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Who Is Rand Paul?

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Ralph Benko
Ralph Benko Contributor
Opinion 8/25/2014 @ 8:00AM

For starters, Rand is short for Randal, not an allusion to Ayn Rand, after whom Sen. Paul was not named by his libertarian (not Objectivist) father Ron Paul. Reportedly, growing up he was called Randy … until his wife shortened the diminutive to Rand.

Washington, ordinarily, is committed to maintaining the status quo or making, at best, incremental changes.  As we struggle with the political consequences of the end of an era of all-out war the old political status quo is ripe for transformation.

Paul shows signs of being the key transformational figure.  If he himself understands the depth of this proposition he well might become unstoppable.

Washington, naturally, finds him confounding.

As Aaron Blake, a columnist for the ever-conventional Washington Post, says, “Rand Paul is

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Withur We

Liri – An Adventure Toward Freedom

I Hope You Are Happy

Election2014The election is over.

Did you get what you wanted?

I guess only time will really tell what we get but I look at the results and can pretty much guess that it will be more of the same. It is really funny though. I heard various people complain and I see a lot of stories in the newspapers about complaint. All revolve around a central theme. America is tired of both parties in Washington.

When I see and hear that I have to ask. If America is tired of Republicans and Democrats in Washington, why is it that they only vote for Democrats and Republicans?

Well America, why do you do it?

Democrats in office bring an upheaval of social issues at the taxpayer’s expense. Republicans in office bring an upheaval of nation building and war mongering at the taxpayer’s expense. If you are tired of Democrats and Republicans screwing up the country and turning it into turmoil at YOUR expense, why do you keep voting them into office?

I am told that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Are all of you insane?

By now, I have to presume you get the gist of this rant. We as a citizenry had it within our grasp to make some real meaningful change. We had the power to get rid of a government we were tired of and replace it with a different one we could live with. We had the power to turn this country back onto the correct path again.


We voted for the same thing we were tired of.

Many people say that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote. I disagree. If you had more third party candidates in office we may not have such a mess as we have now. The idea that we have so many different people in office from different parties would lock government in its box and get them to leave us alone. For that reason alone YOU should be voting for third party candidates. Never mind the fact that they might have better ideas on how to handle the problems that face out country than the Democrats or Republicans.

Well, we get what we vote for. So let me guess what we will see happen next. Obamacare will stay in effect. Republicans will not want to try and get rid of it until they have a lock on the Senate, House AND Presidency. It is too much of a political potato to try and get rid of it now. Any move to do so now will kill their chance at a 2016 presidency.

For sure, there will be at least one attempt to reform the tax code in some way to help businesses. There will be some minor reforms to Obamacare to help business. There will be an increase in spending for the military at a cost of social services. There will be the arguments to tighten the belts for budget concerns.

Through all this, the taxpayer will say things are better; meanwhile he or she will be paying through the teeth for all the fake changes that the Republicans introduce.

Democrats will fight tooth and nail to stop the Republicans at every turn. Nothing real will get accomplished. They will use anything the Republicans do to shape the Presidential race in 2016.

The 2016 race will start heating up early. Hilary Clinton will be the front runner for the Democrats from the get go.

Republicans will fight for the spot with Rand Paul coming out on top. Republicans need someone who can rile the base and the only one who can do that on a national level is Paul. The rest will be all infighting just like it was when Romney was running. If the party pulls that stunt again it will lose more of its base as well as the Presidency yet another time.

There is one slight golden lining if Rand Paul wins. His father might become Treasure Secretary.

I hope you are happy with your results. Time will tell if they elected candidates will make a difference. I hope I am wrong on all accounts. I hope that everything gets turned around, the economy improves, everyone gets back to work and we become a prosperous country again. History proves that voting for the same thing will get you more of the same thing. I won’t hold my breath while I am waiting.

Yours in Liberty

Teaching Kids To Fight Tyranny – One Laugh At A Time


Voluntaryist Comic – Get Your Copy Now


Florida Libertarians See a Win Within Reach!‏

JoteThompsonFlorida Libertarians are convinced a win in next Tuesdays election is within their grasp. Internal polling for the Wyllie campaign indicates he is at 20% and climbing fast. Wyllie needs 33.4% of the vote to win! The surge began after the “Fangate” debate two weeks ago but really took off after last week’s debate in Jacksonville, when most news outlets were not allowed to cover the very secretive debate from inside the CNN affiliate studios. Reporters and camera crews were furious and turned to Wyllie and his very large vocal crowd of demonstrators for news which was broadcast, sometimes live across the state. Wyllie has criss-crossed the state for nearly 2 years in over 1,000 venues. Wyllie’s team can barely handle the multitude of media request coming in from all over the state and the Orlando Sentinel in headlines this week which read “Florida voters turning to alternatives”, has made them first to acknowledge something big is over the Florida horizon. After reading this with just a bare mention of Scott and Crist, it became all about Adrian Wyllie, proving my theory that all newspapers and polls will begin to readjust their behavior within one week of the election. This is exactly what happened to Jesse Ventura running for Minnesota Governor in 1998.

Adrian Wyllie running for Governor, Bill Wohlsifer, running for Attorney General and Lucas Overby, running for Congress in Florida’s District 13, are all convinced they have the votes to win next Tuesdays election, but can they get enough angry voters out to the polls for a come from behind victory? To do this, Wyllie would need anywhere from 1,200,000 votes to win! It appears at this point, early absentee voters were favoring the Scott/Crist team but the tide has turned toward Wyllie as younger voters go to the polls. In Collier County (Naples area) with a very strong Libertarian affiliate polling was done on voters who had voted and Amendment # 2 (for medical marijuana) was a yes with near 70%. For Libertarians this translates into a landslide. Collier County is a very Conservative Republican County and if it’s pulling those numbers, Governor Rick Scott should be concerned. Scott is so concerned about Wyllie, he is now pumping $20 million of his own money to stop the Libertarian, but it will be in vein. Rick Scott will lose this election, I predict!

Anyone working the election circuit will tell you Republicrats are spending much of their time attacking Wyllie supporters online in a last ditch effort to hate or intimidate voters into voting Crist/Scott but its having a reverse effect. It is they who are defecting! Wyllie is now leading among those 18 to 34 and now by a widening margin. Around 2 million have voted, 9 million have not. Just over half the voters know who Wyllie is, but he is winning 55% of those voters. If he reaches 63% name recognition with the voters, he wins. 70%, he wins big! You decide!

To win 1,200,000 votes, Adrian Wyllie needs 190 voters in each of Florida’s 6,242 precincts. I haven’t met a voter yet who had voted for team Crist/Scott who like their candidate. This loathing translates into a possible landslide if Libertarians get out the vote. Wyllie will certainly shock the status quo on election night November 4th. The only question left, is will he win?

Jote’ Thompson

Author: Chronicles of Freedom

Bill Wohlsifer to Appear on over 60 Stations In Final Election Push‏


Bill Wohlsifer to Appear on over 60 Stations In Final Election Push

Florida – In the final weekend before the election Attorney General candidate Bill Wohlsifer (LPF) will be participating in multiple radio interviews across the state of Florida. These interviews will air on more than 60 stations including multiple PBS and local affiliates. A complete list of these appearances can be found on the Wohlsifer For Attorney General campaign website here:

Please contact Steve Edmonds with any questions having to do with the campaign at 407-701-9045.
Contact Information:

Bill Wohlsifer for Florida Attorney General

1100 East Park Ave Ste B

Tallahassee FL 32301

Tel: 407-701-9045




Copyright © 2014 Wohlsifer for Attorney General, All rights reserved.
We are the committee to get Bill Wohlsifer elected to Attorney General

Our mailing address is:
Wohlsifer for Attorney General

1100 East Park Ave Ste B

Tallahassee, FL 32301


Mike Benoit For Congress

Libertarian Bill Wohlsifer For Florida AG


LIBERTARIANS & Activist: Need More Info, Tools & Resources?

Reminder from: Broward_FL_Libertarian_Club Yahoo Group

Title: LIBERTARIANS & Activist: Need More Info, Tools & Resources? Click Here

Date: Thursday July 3, 2014
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (GMT-05.00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Notes: Need more INFO and TOOLS? Find them at:

Arrest The Real Terrorist

Withur We By Matthew Alexander

Ever wonder what a Libertarian World would look like?

Ever wonder how to answer objections to creating a Libertarian World?

Ever wonder if a Libertarian World could truly exist?

Here’s the thing: creating a Libertarian World is hard.

It was a lot easier centuries ago. People used to think back then AND they acted on their thoughts. Now-a-days, that does not happen not so much. For lack of a better term, people are lazy.

I used to recommend that folks stand up to their government. However, most people now are under the impression you cannot fight city hall. So, a tyrannical government rises from being the servant to be being the master.

This, of course, is due to a lack of education on what government really needs to be if it exists. Government does NOT want its people educated enough to realize that the citizens are slaves. They want to hide the sheep by allowing them to think they are the wolf because so long as people live in ignorance, they are living in bliss and will not stop someone else from controlling their life.

As I now see it, the problem is that there are thousands, if not million, of people kowtow under peer pressure instead of thinking on their own.

And over the years, the constant lies and new laws forced upon us from via government and its propaganda makes it harder, and harder, and harder, to live as a free person.

The big boys of business and government collude to hide the Master/Slave relationships they’ve developed over years in our society. They hide it all under the guise of “helping” the people and “making a better society”. When, in fact, they are manipulating and controlling the citizenry through deceit.

Learning to recognize the truth on your own, through trial and error, takes LONG time to see and understand. Most books only give you theory. Most of that theory is twisted with arguments. Simple truths are turned on their head and no longer give you a clear image of right and wrong.

If you are just getting into libertarianism, you will want to learn what it is all about fast. You will not want to wait until you are at some meeting somewhere to begin learning and understanding. Clearly, googling things will not suffice because you don’t know what you are really looking for. You want to see practical application NOW in order to make sense of the arguments that will surely come your way.

If that’s the case, you are going to love this:

I have found ONE book, to date, that makes that happen fast for beginners.

It’s Withur We written by Matthew Alexander.

Withur We is written in a story format that walks through the steps of how to handle an overbearing government. Including all the trials and tribulations that occur as well as all the steps necessary to set up a Libertarian World, it answers all the naysayer’s questions.

Withur We is written so well that it makes it easy to understand Libertarianism and the problems presented in today’s society.

Matthew Alexander presents the world of Alistair Ashley 3nn in a fashion comparable to Ayn Rand’s John Galt. His work is destined to become a classic among freedom loving individuals like Atlas Shrugged did among business people.

See how Alistair’s world resembles our own. Learn what he does to solve the problems. Understand the frustrations and witness the resolve. Transform your life by living the same principles and stop living as a “slave”.

Withur We is a great Libertarian story that covers the facets of creating a Libertarian society. It is far greater than the single topic visions of authors like L Neil Smith. In the book Alexander’s prose is carefully constructed to lead the reader from one point to the next. Considering that he is a first time author I was amazed at the fluidity of the story and look forward to reading his next book.

Clearly, Alexander took the thinking man’s approach to his story. He starts with the introduction of a Libertarian (anarcho-capitalist) society with a Rothbardian flavor. The story surely is fairer in its presentation than the dialects of “one way only” Libertarian books that exist thus far. There is no utopian world, not everything works out as being perfect as some Libertarians like to present.

As a Libertarian myself, I might wish to see happier results with the situations presented. However, Alexander is showing a world of reality. Not everything is perfect in the world, not even our current societies. He uses those realities to present his theme of market driven economies along with the meaning and inner workings of the non-aggression principle.

I have been waiting a long time for someone to put together a book of this caliber. The wait is over. Now everyone can enjoy a good story that shows both the advantages of a Libertarian society as well as the problems surrounding us in order to create one. It is not a utopia where everyone sings kumbaya to each other. Here, the story revolves around how people interact with each other during times of peace and violence. The contrast between the two is illustrated perfectly with everyday situations that we can recognize in our own society. The conclusion that peace is the better is not shoved in your face by some zealot but is smoothly presented through what can be viewed as real life experiences.

Matthew Alexander did a masterful job of creating the world in terms that everyone can relate too. Now it is your turn to do your part and learn from his efforts. See how a single individual can make a difference. Witness how Libertarianism in action can bring about a whole new concept on life. Learn how to be free.

Where Are The Real Terrorists

Pat Buchanan Ignores The Underlying Reason Richard Nixon Was Forced To Resign

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Ralph BenkoContributor

8/18/2014 @ 8:00AM

This month we observe the 40th anniversary of the resignation, under threat of imminent impeachment, of President Richard M. Nixon.  Nixon aide and loyalist Pat Buchanan sums up, in a column in USA Today Liberal Elites Toppled Nixon his view: “Richard Nixon was not brought down by any popular uprising. The breaking of his presidency was a product of the malice and collusion of liberal elites who had been repudiated in Nixon’s 49-state landslide in 1972.”

Nixon, as it happens, was not 1974’s only casualty.  As William Safire recalls, Nixon’s secretary of the treasury, John Connally, “was indicted for taking graft on the same day the President was charged by the House Judiciary Committee for abuse of power.”

Both men were instrumental in the repudiation of the Bretton Woods gold-dollar monetary system that had undergirded post-war American (and world prosperity).  Bretton Woods, indeed, was coming apart (as a gold+paper pastiche standard inevitably is prone to do).  A gold-based international monetary order called out, however, to be mended not ended.  Nixon ended it.

The House Judiciary Committee’s charges and the

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Liberty Underground Radio Show

SouthEast Florida Tickets Going Fast‏

CampaignForLiberty     Just  a quick reminder that Florida Campaign for Liberty is hosting several Political Effectiveness Training Seminars.  Just a few weeks left for tickets to West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.


If you use the techniques taught at the school, you will be able to effectively stop Common Core, repeal red light cameras, protect the Second Amendment, and pretty much have a degree of control over what happens in the legislature, your county commission, or city council.


You will learn how to master control of the political environment at the local, state, and national level from nationally known instructors from Campaign for Liberty and Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership.


FACL has a unique political philosophy and approach to campaign tactics and strategies. This course will provide you with the tools necessary to maximize your effectiveness in a way only a few grassroots schools offer in the country.


This intense one-day training covers:

  • The Real Nature of Politics – why just “educating” people alone won’t result in change
  • The Biggest Lie in Politics – and how the political class uses your convictions against you
  • How to work effectively at the Capitol – getting a bill sponsor and a roll call vote despite the leadership
  • How to build a group – putting pressure on legislators

All FACL instructors have years of experience putting these principles to work in multiple states.  They have worked for the cause of freedom with organizations such as National Right to Work Committee, National Pro-Life Alliance, National Association for Gun Rights, and Campaign for Liberty as well as federal, state and local campaigns, including major presidential campaigns, and successful campaigns for U.S. Senate and Congress.


At FACL, they know what works, and also what has been proven not to work in getting politicians to vote right. This class will teach you how to turn your passion into effective action.


We will hold smaller classes in order to provide more personal instruction.  Space is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets today!


We sincerely hope you can join us…..

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Saturday 11/08/2014

Click here to Register


FT.LAUDERDALE, FL – Sunday 11/09/2014
Click here to Register

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Saturday 11/15/2014
Click here to Register


ORLANDO, FL – Sunday 11/16/2014

Click here to Register 


TAMPA/ST.PETERSBURG, FL – Saturday 11/22/2014

Click here to Register 


NAPLES, FL – Sunday 11/23/2014

Click here to Register 



If you are frustrated by politicians who say one thing at a Tea Party rally, but break their promises in the State House or City Hall, then this class is for you!


Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to arm yourself with the tools that will enable you to have a major impact on the political environment.


If you are serious about grassroots activism and really want to make a difference, there is no better course than this.


If you have any questions, please call Mark Cross, Executive Director of Florida Campaign for Liberty at 407-908-2749 or email.



In Liberty,


Mark Cross

Florida State Director



PS.  Be sure to register, but if you are unable to attend and want to sponsor a student tuition, please chip in here.

400,000,000 Years To Pay The U.S. National Debt

DefeatTheDebtWe see it all the time. Crippling debt is everywhere. Anyone who has financed a car, house or just simply spent too much on their credit card and could not pay it off all at once knows what it is like. Many people in the United States, dare I say around the world, max out their credit cards. Then when they realize they are in trouble, they pay the minimum required because they cannot afford to pay anything else.

So, I figured we could do a little bit of math for ourselves on the U.S. debt and see what it is like in comparison to the average person in America. The debt right now is $17.9 TRILLION. The median income in the U.S. is right around $50,000 per year. Comparing the debt – note this is just the current debt not including any interest that gets added per year – at $50,000 it would take about 360 MILLION years to pay it. But we have many people working in the U.S.

In fact, we currently have around 150 million people working in the U.S.  These are not all full time workers but averaging across everyone it comes out to $50,000 each. Assuming time stands still, no one has bills to pay, no interest gets attached to the debt and everyone is self-sufficient, it would take all 150 million people to keep working, give 100% of their pay and the debt will be gone in 2.5 years.

Clearly that is not going to happen. What is a more realistic number? If we assume everyone who is working is taxed at the same maximum rate of 33%, then we are looking at 7.5 years before it is paid off. This of course makes the presumption that the federal government spends NO MONEY on anything for those 7.5 years. That means no salaries for federal employees, no welfare, no social security etc.

Again, that is another unlikely scenario.  Our government does NOT expect to decrease spending any time soon. In fact, as estimated by the government,  it does nothing but go UP every year for the next decade. You can see a full account of their expectations by going here:

A quick review is illustrated for you here. This information came from page 227 of that budget report.

Table S–13. Federal Government Financing and Debt—Continued
(Dollar amounts in billions)


Actual 2012 16,051
Estimate 2013























In short, we are never going to pay off the national debt if the federal government keeps doing what is doing. I realize that a lot of people like the federal government; but when push comes to shove, the current spending rates are UNSUSTAINABLE. It does not matter what the Democrats or Republicans tell you. If their goal is to continue spending they are lying to you about fixing the problem.

To further complicate your understanding of what it all means, let us throw in the unfunded liabilities that are not part of the budget and that mere $17.9 Trillion becomes an astonishing $166.2 trillion. Your 7.5 years of everyone paying 100% of everything with zero government spending just jumped to 73.25 years. To put this into English for you, you would have to work your entire life for absolutely zero dollars to pay off everything the government now owes (that is assuming you live to the age of 89).

Welcome to America, the land of the free. It is the only country in the world where they call their citizens free but force them into labor to pay for the government. Perhaps, if the government told the truth, people might revolt, so they keep it quiet. The idea that everyone would have to pay 100% of what they earn for 100% of their life would make people realize they were slaves, not a free people.

If you want to think of what it was like BEFORE the Bush and Obama fiascos, back then the national debt was only $5.7 TRILLION. This means that within the last 14 years, the increase of government debt has enslaved twice as many generations as the previous 224 years altogether.

This sounds terrible, and it is. BUT, it is up to you to do something about it. In America THE PEOPLE are supposed to be in charge. That means YOU can vote into office people that will CUT SPENDING.

YOU have the power to change what needs to be changed.

YOU have a choice.

Elections are upon us.

Do you want to keep electing people who will run up the government and enslave our posterity for eons to come?


Do you want to solve the problem?

YOUR choice does matter.

YOUR choice will affect your life and those around.

Choose wisely.



Yours in Liberty



Exciting News from the Lucas Overby Campaign!‏



Endorsements of the Lucas Overby campaign: 

“I’m both honored and humbled to accept the endorsements of Beverly Angello Young, Eduardo Jany, Reverend Dr. Manuel L. Sykes and the many people who have personally reached out to me over the past two years.  It stands as proof that we can share the same vision; reaching across party lines in support of the working families of our district. Serving our constituents will remain my highest priority, and I look forward to working with those who share this goal.” ~Lucas Overby, Libertarian candidate for Florida’s 13th Congressional District

“I am so pleased to continue to receive the support and encouragement of my friends in the Pinellas area. While I have decided to withdraw from candidacy for District 13, I know that it is of the utmost importance that our community has a viable alternative to the Republican platform. I would ask voters to carefully consider voting for a candidate who has espoused ideas like mine with regard to education, opportunity, women’s rights, marriage equality, current tax policies and energy practices. All of these are so important to our District. We cannot afford to continue with a status-quo Congress that fails to make decisions and is mired in argument and discord. It is time for collaboration and progress and this is why I would like to lend my support to Lucas Overby.

It is an honor to live and work in this wonderful community. I came to this country as an immigrant, proudly served in the military and in law enforcement for over 33 years and fully understand the work, the hardships and the struggles that the American family has endured and continues to endure. This election continues to be an important one. Having career politicians, lobbyists and special interests running the country is out of the question. I would respectfully request that you use your vote wisely and look toward what is best for your family as well as Florida and Pinellas County.”  ~EDUARDO JANY, FORMER CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS (FL-CD 13)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rev. Dr. Manuel L. Sykes
Pastor Bethel Community Baptist Church
Former President Pinellas NAACP:

“I am offering my endorsement of a man I have come to appreciate for his political acumen, integrity and potential for positive, political change.
Lucas aided me in my short bid for Congress, and demonstrated a willingness to honestly engage opinions and views that are different. He is also firm and objective in his views for helping improve the conditions of his entire community.Though now a part of the Republican Party, I believe strongly in his platform and ability to honestly and incessantly work for all constituents.”

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From Congressman Young’s widow: 
“I do have one question for Lucas Overby, Candidate for this Congressional seat. I was not comfortable asking the question this evening at the West Pinellas NOW meeting, since I was not a member of this organization and I was just a “drop in”.  Mr. Overby, what is your platform on supporting our troops? the armed forces have been cut back in so many ways, how do you feel about deploying our great American Heroes all over the world while we sit here, vulnerable to attacks on our own soil?” ~Beverly Angello Young

Lucas Overby replies to Beverly Angello Young‘s question:
“We’ve been working on several avenues to not only protect our service personnel and vets from further cuts to their pay and benefits but to start rolling back what has been stolen from them. As I said tonight, I feel that when our service members signed their contracts with the government they signed it with me and we are going to fight to uphold our promises to them. As far as foreign deployment goes, I oppose further war, oppose sending any more of our people into a meat grinder that after a decade of running has done nothing but produce more enemies and weaken our domestic defensive capabilities.” ~Lucas Overby

Beverly Young, the widow of Congressman Young, endorses Lucas Overby for Florida’s 13th Congressional District: 
“I’m going to post and repost. the key answer that sold me was “what has been stolen from our troops”. You are so right on. When they signed on that dotted line, they did make a contract with every American. To protect us, to keep us safe, to keep us free. We are letting them down but they will never complain. It is our obligation as Americans to fight for their rights and to protect them, while they are protecting us.  

Help Team Overby get the message to the voters! 

This is the final push to victory and with the numbers so close, we need your helping getting the word out to as many people as we can in the district. We are needing to raise $2000 to purchase more yard signs and campaign flyers to push for early election voter turnout.
Please donate what you can, even a $10 donation has a huge impact on the campaign’s ability to
 spread the word.

Donate Through PayPal:

Donate Through Rally:

Donate Through Bitcoin:



October 20th ~ November 2nd from 7am until 7pm
Early Voting Voter Outreach & Pledge to Vote Campaign

Volunteers are needed to sign wave during rush hour at intersections close to the early voting locations and to speak with voters at the Election Center in Largo.  RSVP to this event to show that you are voting for Lucas and invite your friends to join the pledge to vote for Overby.

October 30th from 6pm until 9pm
Overby Meet & Greet at Nauti Nancy’s
700 Eldridge Street, Clearwater

Invite your friends and family to come out to meet Lucas Overby!!

November 1st from 5pm until 10pm
Purple Haze Halloween Party
15026 Madeira Way, Madeira Beach
Lucas has been invited as a special guest at the party. Come out to support the team and to encourage voters to cast a ballot for a real representative of our community.

November 2nd starting at 4:20pm
Yes On 2 Beach Bash at Mickey Quinn’s Beach
19703 Gulf Blvd, Indian Shores
Join Team Overby in voter outreach during this event.


Join the Super Voter Phone Team! 

For those who may not live in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, please consider joining our phone banking efforts to reach the super voters who will be casting their ballots in the next two weeks.  Elections are won in the absentee ballot vote and we need your help today!

Contact Karena Morrison at for a list of voters to call.


Copyright © 2014 Lucas Overby for Congress, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email as a member of the Libertarian Party of Florida who has shown an interest in the campaign and in an effort to keep you updated with the 2014 Libertarian Lucas Overby for Congress campaign.

Our mailing address is:
Lucas Overby for Congress

1910 Drew Street

Clearwater, FL 33755

Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General Campaign Unveils New Billboard‏



Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General Campaign Unveils New Billboard


Florida – Bill Wohlsifer, Florida Attorney General Candidate (LPF), unveiled his new campaign billboard in Tallahassee, FL this week. The billboard is prominently displayed along Capitol City NE, and boasts a glowing endorsement from The Bradenton Times stating that Mr. Wohlsifer is “a non-partisan, non-pandering approach…”


Please contact Steve Edmonds with any questions having to do with the campaign at 407-701-9045.
Contact Information:

Bill Wohlsifer for Florida Attorney General

1100 East Park Ave Ste B

Tallahassee FL 32301

Tel: 407-701-9045




Copyright © 2014 Wohlsifer for Attorney General, All rights reserved.
We are the committee to get Bill Wohlsifer elected to Attorney General

Our mailing address is:
Wohlsifer for Attorney General

1100 East Park Ave Ste B

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Mike Benoit For Congress

Libertarian Bill Wohlsifer For Florida AG


Wyllie/Roe Online Town Hall Live From Clearwater 10/26 @7pm‏


Wyllie/Roe Online Town Hall Live from Clearwater

Sunday, October 26th @7pm

Wyllie for Governor & Roe for Lieutenant Governor will be taking your questions live during this town hall meeting. Attend in person or online.

Datex Business Center 10300 49th St N, Clearwater

Google hangout

twitter: @WyllieForGov, use #WyllieTownHall

©2014 Wyllie for Governor

Physical Address: 9851 SR 54 New Port Richey, FL 34655.

Mailing Address: 1334 Tampa Road #1 Palm Harbor, FL 34683

(844) 4-WYLLIE (844-499-5543)


When Will It Stop

When Will We Hold Them Accountable