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Free The People: Don’t Let Fear Part You From Your Beer


Here is your weekly recap of all things liberty:

An unlikely viral star in London reminds us that part of defeating terrorism is not letting the bastards change how we act. Import restrictions are making it harder to rock out.

It’s hard not to wonder at the sheer illogic of many of America’s […]

Do left-statists own the word “society”


An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation

Is only the Left pro-social? Is the free market anti-social? Or is it the other way around? Retweet

We have a new Mental Lever mini-article at the Zero Aggression Project: “Are the free market and society the same thing?”

Left-statists act like they own the […]

Liberty Is Community

Here is your weekly recap of all things liberty: Liberty, the freedom to cooperate and innovate, is what allows people to work together and build communities. Liberty, not government, is what makes society work. How to Solve School Lunch Shaming? School Choice.

Most adults probably have little idea what goes on in a […]

Consumers and Producers Are About to Get Milked

Here is your weekly recap of all things liberty: Protectionist rhetoric is hurting everybody in both Canada and the United States. Why not let consumers buy from whomever they want? The FDA Is Unreliable – So Let’s Not Rely on It

A new report reveals that as many as a third of all […]

Can a state Attorney General unilaterally violate federaltax privacy laws?


More action needed in case where LBJ-appointed judge compared Cal AG’s actions to segregationists. RETWEET

We need to file two amicus briefs opposing illegal actions by the state Attorney General of both California and New York.

These officials have forbidden nonprofits from raising money in their states unless they first provide a complete, […]

How Trump Can Beat The Terrorists And Restore Generous American Immigration

Feb 19, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Ralph Benko

Terrorists seek to terrorize. The purpose of terrorism, a form of guerrilla warfare, is not merely to inflict casualties but to terrorize the populace. As Robert Taber wrote in his authoritative study The War of the Flea: A Study of Guerrilla Warfare Theory and Practice:


PeaceOptions – Building Block: Introduction to Knowing Yourself


Building Block: Introduction to Knowing Yourself Apr 18, 2017 05:03 pm | John Dennison


Let’s forget politics today and talk about you. Or more particularly, knowing yourself. Who are you really? What is your life all about? Why? Talk about heavy. But really, isn’t this what it’s all about? You? You are […]

The First Amendment is ILLEGAL during these 90 days


We’ve been defeating incumbent protection schemes. Here we go again. RETWEET

We’ve been chipping away at bad campaign finance regulations that go under the heading of “electioneering communications.” We’ve won several cases on this issue. Now we have a chance to kill these regulations permanently. This message will explain…

What “electioneering communications” is, […]

The Left, Not Kellyanne Conway, Invented ‘Alternative Facts’

Ralph Benko

The left is engaged in an all-out war on Trump and his supporters. One of its weapons is to attack declarations as “Fake News.” Prominent journalists had a field day with Trump Counsellor Kellyanne Conway for coining the phrase “alternative facts” in defending Sean Spicer’s observations about the crowd size at Trump’s […]

[PeaceOptions] Can You Hear the War Drums Beating?


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20 powerful ways to replace Obamacare


Trump is busy making plans for you. Do the same for him. #Obamacare Retweet

The Republicans have talked loud and long about replacing Obamacare. Now they must act.

But will their actions be good or bad? You must tell them what “good” looks like.

Additionally, you and I must also be prepared to […]

The Political Is Now Personal

02/09/2017 02:57 pm ET


Living Room Conversations Open your ears. Open your mind. Open your home.

By Ralph Benko

The Rasmussen polling company recently issued a bulletin headlined “A lot of Americans have hard feelings after last November’s presidential election.” This is not a surprise but it is good to have it quantified:


PeaceOptions – Conscious Choices: Joining the Fight vs. Standing for Peace


Conscious Choices: Joining the Fight vs. Standing for Peace Apr 11, 2017 12:54 pm | John Dennison


Am I the only one torn over what we see in the news? It’s as if the Trump election and months since have ripped a hole in the fabric of my reality, making me question […]

Preview our 20 proposals to REPLACE Obamacare


We think the politicians screwed up healthcare. We have 20 specific ways they can unscrew it. Retweet

Next week, we’ll start working to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something good. Here, as promised, is a preview of our proposals.

Proposal #1: Restore natural prices and make them visible to patients. This will […]

Steve Bannon Is Not the Imaginary Hobgoblin Portrayed by the Media Elite

Ralph Benko

February 7, 2017, 12:04 am

If they don’t listen they won’t hear.

The elite media is currently awash with fascinated hogwash about Steve Bannon, President Trump’s White House strategist. Time magazine devotes its current cover to an intentionally unflattering cover photo of and snarky cover headline about him. Time is joining the […]

PeaceOptions – The Insanity of Trying to Change My World


The Insanity of Trying to Change My World Apr 10, 2017 10:32 am | John Dennison


What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result? Well, then I must be nuttier than a fruitcake. Because I’m still here talking about peace while addressing the […]

What we can get from Trump and the Republican Congress


The Trump transition team is planning their strategy. So are we. So should you. Retweet

Step one. Identify the main chance. What’s the most likely thing we could gain or lose? We think it’s this…

The Republicans are very likely to repeal Obamacare Their replacement may include free market reforms

We want to […]

Trumps Proposed Spending Cuts to Health and What They Mean


Trumps Proposed Spending Cuts to Health and What They Mean

Article from Gemma Perkins

During the election process President Trump was […]

Can Donald Trump Avoid Andrew Jackson’s Trap And Create An American Economic Miracle?

Jan 31, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Ralph Benko

Andrew Jackson was a populist. His charisma and rhetoric anticipated that of Donald J. Trump. Many have noted the resemblance. Jackson was nicknamed “Old Hickory.” Call Donald Trump “New Hickory.”

It appears that Jackson’s portrait now hangs in the Oval Office. President Trump might just, […]

PeaceOptions – #ObamaGate: Ringside Seats for the Fight of the Century



#ObamaGate: Ringside Seats for the Fight of the Century Apr 06, 2017 10:43 pm | John Dennison


Do you like to watch a good fight? There’s a great one going on and I thought maybe you’d like to watch it with me. It’s called ObamaGate, and we’ve got ringside seats for […]

A huge ‘head start’ for the One Subject at a Time Act


So what did Downsize DC accomplish in 2016? Our mission is simple…

We want to downsize initiated force by The State.

We do this in three ways…

Oppose legislation and regulation that moves in the wrong direction Support legislation that moves in the right direction Craft our own legislation to regulate politicians and […]

The Left Wages War On Donald Trump, Its Godzilla

Jan 29, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Ralph Benko

Last week, in downtown DC, I was treated up-close-and-personal to Greenpeace’s banner unfurled — two intrepid activists dangling from it to provide ballast — from the top of a 270-foot-high crane rising above the crater of the old Washington Post building proclaiming RESIST. It […]

PeaceOptions – Either We Change, or We Will Perish from the Earth

Either We Change, or We Will Perish from the Earth Mar 23, 2017 11:01 am | John Dennison


This is the time of changes. Where we go from here is up to us. We all know the news. Turmoil abroad. Turmoil at home. Passions run hot, and people are at each others’ throats. […]

United Airlines and the Zero Aggression Principle


How libertarians (should) view the United Airlines story Retweet By Jim Babka (Find this article at Zero Aggression Project blog)

When passenger David Dao

was dragged off a United Airlines plane, it was a violation of the Zero Aggression Principle (sometimes called the non-aggression principle).

The Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) says that it’s […]

Do you support our opposition to John Bolton for Assistant Secretary of State


Rand Paul is right. John Bolton should not be Asst. Sec of State. Retweet

In this message:

Why we’re changing our strategy about presidential appointments Our standard of judgment for supporting or opposing appointments The conditions under which we, as voluntaryist libertarians, support foreign intervention, the conditions under which we oppose it, and […]