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Go Away George Soros

Macedonia to George Soros and USAID: Go Away

BY: VICTOR GAETANHere’s an opportunity for President Trump and Secretary Tillerson to pay some serious attention.

Small but mighty Macedonia is the mouse that roared this year, declaring war on George Soros, 86, and his U.S. Government handmaidens, who, incredibly, have financed a left-wing agenda to […]

Breaking News: Nunes Says Trump Communications Were Collected

Nunes: Trump Communications were Collected…Incidentally

BY: MELISSA MACKENZIESo Trump’s accusation that Obama spied on him is true?!

This seems noteworthy: Nunes confirms US intel collected information on Trump campaign, transition teams unmasked – none of these activities related to Russia. — Katherine Gypson READ MORE The Heartland Institute will be holding their 12th International […]

Yes, Obama Did Investigate Trump

Yes, Obama Did Investigate Trump

BY: GEORGE NEUMAYRAfter all the parsing at the Comey hearing, that remains the bottom line.

Straining at the tweet and swallowing the camel has become Washington’s favorite pursuit, and it was on tiresome display at Monday’s Congressional hearing with Jim Comey. Out of it came two clashing headlines: “Comey […]

The New Gender Battle: Tampons v. Whiskey

The New Gender Battle: Tampons v. Whiskey

BY: STEVEN GREENHUTTurning the tax code into an endless fight over gender-equity.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to mock the California Legislature given the fusillade of nearly unbelievable legislation that makes its way through the Capitol’s hallowed halls. In the old days, when California had enough legislative Republicans […]

American Spectator: Foreign Government Messes with US Election and it’s NOT Russia

Special Report: How Brennan and Some Brits Tried to Tip Election for Hillary

BY: GEORGE NEUMAYRThey investigated candidate Trump and then planted smears in the English press about it.

Christopher Steele is the former British spy who compiled the “garbage” dossier on Trump-Russia ties, as Bob Woodward put it. That garbage dossier was cravenly […]

American Spectator – Obama Embeds Leak Investigations to Help Hillary Win- and Failed

HowInvestigating the Trump Campaign Backfired on Obama’s Embeds


If you strike at a presidential candidate, you better defeat him.

Confirmations of the Obama administration’s investigation of the Trump campaign keep trickling out. Naturally, the media has shown no interest in them. It wants evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, not evidence that Obama’s […]

American Spectator – The Monopoly of the Left on Campuses ⚠

The Real Lessons of Middlebury College


The rot goes much deeper and is much older than this latest round of left savagery.

Many people seem shocked at the recent savagery of a mob of students at Middlebury College, who rioted to prevent Charles Murray from addressing a student group who had […]

American Spectator – James Comey’s Bizarro World

James Comey’s Bizarro World


Why is the FBI writing checks to Democrat oppo researchers in the middle of a presidential election?

Prior to this week, we knew of a number of actions and statements by FBI director James Comey surrounding the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

We knew […]

American Spectator – What Has Gotten Into the Democrats?

What Has Gotten Into the Democrats?


In their skittishness they’re no longer giving peace a chance.

The average American is understandably perplexed as to why Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and, of course, runner up in last year’s Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders, are […]

American Spectator – Campus News: Conservative student released from suspension for supporting Trump

Suspension for Supporting Trump Lifted at California College


The suspension of a conservative student is lifted three months after he defended himself and Donald Trump.

The board of trustees at an Orange County, Calif., community college district put an end to a long-simmering local dispute by ending the suspension of a […]

American Spectator – Trump Disarms the Dems

Trump Disarms the Dems


His honoring of Carryn Owens made a good speech great.

Female Democrats, clad in white, turned the color into a symbol of impure politics at Trump’s first speech to Congress. They didn’t yell out “You lie,” but they gave him several ugly thumbs-down gestures. Little did they […]

American Spectator – Paul Ryan’s Housecleaning

Paul Ryan’s Housecleaning


The Republican House leadership says they’re on schedule to pass a transformative agenda, but they’re busy cleaning up a regulatory mess left over from Obama.

Last week, in case our readers missed it, House Speaker Paul Ryan did an interesting interview with Sean Hannity on the question of […]

American Spectator – Nouns and Verbs and Obama Do Not Agree

The Dark State of Political Correctness


Dealing with the canard that President Trump is an anti-Semite.

I’ve never liked the term “right”; it reinforces the mythology that conservatism is even remotely aligned with fascism and Nazism. Such regimes, in their expansive power, have more in common with the Big Government of […]

American Spectator – The Trump Effect


The Trump Effect


In Hollywood, Genghis Khan is back!

Off in a drizzle to my 12 step meeting. It has been raining steadily here most of the winter. It’s like living in a dimly lit aquarium. The “climate change” nuts had been telling us that we humans had […]

American Spectator – Is Judge Gorsuch Biased for Business?

Is Judge Gorsuch Biased for Business?


Don’t hang your hat on this.

In 2005, when Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was in private legal practice, he co-authored a paper published by the Washington Legal Foundation. This paper is being used by the media as one example to allege […]

American Spectator – History’s Lessons Unlearned

History’s Lessons Unlearned


Ushering in a new era of barbarism.

The alt-right has apparently lost another battle. The alt-right is the racially preoccupied group that champions the cause of white nationalism. This time it was Yale University that beat them back. READ MORE


Trump Cabinet […]

American Spectator – Confirmation Crack-Up: Congress Craters


Confirmation Crack-Up: Congress Craters




There is a better way to streamline the confirmation process.

It has long been evident that the process of confirming legions of appointees — which takes place even as countless legislative matters are considered — has overwhelmed the resources of Congress to […]

Your Weekend Review

Our Top Stories The American Spectator is dedicated to providing our readers with intellectual fodder to engage in thoughtful discussion, witty banter, and engaging debates. Here’s our top stories from this week. Thank you for reading. Education at a Crossroads: Part II BY: THOMAS SOWELL One of the painful realities of our time is that […]

Our Cuban Missile Crisis Moment


Breaking News Our Cuban Missile Crisis Moment BY: F.H. BUCKLEY Yesterday Iran blinked. Nobody much noticed, but we just had a new Cuban Missile Crisis. Remember the last one? The Soviets tried to place missiles in Cuba and we interdicted the Russian ships. For a moment it looked like WWIII but then […]