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20 powerful ways to replace Obamacare

  Trump is busy making plans for you. Do the same for him. #Obamacare Retweet The Republicans have talked loud and long about replacing Obamacare. Now they must act. But will their actions be good or bad? You must tell them what “good” looks like. Additionally, you and I must also be prepared to paint a [...]

Preview our 20 proposals to REPLACE Obamacare

  We think the politicians screwed up healthcare. We have 20 specific ways they can unscrew it. Retweet Next week, we’ll start working to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something good. Here, as promised, is a preview of our proposals. Proposal #1: Restore natural prices and make them visible to patients. This will enable consumer control, [...]

What we can get from Trump and the Republican Congress

  The Trump transition team is planning their strategy. So are we. So should you. Retweet Step one. Identify the main chance. What’s the most likely thing we could gain or lose? We think it’s this… The Republicans are very likely to repeal Obamacare Their replacement may include free market reforms We want to support that [...]

A huge ‘head start’ for the One Subject at a Time Act

  So what did Downsize DC accomplish in 2016? Our mission is simple… We want to downsize initiated force by The State. We do this in three ways… Oppose legislation and regulation that moves in the wrong direction Support legislation that moves in the right direction Craft our own legislation to regulate politicians and State employees We made [...]

United Airlines and the Zero Aggression Principle

  How libertarians (should) view the United Airlines story Retweet By Jim Babka (Find this article at Zero Aggression Project blog) When passenger David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines plane, it was a violation of the Zero Aggression Principle (sometimes called the non-aggression principle). The Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) says that it’s wrong to use threats, [...]

Do you support our opposition to John Bolton for Assistant Secretary of State

  Rand Paul is right. John Bolton should not be Asst. Sec of State. Retweet In this message: Why we’re changing our strategy about presidential appointments Our standard of judgment for supporting or opposing appointments The conditions under which we, as voluntaryist libertarians, support foreign intervention, the conditions under which we oppose it, and how that [...]

Should the Nuclear Option be used to confirm Judge Gorsuch?

     An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation   Partisans think their ideologies should be imposed on others. Retweet Of course, we already know that they’ve fallen prey to the Dictator Fallacy – their scheme will be implemented as if they were an all-powerful dictator. They’ve also forgotten that they will someday lose power to the opposing party. [...]

Should the U.S. Government employ journalists to propagandize you?

  Did Obama & Congress just create a Ministry of Truth to generate fake news? Retweet What if politicians could deem your favorite website “propaganda” and shut it down? What if politicians could “create truth” by using your taxes to buy journalists, non-profit groups, and public figures? Well… Obama used an executive order to create a [...]

“Marginalism” doesn’t knock down the pillars of statism

  An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation Libertarian marginalism doesn’t lead to new libertarians. Retweet A prominent libertarian scolded me. “I get it,” he said. “You and I are extreme libertarians. But most people will resist libertarianism if our proposals are too radical.” Well, I wouldn’t call minding my own business and doing no harm ”radical.” But maybe he had a [...]

We want to hear from our Veterans now

  What verdict do veterans render to our three questions about U.S. wars? Retweet By Jim Babka & Perry Willis We’ve spent the last several days reviewing the history of U.S. wars and interventions. You can find those articles on our homepage. We also provide a list of them below our signature. Those articles ask three questions [...]

Was World War 2 a “good war?”

  Politicians poorly planned WW2. The consequences were pernicious Retweet By Perry Willis To understand whether there was any positive value in U.S. wars and interventions we’ve thus far covered… The War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, and the Philippines War? How Teddy Roosevelt set in motion the bombing of Pearl Harbor The [...]

Radical Islam: Byproduct of U.S. policies dating back to Woodrow Wilson

  An American, a Frenchman, and a Brit walk in and form ISIS. No joke. Retweet By Perry Willis We’ve been reviewing the wisdom of U.S. wars and interventions. So far we’ve covered… Were early U.S. wars good or bad? Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Japanese empire? Did U.S. politicians choose the more evil side in [...]

Did blundering U.S. politicians spark the rise of Nazi Germany?

  Was Adolf Hitler Woodrow Wilson’s “love child?” Retweet By Perry Willis I’ve been writing a series of articles reviewing U.S. wars and interventions. Here’s what we’ve covered so far… Were early U.S. wars good or bad? Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Japanese empire? Did U.S. politicians choose the more evil side in World War 1? [...]

How U.S. politicians helped create the Soviet Union

  Did U.S. policies play a role in creating the communist threat? Retweet By Perry Willis I’ve been writing a series of articles reviewing U.S. wars and interventions…. Were early U.S. wars good or bad? Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Japanese empire? Did U.S. politicians choose the more evil side in World War 1? Now comes… [...]

Why criminal law enforcement does not violate the Zero Aggression Principle

  An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation Is sending a murderer to prison aggression? Retweet By Perry Willis  The Zero Aggression Principle (the ZAP) is the key libertarian idea. It says… “Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically.” In other words, force should only be used for defensive purposes, including by institutions of governance, such as police [...]

Is the Zero Aggression Principle linguistic nonsense?

An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation Philosophy: The art of using words to undo all meaning. The Zero Aggression Principle case. Retweet By Jim Babka  The Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) – Don’t aggress against persons nor delegate aggression to others – is an imperfect rule. But it’s not flawed in any of the ways its critics contend. [...]

Did U.S. politicians choose the more evil side in Word War 1?

  Was U.S. participation in WW1 the worst mistake ever? Retweet By Perry Willis This article will show how… WW1 would likely have ended in a draw had the U.S not intervened U.S. politicians favored the more evil side Great Britain committed and benefited from several acts of aggression against the U.S. U.S. intervention defended neither [...]

Must you live off the grid to enjoy Fourth Amendment protections?

  Fourth Amendment: Mere privacy expectation or full-fledged property right? Retweet In this message: Important information about a new amicus brief to defend the 4th Amendment. The case is U.S. v. Graham. When you win a landmark Supreme Court victory, it’s tempting to think your work is done. We won a landmark decision with our Antoine Jones amicus brief. We [...]

Can we do for vinpocetine what we did for kratom?

  Tell the FDA to leave vinpocetine alone! Retweet By Jim Babka & Perry Willis Remember kratom? It’s the non-opioid painkiller with no side effects, no addiction risk, and no reports of adverse reactions. So naturally the DEA wanted to outlaw it. Please remember that we opposed this. And the DEA backed down! Now we need to [...]

Six things left-statists get wrong about Walmart

An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation Do left-statists actually dislike people who can only afford to shop at Walmart? Retweet Costco vs. Walmart By Perry Willis  In this article… Should Walmart be like Costco? Six ways that Walmart and Costco are different How Walmart and Costco serve different social functions How demanding that Walmart be [...]

Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Japanese Empire?

  How Teddy Roosevelt started the chain of events that led to Pearl Harbor. Retweet By Perry Willis Teddy Roosevelt was a monster. His shadow over the 20th Century looms large. He’s a poster-child for American imperialism and the forefather of today’s “Big Stick” interventionists. Like modern aggressive militarists, he did incredible harm. Even today, we [...]

22 – 8 – 4 and your opinion

  An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation So what did the Zero Aggression Project accomplish in 2016? Let’s consider that question in light of… Our Mission We have three main objectives… ONE:  Spread knowledge of the Zero Aggression Principle (the ZAP) to every person on planet Earth. The ZAP says “Don’t initiate force personally or [...]

Were early U.S. wars good or bad?

  Render your verdict on four early U.S. wars Retweet By Perry Willis Randolph Bourne claimed that “War is the health of the state.” If true, then state schools have a natural incentive to teach historical myths that promote war. This article is the start of a series designed to debunk those myths. I hope to [...]

Do libertarians contradict themselves by opposing foreign intervention?

  An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation By Perry Willis In this article… How libertarians might be contradicting themselves about foreign intervention The underlying reason libertarians are not contradicting themselves when they oppose a certain kind of foreign intervention How the libertarian approach might have prevented the Iraq invasion, fostered an end to the Rwandan genocide, and delivered a more cost-effective F-35. Doesn’t the Zero [...]

The Brookpark Marines, the truth about war, and a message of life

  Should we change what we say on Veterans Day? Retweet An earlier version of this article was published in 2005. It’s edited and updated in preparation for Veterans Day. By Jim Babka The dominant news story in my community during late August, 2005 was the funerals of young Marines killed in Iraq. A memorial service [...]