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2017 TRUMP DOLLAR to Make America Great Again


LIBERY DOLLAR UPDATE 2017 TRUMP DOLLAR to Make America Great Again APRIL 5, 2017

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

I loved our monetary activism, what we did together with Liberty Dollar and our patriotic stand against our country’s corrupt monetary system.

So I am excited to announce the “Liberty Dollar” is back! The […]

Announcing a new Gold and Silver-backed debit card!


LIBERTY DOLLAR ALERT: October 24. 2016

Announcing a new Gold and Silver-backed debit card!

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporter:

As some of you may remember, I designed, developed, patented and launched a pilot program for the world’s first real-time gold and silver-backed debit card that can be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard is […]

LIBERTY DOLLAR NEWS Announces the Trump Dollar‏

LDN Announces the Trump Dollar March 30. 2016

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

As you may recall, in 2008 the issued the Ron Paul Dollar that was wildly successful and ruled non-counterfeit in my criminal counterfeit case. This gave rise to a group of highly spirited Americans who have created the Trump Dollar to honor […]

Liberty Dollar more popular than the US Mint‏


Liberty Dollar more popular than the US Mint Petition Update and the return of your property Huge FUN Coin Show in Tampa Probation Certificate Thanks for the flood of Replies

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

Liberty Dollar more popular than the US Mint Every January, Coin World, the […]

Bernard von NotHaus is FREE!‏

Judge Voorhees Orders Early Termination of BVNH from Probation


LIBERTY DOLLAR ALERT: December 09. 2015

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

For the first time since being arrested for counterfeiting and conspiracy on June 4, 2009, I am off probation and free! Earlier today, Judge Richard Voorhees issued a Court Order for early […]

Money Architect BVNH Sentenced to Three Years of Probation

Four years ago a jury made the mistake of convicting Bernard von NotHaus of federal counterfeiting laws by putting gold and silver coins into circulation. This was done at the behest of our friendly federal government who took offense to competition in the currency market. BVNH was the creator and architect behind The Liberty […]

BVNH Convicted. Liberty Dollar Dies‏.

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters,

I sincerely regret to inform you that I was found guilty on all four counts regarding the Liberty Dollar in less than an hour on Friday, March 18. The only explanation is that a strong, anti-liberty person took control of a weak-willed jury and pushed the verdict through in […]