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The Council House Smoking Ban


The Council House Smoking Ban by Sean Gabb (8th May 2017)

I used to do a lot of radio and television. In the past few years, I have largely given up. The BBC no longer pays for appearances, instead expecting its contributors to drive to London or to remote studios for the […]

The non-Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy


Democratic Art: The Non-Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy by Sean Gabb (2009)

Last week, I sent out a brief note, lamenting the seventieth anniversary of our declaration of war on Germany. Most of the replies were positive, and I suspect that the burden of proof is now shifting to those who still believe […]

Donald Trump and the Nature of Victory


With a Bound, He was Free? Donald Trump and the Nature of Victory by Sean Gabb (13th April 2017)

Since I am pushing myself into a debate between foreigners, I must begin by explaining myself. I am not an American, and do not wish to be one. I do not live in America, […]

Viva Obama (Reloaded)

Viva Obama! A View from the English Right By Sean Gabb Published in TakiMag November 2012

Note: Since I am not an American, I have no right to feel disappointed by Mr Trump’s apparent pulling off his mask to show the usual neo-conservative skull beneath. I am disappointed, even so. I therefore offer some […]



Terrorism and the Ethics of Collective Punishment by Sean Gabb (23rd March 2017)

Outraged by yesterday’s terrorist attack in London, one of my Facebook friends has posted this:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The way to deal with Islamic terrorism is mercilessly. You must not be squeamish about liberal […]

Thoughts on Free Trade and Protectionism


Traditionalism and Free Trade: An Exercise in Libertarian Outreach By Sean Gabb (2013)

Of the issues that divide libertarians and traditionalists, free trade may be the most important. It is central to nearly all our debates. Do we tend to a contractual or an organic view of human relationships? Do we embrace or […]

On Living in a Moral Sewer

On Living in a Moral Sewer Sean Gabb (9th January 2017)

Just over two months ago, I was interviewed by The Daily Mail. Let me give the facts of the story that I was told.

Kelly Jarvis was a police officer in the North of England. In 2013, she took a personal dislike to […]

Prerogative Powers and the European Union


Prerogative Powers and the European Union By Sean Gabb (3rd November 2016)

Because I have other business today, and because the comment I have to make is most relevant for today, this will need to be a short essay.

I have read the Judgment of the High Court in the case of R […]

Film and the Roman Empire: How to Do It Well


Film and the Roman Empire: How to do it well Richard Blake

Note: Steven Saylor has produced a rather different list of his favourite Roman films. You can see this here.

My purpose in this essay is to describe and compare and judge ten films set in the Roman Empire. I will apply […]

On Writing Crime Fiction


Crime Fiction within the Academy: The Creative and Critical Possibilities Seminar Presentation Given at the University of East Anglia on the 25th February 2016 by Richard Blake

In trying to make sense of any subject, definitions must come at the beginning, and must be both clear and consistently applied. I therefore define crime […]

English Politics: Waiting for the Revolution


British Politics: Waiting for the Revolution By Sean Gabb (15th December 2016)

I am no political oracle. I am busy. I have two books to finish. If teaching Greek and Latin is not in itself difficult, making sense of the new A Levels is difficult. Therefore, I have ignored requests to comment on […]

Donald Trump and English Patriotism: An Unexpected Wrinkle


Donald Trump and English Patriotism: An Unexpected Wrinkle by Sean Gabb (14th November 2016)

The election last week of Donald Trump took nearly everyone by surprise. For some of us, it was a moment of joy, for others a terrible shock. I was in the first category. The British Government was in the […]

All Americans Now?


All Americans Now? By Sean Gabb (9th November 2016)

For me – and I think for many others – the American presidential election has been a repeat of the European Referendum. I went to bed with a faint hope. The BBC coverage of the results was filled with faintly crumbling Establishment optimism. I […]

2016 Christmas Day Broadcast


At home in Deal, Dr Gabb, dressed in twinset and pearls, sits with Christmas tree in background.

At this time of year, few sights evoke more feelings of cheer and goodwill than the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree.

For myself, the tree behind me takes me back to the Christmas of 1993, […]

The American Election through English Eyes


The American Election through English Eyes By Sean Gabb (26th October 2016)

Note: The Libertarian Alliance is a charity, and it takes no view of any British or foreign election. For the avoidance of doubt, this article gives an entirely personal opinion. It is published only to encourage discussion, and does not reflect […]

The Value of Education


The Value of Education by Sean Gabb (9th April 2003)

I went yesterday evening to a seminar arranged in London by the Social Affairs Unit. This began with a brief lecture by Theodore Dalrymple, a doctor who writes an occasional column forThe Spectator. His theme was “The Proletarianisation of British Culture”. He explained […]

Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Ethics of Argumentation

Hans-Hermann Hoppe The Ethics of Argumentation Speech to the Property and Freedom Society September 2016 (First published by the Libertarian Alliance, 9th September 2016)

I At repeated requests from many sides – and given my already advanced stage in life – I have deemed it appropriate to take this opportunity to speak a bit about […]

Further Thoughts on Theresa May


Further Thoughs on Theresa May by Sean Gabb (7th October 2016)

I delivered my interim report on Theresa May at the weekend. On Wednesday, I watched her main speech to the Conservative Party Conference. It was a very accomplished speech, perhaps the most accomplished speech of its kind since James Callaghan delivered his […]

Theresa May: An Interim Report


Theresa May: An Interim Report by Sean Gabb (2nd October 2016)

Though she was the only candidate not manifestly unfit to keep watch on a public toilet, I groaned when Theresa May became Prime Minister. She had been a dreadful Home Secretary. In the Referendum, she had formally supported the Remain side. There […]

A Libertarian View of Cannabis and Drugs


A Libertarian View of Cannabis and Drugs Sean Gabb (Written early in the 21st century for a Roger Scruton publication)

The libertarian position on drugs is simply stated. People should have the right to do with themselves as they please. This necessarily includes the right to take any drugs they please – for […]

How to Learn Latin and Greek


Nothing political this evening for the main article – just the introduction from my Latin and Greek course.

I also draw your attention, at the foot of this message, to the usual crop of first class essays from the Libertarian Alliance. Comments always welcome.

Finally, since this posting is mainly about books, I […]

Various from the Libertarian Alliance

Review ofRichard Blake’s How I Write Historical Fiction, by John Hamilton

I found this volume both useful and entertaining. Through the essays and interviews in this book, the author speaks, in a candid and conversational style, about how he succeeded in becoming an author whose works are published by Hodder & Stoughton. He goes […]

Against Islamophobia

Against Islamophobia by Sean Gabb (13th September 2016) This brief essay on the relationship between Islam and violence is inspired by and expands on a comment left earlier today by Keir Martland on the Libertarian Alliance Blog. I will not presume to call it an expression of his own view – though I suspect […]

Review of the PFS Conference, September 2016

Notes from the Eleventh Conference of the Property and Freedom Society in Turkey, September 2016 By Sean Gabb Bodrum, 30th August 2016

“We’re not going there!” said Mrs Gabb last month, when the BBC showed footage of the military coup in Turkey.

“Oh, certainly not,” I said, playing for time.

I’ve no doubt the […]

The Greatness of Margaret Thatcher: An Alternative View


The Greatness of Margaret Thatcher: An Alternative View Speech Given to the Property and Freedom Society Bodrum, 2nd September 2016 Sean Gabb

When she died in April 2013, the mainstream assumption was that Margaret Thatcher had been something like the kind of person Donald Trump is hoped to be. She had humbled the […]