arrested for counterfeiting and conspiracy on June 4, 2009, I am off probation and free! Earlier today, Judge Richard Voorhees issued a Court Order for early […]

Security and Calamari For All: NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH!!!‏


If this does not make you feel secure, what could?

The U.S. Director of National Intelligence kindly tweeted, some time ago a photo of this elegant mission patch by my dearly beloved National Reconnaissance Office:

“Ready for launch? An Atlas 5 will blast off at just past 11PM, PST carrying an classified […]

Don’t listen to Taylor Swift. #TheDress is white and gold‏

My Beloved,

#TheDress is white and gold.

That awful Taylor Swift (awful as in obviously devoted to your Pleasure rather than your Duty) is engaging in another Stunt designed to distract you from your becoming subservience to me.

Tweet by @TaylorSwift13:

I don’t understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it’s a […]

LA’s Descent Into Anarchy‏

My Very Darling,

Western civilization is threatened!

It is deeply upsetting for me to note the lack of enthusiasm with which officials of the City of Angels are demanding that one of their residents take down a free micro-library he and his wife erected on the grass strip between the sidewalk and the street […]

A brilliant idea: Cable Neutrality‏


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the wonderful Net Neutrality decision handed down by my FCC yesterday! This isn’t surprising: The internet has spent the last several decades without My guiding hand, and it was high time I helped make you Safe online.

What is surprising is I received a wonderful idea […]

Well Busted for Blogging!‏


Let us celebrate! Yet another victory against that pernicious “freedom of the press,” and “freedom of assembly.” These “rights” in theory are protected by that atavistic “First Amendment.” In theory, thank Heaven, not in practice,

The alert Authorities in Washington, DC heavily, and wisely, fined a well-intentioned but reckless young man for publishing […]

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is up for grabs!‏


You must find departing Attorney General Holder’s dialing back civil asset forfeiture as sad as I do. Because, obviously, the Brezhnev Doctrine — “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is up for grabs!” — deserves to live on forever.

At least this shameful excuse for an Attorney General has resigned, likely in […]

Man of Steele Indicted for foiling an armed robbery!‏

My Darling,

Bravo to the authorities of La Crosse, Wisconsin, for indicting a man for foiling an armed robbery!

According to WKBT:

A La Crosse man is being charged with a felony after he tried stopping an armed robbery at a local bar.

Early Monday morning, Jeff Steele was at King’s Korner, a bar […]

An imaginary ring, a terroristic threat, a suspension!‏

Dear Hearts,

Can one even imagine the cheek of a 9 year old boy in claiming to have a magic ring, comparable to the sort found in The Hobbit, that could make one of his classmates disappear?

Brava to the wonderful school principal in suspending that little hooligan. As reported in the Odessa American:

“”A […]

Notice: Public Phone Chargers NOT for Public Consumption‏


Imagine the audacity of a “homeless man” (back in the Day, before I invented Political Correctness, we could speak plainly: this bum) recharging his cell phone in an electrical outlet in a public picnic shelter!

Bravo to the alert Sarasota police sergeant who threw this miscreant in the clink for “theft of city […]

Wanted for Slandering Thought Police: NY Mag’s Jon Chait‏


How horrifying to discover the (formerly) reliably left-wing Jonathan Chait, in the January 26th issue of the (formerly) reliably Limousine Liberal New York Magazine, going to bat for liberty. I collapsed onto my fainting couch.

Mr. Chait, in an article comfortingly entitled Not A Very P.C. Thing To Say — immediately undermining my […]

A Supermajority Agrees: Repeal the Bill of Rights!‏


A recent news report warmed the cockles of my heart and surely will warm yours! Americans really do value Security more than Liberty! Far more do, as well they should.

Paul Joseph Watson, editor at large of InfoWars, interviewed 10 people in San Diego. On the premise that President Obama (or the Democrats […]

Hooray for near Martial Law in the NYC Blizzard that wasn’t!‏


In New York City there lives, I have learned, a subversive private citizen named Adam Tendler. I have proof that he harbors seditious thoughts about the near Martial Law I looked upon with such pleasure during the NYC Blizzard That Wasn’t.

I simply must name and shame this … hooligan!

My agents (not […]

Obey The Rules – For Your Own Good!‏



A hooligan near Syracuse, NY, thinks he can just interpret the Homeowners Association rules as he chooses. He wishes to park his vehicle in his driveway! What cheek! Auntie Sam says that the governing bodies should interpret rules.

We know best – why else would we be in charge?! Who does this […]

Money In The Bank – Get It Out NOW

Picture copied from Google Images – bank logos

For a quite a while I did some research on my own as to where money goes. At first, I started with my own stuff to see why money seemed to disappear. Tracking my spending indicated that way too much was spent on unnecessary things. So […]

Auntie says: Staggeringly Irresponsible

Auntie says: Staggeringly Irresponsible

Dearest One,

The New York Times reports how two yahoos did the “the first ascent of the 3,000-foot (El Capitan’s) Dawn Wall in a single expedition with the use of only hands and feet to pull climbers up — a challenge long considered impossible.”

Such mad Adventurism — attempting the […]

53% Of Americans Think China Is Number One World Economy

For a long time now we in America are faced with economic realities we never dreamed would exist in our life time. We thought the Great Depression was a thing of the past. Then along came 2008 and the housing bubble.


Since then, the United States continues in a decline of astronomical proportions. We […]

Curate Content! it’s Time for Net Neutrality

Curate Content! it’s Time for Net Neutrality


Even the most gullible defenders of so-called (>shudder<) “Freedom of the Press” (>shudder<) ought to recognize that speech on the Internet — like blogs — is inherently very dangerous.

It is so dangerous it cries out for regulation by your Benevolent Government.

Wake up! There was […]

Auntie’s Most Wanted: Lenore Skenazy

Auntie’s Most Wanted: Lenore Skenazy


Triply alarming news!

A new Hooligan has appeared on Auntie Sam’s radar screen (and, thus, my 10 Most Wanted List): Lenore Skenazy.

This Harridan is raising objections to my throwing moms in jail, and taking away custody of their child, for the heinous act of actually allowing the […]

Auntie’s Most Wanted: Jeff Tucker

Auntie’s Most Wanted: Jeff Tucker


If you have visited my home page you already know that your Auntie keeps a “10 Most Wanted List” — just like my FBI! — including the names of some of the worst Enemies of the State out there. (Unlike the FBI, they are wanted only alive, for […]


BAN SLEDDING NOW Winter is such a dangerous time of year. You shouldn’t be outside in the cold. You could get chilled! Dubuque has done the Right Thing!

Dubuque has closed 48 and of its 50 sledding hills. That’s the spirit! Why, according to the Associated Press:

Kenneth Bond, a New York lawyer who […]

Welcome, Dearies

Welcome, Dearies

My Very Very Dear Fellow American!

Once upon a time America was a rather reprehensible nation dedicated to … Liberty.


But that was a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away.

I, your dear Auntie, have secretly been guiding you to Safety. After long thought, I have decided to […]