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Libertarian in mix in Montana special election, LP Chair on Glenn Beck, and more


News from the Libertarian Party:

Montana race shows Libertarian votes can no longer be ignored Glenn Beck TV & radio interviews of LNC chair available online Spots still available at Libertarian State Leadership Alliance conference in N.H. this Sunday Libertarian candidate Casey Carlisle on Todd Herman Show California Libertarian interviewed on local television […]

Key projects


We are working on laying the foundation for big things for future elections, including 2018 and 2020.


What we do now greatly influences our abilities to take advantage of opportunities later, many of which we cannot even predict now.


Here are some key projects we are focusing on funding in […]

Now hiring!



Our Party didn’t slow down its growth or hard work after the 2016 election.


In fact, we doubled down and are pushing forward aggressively in preparation for 2018 and 2020.


There are so many elements to this but I’ll quickly name some



– pursuing 50 state ballot […]

Recruiting candidates

You are invited to a special conference call on Recruiting Candidates featuring Wes Benedict & Bob Johnston

Wednesday, June 14


5 PM Pacific

6 PM Mountain

7 PM Central

8 PM Eastern


Wes Benedict serves as Executive Director for the Libertarian Party. He has a long history of success […]

Cliff Hyra for VA governor, Second NH rep switches to LP, LP loses a leader, and more


News from the Libertarian Party:

A remembrance of Roger Lee Wrights LP nominates Cliff Hyra for Virginia governor Second N.H. rep switches to LP, triggering recognition of Libertarian caucus in state legislature Republicans celebrate passage of weak bill with weak beer An open letter to Rep. Justin Amash on health care bill Nebraska […]

Republicans celebrate passage of weak bill with weak beer


Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment celebrated over Bud Light the narrow passage of the AHCA in the White House Rose Garden.


Their ‘victory’ was as lacking in substance as the beer they chose to drink.


The AHCA does nothing to solve the health care crisis that Americans are facing under […]

Libertarian Party: Trump’s ‘revenue neutral’ tax proposal is taxpayer negative


For immediate release May 1, 2017

Libertarian Party: Trump’s ‘revenue neutral’ tax proposal is taxpayer negative

Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, released the following statement today:

American taxpayers get to take home just 54 cents on every dollar they earn, while federal, state and local governments take the other 46 […]

Two elected Libertarians in Florida town, free market drives down cost of health care, and more


News from the Libertarian Party:

Florida town now has two elected Libertarian officials Delaware ex-GOP Libertarian running for reelection in Elsmere What EpiPen and Lasik reveal about healthcare Colorado LP chair interviewed on Denver NBC television affiliate Mississippi Libertarian for mayor featured on ABC, Fox TV 2017 Libertarian Party state conventions Florida town […]

Please Donate for This


Please help me reach $9,000 for this effort today.


Click here to see our progress.


Caryn Ann Harlos personally donated $1,500. And by the way, she’s the one who will spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours volunteering and organizing other volunteers to make this project happen.


This isn’t just […]

Outreach to the Center

You are invited to a special conference call about Outreach to the Center LNC Representative Joshua Katz

Tuesday, May 16


5 PM Pacific

6 PM Mountain

7 PM Central

8 PM Eastern


Joshua has been elected to two offices: Chief of Emergency Medical Services in Hempstead, NY, and later as member of […]

preserving our history



Our party is growing and I am thrilled to help welcome so many “newborn Libertarians”.


But, as we grow and move towards our future, we MUST know our past, and we are in serious danger of losing it.


Many of the original delegates and liberty-fighters that started this party […]

Refund it all!


Libertarians believe that Americans have the right to use their hard-earned money as they see fit. Today and everyday, we call for a full refund for all Americans and complete abolishment of the income tax.


Currently, the average American family pays $13,758 in federal income taxes.


This is enough money to […]

Open letter to people of Syria, other nations; five new elected Libertarians in Illinois; and more


News from the Libertarian Party:

An open letter to the people of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and other nations Illinois LP elects five new officeholders New and improved LPedia 2017 Libertarian candidates 2017 Libertarian Party state conventions An open letter to the people of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and other nations Arvin Vohra, vice chair […]

Activist training

You are invited to a special conference call on How to do Effective Outreach Through Tabling LNC State Affiliate Development Specialist Andy Burns

May 8


5 PM Pacific

6 PM Mountain

7 PM Central

8 PM Eastern

Andy Burns serves as State Affiliate Development Specialist for the Libertarian Party. His […]

Libertarian Parenting



Speaking as a dad I know first hand that parenting is plenty challenging and, arguably, libertarian parenting is even harder.


There are currently precious few resources that guide parents on the art of libertarian parenting.


Valerie Sarwark, wife of our national Chair, Nicholas Sarwark, and mom of three, recommends […]

We denounce the air strikes on Syria


Dear Libertarian,


The Libertarian Party denounces last night’s strikes on Syria.


Purportedly these strikes were a retaliation for the release of a chemical agent which wounded and killed many Syrians earlier this week.


The use of chemical agents against civilians is abhorrent but, according to news reports, the cause […]

Libertarian Innovation in Education

Image copied from Google Images – Libertarian Party

You are invited to a special conference call about Libertarian Innovation in Education featuring LNC Vice Chair Arvin Vohra

Wednesday, April 26


5 PM Pacific

6 PM Mountain

7 PM Central

8 PM Eastern

Arvin Vohra is the Vice Chair of the Libertarian National […]

Introducing Legacy Libertarians


Have you considered designating the Libertarian Party in your will?


Many Libertarians have done this and we are very thankful for their generosity. Their bequests have done tremendous good by growing the Party and spreading the timeless and precious message of Liberty.


To better honor these special folks, we are starting […]

We are going to outmaneuver and outwork them

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been pushing our special opportunity to have donations to the Ballot Access Fund TRIPLED.


Many thanks to all those who have donated!


So far, we’ve raised over $23,000, which triples to $69,000!


Those funds are going to make a big impact.


We are working […]

Communicating Libertarianism

You are invited to a special conference call on Communicating Libertarianism featuring LNC Regional Alternate Larry Sharpe

Tuesday, April 18


5 PM Pacific

6 PM Mountain

7 PM Central

8 PM Eastern

Larry Sharpe is a businessman and speaker. He has trained and coached hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and employees from organizations […]

Leadership Conference in New Hampshire, May 28



I hope to see some of you in Manchester, New Hampshire, this May 28 at the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) Conference.


The conference is open to anyone interested in the future and direction of the Libertarian Party. Traditionally, many of our state and national party leaders have attended. While […]

Announcing our 2018 national convention theme



Over the last couple of weeks, I have emailed you about the contest to help choose our 2018 Libertarian Party National Convention theme.


Thanks to all who have voted and donated.


The final results are in!


Our 2018 Libertarian Party National Convention theme will be “I’m That Libertarian!”


LP Chair interviewed on IVN, exciting LP candidates, Libertarians win lawsuit, and more

News from the Libertarian Party:

IVN interviews LNC Chair in a podcast series on alternative parties LNC seeks audio-visual services vendor for 2018 LP national convention New Jersey Libertarians nominate Peter Rorhman for governor Libertarian Will Hammer runs again to win Del. Dickie Bell’s seat Libertarian Mark Wicks campaigns for U.S. Congress in Montana […]

Our latest victory


Dear Libertarian,


Did you hear the happy news last week?


The Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced that they will not appeal the District Court’s decision that the FEC must uphold the law on their regulation of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).


The Libertarian Party was a co-plaintiff in […]

NH state rep joins LP, Feb issue of LP News now online, and more


News from the Libertarian Party:

Rep. Caleb Dyer (R–NH) joins Libertarian Party Fox News: LNC chair knocks Trump support of ‘immoral’ asset forfeiture Kansas Libertarians nominate Chris Rockhold for special election Salem city council candidate: ‘Taxation is theft’ LP News February 2017 issue ready to view online LNC regional rep Caryn Ann Harlos […]