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Republican Party Problems Continue To Mount

I reported about the Republicans losing it earlier. Not because I am in favor of them but because I wanted to show they have not changed their colors yet. Even with the Tea Partiers in the group they still do not seem to get the message. Looking for a mainstream neocon to take the lead in the race is becoming a bleak chore for the Republicans.

Gingrich had said that his biggest test when running for president will be if he has the “discipline and judgment to be president”. Well buddy, you will not win without the support of the Tea Party. That now seems assured NOT to happen unless you find a way to buffalo them into believing that you have changed. The recent stance expressing support for the insurance of ObamaCare is not going to help any. Calling the fiscal plans that were drawn up by Rep. Paul Ryan “right wing social engineering” certainly will not win any favors either.

I can assure you that when you have a conservative out there pounding the ground on the wings of change like Paul Ryan, as a candidate, pulling the rug out from underneath him is perhaps the last thing you want to do. Explaining why one would do such things will not be listened to by any true conservative. The damage has already been done and like all elephants, the memory is long. Gingrich lost votes on both accounts.

Quick talk and continued rhetoric will only get a candidate so far. Governors are taking notice. Talk show hosts are taking notice. Radio hosts are taking notice. The people are taking notice.

Many conservative took aim at Gingrich over the last few days for his public airing of his stances. They are backward stances that most conservatives hold. Newt, of course, attempts to justify and defend his comments. It won’t work. Backpedaling will begin soon. Watch for it and see if he is sincere. Also, look at his voting record while he was in Congress. Is this really the person you want to be your next president?

His failed marriages will not bode well for him either. Crying for the religious right to “forgive” him and come back to his side is a disgrace. It is has if he is pleading for people “endorse” him so he knows he has some backing. I hope those same people are smart enough to see though him and end his run before it gets started.

This is definitely not the only problems that face the Republicans in the next election cycle. The Tea Partiers are so fed up with the way Boehner and his ilk are handling things that they have taken on the local races to see if there can be impact before the 2012 season begins.

Boehner and the other Tea Party candidates have slipped away from the roots that got them elected. During the 2010 campaign they all talked the talked and said the things necessary to get themselves voted into office. Like true politicians though, they cannot walk the walk. Washington has corrupted them already and the sound of compromise is everywhere.

These compromises are driving the Tea Partiers mad. Now they will take aim not only at Democrats but also Republicans as well. The time is ripe for Libertarians to start jumping into the races. All Libertarians should be getting with their local Tea Parties and work on similar goals. The neocons that corrupted the Tea Party are losing power within that party. Tea Partiers are returning to the Libertarian roots of this country and are demanding that our government follow suit or else. The writing is on the wall. There will be lots of Libertarian leaning candidates this next cycle and that number will only continue to grow if these problems do not get solved.

The Tea Party activists are tired of talking. They want action. The only way to get things done is to stop doing what has always been done. There is ONLY one way to make that happen. You have to put in DIFFERENT people into the seats of power in Washington. If you want to decrease the deficit and have limited government, you need to put in candidates that WILL tow the line for those objectives. The biggest field of those types of candidates is the Libertarians. If the Libertarian Party does not take advantage of this shot they will never get a better chance.

Ron Paul has paved the way for the issues to be talked about. Every candidate that is willing to step up needs to be talking about these issues and spilling his guts about his plans to address them. They should be doing this at ALL levels. NOW IS THE TIME. If you know a Libertarian, ask him to run, help him with his campaign, walk the streets, talk about the issues, and get the word out. If you do not do your part, this country will surely die as our liberties will completely disappear and a new socialistic government will be in place.

DO NOT count on the Republicans. They have proven themselves unworthy of your vote. They have thrown the rhetoric around but have not backed up what they said with any significant action. If you want the change, now is the time to do something about it. 2012 is right around the corner.

The fate of this country is in your hands.

Choose wisely.

Yours in Liberty

4 comments to Republican Party Problems Continue To Mount

  • Jim,
    I totally agree that the Libertarian Party has the opportunity to build on the ineffectiveness of both of the major parties this election cycle. At our State convention Adrean (our new State Chairman) set as a goal having real people (not just paper candidates) run for every office in the State of Florida in 2012. You are correct that the Tea Party is up for grabs, I personally have always considered us (the Libertarian Party) the original Tea Party anyway. I am in contact with the local “tea party” here in Broward County. I am as you know working on the issue of ending prohibition ie the so called “War on Drugs”. We have a huge Democrat (black and Hispanic) voter majority here and I believe the Democrat Party is vulnerable because of the horrifically bias enforcement of the “Drug Laws”. If we can split minority vote away from them we can end up owning this county. While this may not sound like that big a deal we are 1.7 million citizens and to own this county would be spectacular. Jim Weber volunteered to work on recruitment of candidates. We have our voter list and we have the capacity to do robo calls to all of them. We will have recruitment drives starting next month and I expect to contact every one of our voters and see who is willing to run. We are looking for a core group of self funding people. We have the information for finding these people. My e-mail address is A call to our 866 number gives me a voice mail on my personal e-mail too.

  • Don,

    Your actions to bring the party about and make it a single issue party are unique in that it allows you to focus all energies into a single direction. This is your pet project, it has been for years and now you have a venue that can make a difference. The impact, when completed, will be a major milestone for the party.

    The idea of splitting responsibilities for party tasks is good also. Jim Weber has had his desires on running local candidates for a long time. It is good to see movement in that area. Previously we presented the ideas of winning locally during the municipal elections. The numbers are already there and an effective campaign can be accomplished at almost any local level. Jim Weber’s knowledge will bring about some changes and his successes will be the party’s successes.

    If the FLP gets itself together there will be significant adjustments and major policy changes in the near future. It is good to see movement instead of infighting.

    Keep up the good work.

  • That is truly great news about the FLP. Anyone running for federal office also needs to remember 7 of 10 voters oppose foreign aid. That’s a winning issue also.
    The Truth is 73% of Americans Agree To END ALL FOREIGN AID:

    “One party has totally dominated American politics for at least a century: the Socialist War Party. No matter who wins the elections, America gets endless socialism and endless war.” Doug Newman.

    What’s the Diff?!:

  • Klep,

    No diff between parties my friend.

    What is different though is that people are waking up to this fact. It is good to see some finally realize its not right or left politics, its control or freedom politics. Hope more see it soon so we can have a larger impact on all levels.