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Can you make “South Bay Libertarians Monthly Dinner/Meeting”?

Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group
Thursday, November 19, 2015
6:30 PM
Raffaello Ristorante
400 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731
6:30 pm:Social Hour & Dinner
8:00 pm: Meeting, Speakers, Discussions
Our featured guest this month is…
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Welcome, Libertarian Planning Meeting, North Central Florida!‏

As you may know, Gallop has self identified Libertarians 25%, now equal to self identified Republicans 25% and Democrats 24%.

The Libertarian Party of Florida is mobilizing all 67 Counties in Florida in anticipation of the Libertarian National Convention in May, Orlando. The LPF has been winning local elections in Florida and nearly winning in other cases.

Please, if you live in North Central Florida and want to throw out the Oligarchy in Florida 2016, please join us for a strategy meeting Saturday Dec 5th, 2015, 10am to 12pm, Tower Rd Library, Tower Rd, Gainesville, Fl, 32608

I will be officiating this meeting unless I fail to return from Ukraine and Russia by this date (I only have at this point a one way ticket).

Members of the LPF Executive Committee  plan to be in attendance and this I believe is the date and place of the first official Tea Party meeting a few years ago. Many Tea Party Patriots have left the GOP and have joined the LPF including myself.

This meeting will be open to the public, with a closed door strategy meeting to follow 2 weeks later.

Please don’t ever forget that John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Nancy Palosi, together for the first time ever, gave President Obama the power to spend as much as he wants endlessly, in the last budget deal!! and you know how Paul Ryan likes to spend, spend, spend!!!

Jote’ Thompson – Author
The Chronicles of Freedom

You’ll Want To Watch This‏

Join us at “Hang out and chat and share ideas”‏

The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs (Los Angeles)
Saturday, November 14, 2015
10:00 AM
Casey’s Irish Pub
613 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA
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High Tech Guru George Gilder Demolishes A Critical Myth About The Gold Standard

Ralph Benko

To read the full column, click here:

What if the gold standard is not an antique but, rather, a “timeless classic” (as termed in a speech by Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann in September 2012)?  High tech guru George Gilder deploys cutting-edge science to show why this is so, based on Shannon information theory. Gilder’s analysis is neither eccentric nor anomalous.

The intellectual pedigree of the classical gold standard runs through two of the greatest scientists in history: Copernicus and Newton. Nicolas Copernicus, in his Essay on the Minting of Money eloquently lays out the scientific foundations of the classical gold standard. >snip<

Sir Isaac Newton, as Master of the Royal Mint of Great Britain, created what became the modern classical gold standard. This was a fact well known by President Jefferson, as astutely noted by Dr. Judy Shelton in erudite commentary to her definitive edition of Jefferson’s Notes on the Establishment of A Monetary Unit. Under the Newtonian gold standard, with variants, the world economy thrived for almost 200 years.

The gold standard also was one of the few things that both Jefferson, and his arch-rival in Washington’s cabinet, Alexander Hamilton, fully agreed. The gold standard’s intellectual provenance, both in deep scientific history and among the founders of America, really is impeccable.


So, a leading high-tech public intellectual attests to the ultra-modernity of the gold standard. Gilder, also known as the living author most quoted by President Reagan, went on to high tech iconic thought leader status as the author of Microcosm, Telecosm, The Silicon Eye, and Knowledge and Power among other highly-regarded works.

Gilder now presents a brilliant monograph, The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money. In it he explores at greater depth some of the thoughts he first broached in a key chapter of his influential Knowledge and Power. The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money was commissioned by the American Principles Project (whose sister organization I professionally advise).  He therein explodes the pernicious myth of the gold standard as an atavism.

In 106 lucid pages, Gilder magisterially demystifies money. A very few choice excerpts:

The economy is not fundamentally an incentive system, it is an information system. Manipulating money cannot create growth, and it distorts the information economic actors need to acquire the learning that alone is wealth-creation.

Growth in wealth stems . . . from the progress of learning. It is accomplished by entrepreneurs conducting falsifiable experiments of enterprise, with the outcomes measurable by reliable money.”

Claude Shannon “resolved that all information is most essentially surprise. Unless messages are unexpected, they do not convey new information.” But “[i]f a carrier is to bear surprising contents, it must itself be unsurprising.” That is what makes it possible to distinguish the signal from the noise.

In economics money is part of the conduit or carrier. If money is to foster learning and knowledge, it cannot itself be surprising. . . . money must be the measure, rather than what is measured.”


In the hands of Copernicus, Newton, and Shannon as channeled by Gilder, money becomes simple and intuitive.  Gilder gives us the real thing: science. In The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money, George Gilder, true to his title, lays out a compelling 21st century case for the gold standard. Gilder reveals anew the gold standard’s deep scientific foundation. Buy a copy on old fashioned paper in better bookstores everywhere or download it and read it.

Delight in a very modern, scientific, demystification of money and discussion of why the classical gold standard repeatedly has proved itself beneficial.   With The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money George Gilder well may have delivered his next game changer.

To read the full column, click here:

The Queen of England Has It Almost Right!‏


O Best Beloved,

The status of the Queen of England provides important precedents! Her Majesty is Above The Law. As I should, in all ways, be. (The Law should be reserved for you, Silly!) According to Business Insider:

“Queen Elizabeth II is not like you and me. “Did you know she is immune from prosecution? That she has her own personal poet, paid in Sherry wine? Or that she holds dominion over British swans and can fire the entire Australian government?

…”The Queen still technically owns all the sturgeons, whales, and dolphins in the waters around the UK, in a rule that dates back to a statute from 1324, during the reign of King Edward II, according to Time.

…”Driving licenses are issued in the Queen’s name, yet she is the only person in the United Kingdom who doesn’t legally need a license to drive or a number plate on her cars, according to Time.

…”Unlike other members of the Royal family, the Queen does not require a passport, as they are issued in her name. Despite this lack of travel documents, she has been abroad many times.

…”As the head of state in Australia, the Queen has certain powers over the government. In 1975, for example, the Queen’s representative in the country at the time, Gov. Gen. Sir John Kerr, fired the prime minister in response to a government shutdown.

…All prosecutions are carried out in the name of the Sovereign, and she is both immune from prosecution and cannot be compelled to give evidence in court. “In theory, the Sovereign “is incapable of thinking or doing wrong,” legal scholar John Kirkhope told Business Insider.

The preposterous experiment with republican representation — officials actually elected by mere and fallible voters (you) rather than appointed by a Wise and Benevolent Protectress (Me) has proven an Epic Fail. Let’s get over this “voting” fad.

Like the Queen of England, yet, for me, in practice as well as in theory, I, your doting Auntie Sam, am incapable of thinking or doing wrong. Embrace this reality and all will be well.

We are moving in the generally right direction (toward respecting my absolute authority over you, and my Impunity). We have some way to go. Let’s pick up the pace.

Let’s begin with officially recognizing my, like the Queen’s, immunity from prosecution. That really would untie my hands and nicely simplify my job of protecting you from yourself!

Restoring the Monarchy to America would be a step in the right direction. (So long as I am the Monarch, naturally.) Then … together we will move on to the Autocracy for which we all yearn.

Your loving Autocrat-in-Waiting,
Auntie Sam

PS Know any closet Monarchists? Don’t be shy! As The Mad Monarchist says: “Sanity is for the weak.” Surrender to my love. Weakness is strength. Surrender will make you strong.

Forward this and tell your closeted friends that they, like you, can receive their very own Missives From Me … just by clicking here and signing up!

Don’t be a media dupe about Iran‏



#Iran. 6 ways to avoid being a media dupe. Retweet

With members of Congress still working to defeat the Iran deal and leading Presidential candidates rallying against it, today’s Action is timely. The editorial, below, was just published as the featured “Highlight” on

We encourage you to go to to read it. Then, use the points made in that article, to send a letter to Congress.

This editorial reports things you wouldn’t know about Iran and the U.S. Government’s history with it. We preview the editorial, below…

Don’t be a media dupe about Iran
6 things the propaganda machine won’t tell you

by Jim Babka
President, Downsize DC

We (the co-founders of Downsize DC) made bold predictions prior to the Iraq war in 2003. You can still see them at We got things right, when nearly everyone else was wrong. We even predicted in advance that Iraq had no nuclear weapons.

How did we do that? Well, we knew politicians lie. We knew too that “War is the health of The State” and good for ratings. We also looked past the politicians and the media, and consulted history instead.

Now I want to do the same thing with the Iran treaty. Here are six things you should know to avoid being a media dupe…

1. U.S. and Israeli intelligence agree Iran is nowhere near having a nuclear weapon.

You wouldn’t know this from following the news, but it’s true.

Neo-conservatives (militarists), like Dick Cheney and Benjamin Netanyahu, have constantly made headlines with their repeated warnings that Iran is only six months away from having a nuclear weapon. But they’ve been crying wolf since 2006! How many times can you be six months away from the same event before you decide the claim is false?

Advice: Remember the false claims about Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Learn from that history. Prefer the less sensational intelligence reports over warmongering politicians.

2. It’s wrong to believe that Iran’s government is willing to commit suicide.

Many people think Iran’s leaders seek religious martyrdom through nuclear conflagration. They assert that Iran is eager to nuke Israel to bring this about. They support this claim by quoting anti-Israeli comments made by the Ayatollah Khomeini. But Khomeini has been dead for 26 years. Meanwhile…

There, you’ll discover the other four ways we’ve been duped about Iran and how we should respond.

After reading the editorial, Take Action…

If you find these arguments convincing, please write Congress and tell them to support the Iran treaty. You may find it helpful to copy and paste some or all of the above points as part of your letter to Congress. provides a free tool for you to give your so-called “representatives” their working orders.

Please also take steps to educate the public. Share this message with others.

If you like our work, please consider supporting us by making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC


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Should soldiers be able to quit?‏


An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation

Should soldiers be able to quit? Do your fears justify enslaving others? #tlot Retweet

We’re launching a NEW polling campaign today: Compulsory Military Service

In our last message, we explained how our interactive polling tool helps you share libertarian policy positions with friends who make EXCEPTIONS to the Zero Aggression Principle.

Here’s the benchmark question to get started…

How do you feel about compulsory military service?

Click on one of the answers to that question (below). You’ll be taken to our website where you can…

  • See how others are responding.
  • Measure movement toward or away from the libertarian position
  • Sign a petition for or against compulsory military service
  • See other arguments about this issue, and render your verdict on those arguments too
  • Use our sharing tool to send this question to other people

Here are your choices. Just click one…

Thanks for your participation!

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project


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Zero Aggression Project

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Can libertarians have success outside the two-party system?‏



Even with the 2016 election a full year away, the next election cycle is in full-swing. Along with the discussions about which candidates, if any, are worthy of support of libertarians, there is an ongoing discussion about whether or not libertarians should work within the two major parties. The argument goes like this: “Libertarians will never get elected or be successful, therefore the only way to win is to join the Republican or Democratic Party.”

The vast majority of the people who make such an argument seem to forget, or don’t know, that the Libertarian Party has elected State Representatives in the Alaska and New Hampshire legislatures in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. This doesn’t include the hundreds of people that have been elected to various county, city and town offices around the country. It should be noted that the two major parties have colluded to make it incredibly difficult for people to run for office under the banner of their choice, essentially coercing people to join one of the two major parties if they want to get elected.

Those advocating for not working outside the two-party system are perpetuating the belief that electoral success is the only way to measure political success. This is not true. Political success should be defined as: a political party or group affecting change in policy. By this definition alternative political parties, and the Libertarian Party, have been successful over the years.

Andy Craig reports on some of the successes of minor political parties since 1856. One of the most well-known successes of a minor political party can be attributed to the Prohibition Party. Craig writes, “The Prohibition Party runs a Presidential nominee every four years… The 18th Amendment prohibiting alcohol in the US [wa]s ratified in 1919. Probably the most dramatic example, since many historians now conclude that Prohibition never actually had majority support in many of the states that ratified it, and possibly not even in the nation at-large.”

You may be thinking, “that’s just one example.” Yes, it’s just one example, but is not the only example of a minor political party having success. The Populist Party of the 1890’s had their platform adopted by the Democratic Party. The high vote totals for the Bull-Moose Progressives and Socialists of the 1910’s encouraged the Democratic Party to shift their economic policies which culminated in the election of FDR in 1932. Fighting Bob LaFollette, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace and John B. Anderson all influenced the platforms or strategies of one or both major parties.

Political parties and groups are able to achieve these successes through persistence. The Libertarian Party platform for 44 years has supported marriage equality and ending the war on drugs, among other things. In June of this year, the US Supreme Court recognized the fundamental right of two consenting adults to marry. There have been successes in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington in one front of the war on drugs, specifically cannabis. These are only two successes of the Libertarian Party, and with more effort by LP members there will be more in the future.

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry

Darryl has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty. Darryl is an award winning author, publisher & radio/TV host. He is a regular contributor to several weekly and monthly newspapers. He hosts the daily newscast FPPRadioNews, , the podcast Peace, Love, Liberty Radio, the weekly news podcast FPP Freedom Minute, and is a regular co-host on Free Talk Live.
Darryl is a co-founder and co-chair of the NH Liberty Party.
Darryl is the Owner/Managing Editor of Free Press Publications.

To schedule an interview with Darryl please send an email to or call 202 709 4377

UPDATE Nov 1st Legislative Update (TAKE ACTION)‏


Call to Action HB 4001 Campus Carry

***Two of the committee members changed and are updated in this email

Our right to self-defense will be debated again Wednesday, November 4th in the House Higher Education & Workforce SubcommitteeHB 4001 will repeal the law that prohibits citizens with a concealed weapons permit from carrying their weapon on Florida Campuses. The good news is that HB 4001 has already passed one committee and the Senate companion SB 68 has passed two committees. These were great victories despite the anti-gun rights groups that showed up to spread false and unproven claims.

These anti-gun rights groups are not giving up and in fact they are doubling their efforts to squash our right to self-defense. Let’s make sure that the members of the House Higher Education and Workforce Subcommittee hear from us that understand we absolutely have the right to self-defense and the 2nd Amendment was created to protect that right.


The House Campus Carry bill HB 4001 will be heard in the House Higher Education & Workforce Subcommittee next Wednesday, November 4th, 2015.

Please call and e-mail the following members of the House Higher Education & Workforce Subcommittee and tell them to vote yes on HB 4001.

Cortes, Robert “Bob” (850) 717-5030
Edwards, Katie A. (850) 717-5098
Gonzalez, Julio (850) 717-5074
Cyndi Stevenson (850) 717-5017
Jacobs, Kristin (850) 717-5096
Kerner, Dave (850) 717-5087
James Grant (850) 717-5064
Perry, W. Keith (850) 717-5021
Plasencia, Rene “Coach P” (850) 717-5049
Porter, Elizabeth W. (850) 717-5010
Raburn, Jake (850) 717-5057
Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Michelle (850) 717-5009
Rodrigues, Ray Wesley (850) 717-5076


Talking Points

Colleges and Universities are open environments, there is no one entry point with metal detectors and armed guards performing pat-downs and bag inspections. Colleges cannot guarantee safety and should not deprive people of the ability to protect themselves.

“Gun free zones” only disarms law-abiding citizens and violates their right to protect themselves as well as the opportunity to stop a criminal and save lives.

Eight States have “Campus Carry” including Utah for the last ten years. Utah University officials report no improper incidents on campus in that 10 year time period.

These are very important weeks for the Liberty First Network to be up in Tallahassee. In order to do that we need your financial support right away. Each week can cost over $600 in lodging, food and supplies. If you want to make sure that liberty is represented then we your donation TODAY!!!!!

Florida Action Alerts


Liberty First Network

9851 State Road 54,

New Port Richey, FL 34655,

United States

You can also keep up with Florida Action Alerts on Twitter or Facebook.

URGENT! Say no to more NSA spying!‏



Politicians about to give #NSA more power to spy on you. #CISA Fight back! Retweet


Where is Jim Babka? Tonight, he’s on Free Talk Live. Next week, you can see him in three Florida cities. Details are below today’s…

URGENT Action Item… 

In the fight against first CISPA and now CISA, your pressure has worked. The politicians desperately want to give the NSA new, expanded powers to spy on the American people. But public opposition has thwarted them, so far. However…

Politicians tend to play tricks when they can’t get what they want.

That’s what’s happening with the latest version of the CISA bill. The politicians are selling CISA as a “cybersecurity” bill when it’s really a surveillance bill in disguise. Said another way…

The politicians are pretending they want to protect you from foreign attacks on the American internet, when they’re really trying to open new pipelines for spying. The website TechDirt says that…

“Even the attempts to supposedly ‘clarify’ the language to protect data from being used for surveillance shows that the language is deliberately written to look like it does one thing, while really opening up the ability of the NSA and FBI to get much more (of your) information.”

In other words…

CISA would give the NSA increased powers to spy on you.

And the bill just passed another hurdle in the Senate, with the next vote coming any day this week. It could be tomorrow!

You must voice your opposition now. Tell your reps to vote no on CISA. Use Downsize DC’s “Hands off the Internet” campaign for this purpose. The hardwired message for that campaign reads…

Oppose all attempts to expand government involvement in the Internet.

Copy or edit the following for your personal comments…

Specifically, vote NO on the CISA bill. Numerous tech sites have analyzed this bill and found it to be fraudulent. It’s a fake cybersecurity bill that really gives the NSA new domestic spying powers. I DENY CONSENT. I do NOT want my privacy further violated. I want YOU to OPPOSE it. Vote no. I will be watching what you do.


Thank you!

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-founders, Downsize DC


Tonight, (10/27/2015) Jim Babka will be on the nationally-syndicated show, Free Talk Live, to kick-off the 8 PM hour. Amongst other things, he will be talking about…

Jim Babka will appear in three Florida cities – Orlando, Fort Myers, and Tampa, November 3, 4, and 5 respectively. The title of his talk will be… How ONE Voluntaryist can make Florida a Libertarian place.

What if everything we libertarians have tried created discouragement instead of success? What if something simple could make the difference instead? What if just one person has the power to change things?

Maybe you don’t live in Florida, but you have a friend or family member who’d benefit from this information. We hope you’re intrigued enough to check it out. The details can be found on the Zero Aggression Project blog.



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Old Parties Collude on Budget Deal to Put Americans Deeper in Debt‏



For immediate release
October 27, 2015

Old Parties Collude on Budget Deal to Put Americans Deeper in Debt

The White House, along with Democratic and Republican politicians in Congress, released a budget deal on October 26 that throws more cash at Big Government programs and raises the debt. It also subverts the budget caps established by the Budget Control Act of 2011 by upping them by $80 billion and by throwing an additional $59 billion into a Pentagon slush fund.

Hailed as “a win for both parties” by NBC News, Democrats and Republicans included in the deal a provision to suspend the debt limit until March 2017 — after the 2016 election. It’s no secret that this delay is an attempt to divert attention from their destructive spending during the election year.

“No wonder the two old parties’ approval ratings are at an all-time low,” said Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark. “Democratic and Republican politicians in Washington, D.C. are lavishing taxpayer money on their K Street pals while raising taxes and printing money to pay for it, devaluing the dollar, and selling the rest of the country down the river.”

“There should be no ‘debt ceiling’ debate, and there’s no need for ‘sequesters’ — a gimmick used by Democrats and Republicans pretending to be fiscally responsible while recklessly overspending,” he said. “The solution is very simple and will be offered by dozens of Libertarian candidates running for federal office in 2016, such as Allen Buckley for U.S. Senate in Georgia: Balance the budget. Never raise taxes. And cut spending!”

“The big lie is that Republican politicians oppose more domestic spending and Democratic politicians oppose more military spending,” said Sarwark. “In reality, the ‘compromise’ between the old parties is to put the American taxpayer deeper in debt for more domestic and military spending. Budget negotiations are supposed to result in both sides losing a little bit, but this deal only has one loser: the American taxpayer.”

“The battle plan for voters is clear,” he continued. “Never vote for Big Government politicians. If you do, it gives them permission to continue their reckless spending, which does great harm to the American economy. Instead, cast your ballot only for small-government Libertarians.”



Visit to share this release


Paid for by the Libertarian National Committee
1444 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Content not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Fall 2015 Libertarian Vote Totals‏



Fall 2015 Libertarian Vote Totals

Thank you to all the Libertarian candidates, campaign volunteers and campaign donors who made this election possible.

Click here for the most current election results for Libertarians who ran for office in the fall of 2015.

Thinking of running for office in 2016? Click here to learn more.



Paid for by the Libertarian National Committee
1444 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Content not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Madison County Organizational Meeting‏

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Main Branch

2nd Floor – Foundation Meeting Room


The Madison County Libertarian Executive Committee will be meeting to discuss the formation of the Bylaws Committee and the Libertarian Party in Madison County. Click here for location details:,-86.5895913,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x6bc3889a5e767ffa

Membership is required to participate in the formation of bylaws and eventually serve as a committee member. Membership information is located at


For additional information contact the Temporary MCLEC Chairman Anson Knowles at (256) 698-4933.

Saturday: Join us at “Hang out and chat and share ideas”‏

The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs (Los Angeles)
Saturday, November 14, 2015
10:00 AM
Maple Block Meat Co.
3973 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA
The restaurant, Maple Block Meat Co. will be opening up an hour early for us, so we can have a quiet place to meet! As usual we will start with brief introductions from everyone about what you do, what skills you have, what philosophical problems you…
Learn more

Larry Kudlow Reveals The Republicans’ Secret Agenda

Ralph Benko Contributor

Revelation: “All we want,” said Kudlow, “is for everybody to get richer.”

Therein hangs a tale.  And therein, perhaps, hangs the outcome of a presidential race.

The Republican Party (much to the astonishment of practically everyone) is composed exclusively of … people. It thus is subject to human nature. It is undeniable that a significant part of the Republican voter base is made up of rich (or at least affluent) people.

Rich people (except in California, a parallel universe) vote Republican. So, naturally, Republicans love rich people.

And hate the poor. Nothing personal. Poor people vote Democratic.

So, naturally, the Democrats love the poor. Who wouldn’t? It’s easy to love the people who wish to put you into power. Conversely, Democrats (excluding Bill Clinton and few other outliers) naturally hate the rich.

In politics, however, nothing ever is quite as it seems. Paradoxes abound.

Revealed here, for the first time: the Republican Secret Agenda. What is at the core of their (OK, our) Nefarious Plot? Our Secret Plot is to make all the poor people rich. That’s the only way to end this ridiculous “two party” system and to make every Man-Jack and Woman-Jill in America into loyal Republicans.


In an interview with David Freedlander in The Daily Beast, The Rich New Yorkers Schooling GOP Hopefuls in Reaganomics, Kudlow spills the beans: “All we want,” said Kudlow, “is for everybody to get richer.”

Nefarious? Pure Evil Genius.

If the GOP makes all the poor people rich the Democratic Party base implodes. (Mwahahaha!) Even Progressives, who style themselves as champions of the poor, will lose their purpose. They will be forced either to join ranks with the GOP’s supply-siders (where they would be made welcome)… or go off to make batique, open up kilns, massage salons, yoga studios, and medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley, Ann Arbor, Madison and Asheville. (Which they might just find very congenial.)

>snip<By revealing “All we want is for everybody to get richer” Kudlow also points to the Secret Democratic Agenda. All the Democrats want is for everybody to get poorer. And why shouldn’t they? More poor people equals more Democratic voters.

Yet, speaking as a voter… really?  As Bea Kaufman said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is better.” Or as Dorothy Parker said, “I don’t know much about being a millionaire, but I’ll bet I’d be darling at it.” These wise women’s words sound, to me, more like America speaking.

The “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” has shown itself marvelously proficient at creating poverty.  It is pushing policies that even the Soviet Union repudiated (before dissolving itself in disgust at state-controlled economic policy).


Thus the paradox. If you, as a voter (as opposed to a political partisan), are poor (and don’t like being poor) or are rich and secretly kind of like it (hello Hollywood!), or merely have a social conscience and truly love the poor you, post-Kudlow’s revelation, now have only one legitimate “public option.”


If you, as a voter, seriously love the poor and hate the rich and are desirous of more poor people, yes, throw in with the Democrats in their relentless efforts to manufacture vastly greater numbers of poor people (and, thus more, Democratic voters). Take that Vow of Poverty on behalf of the Church of State!


Republicans hate the poor. We, nefariously, are scheming to make the poor rich.



To read the full column, click here.

I’ll Tax Your Failures Too!‏


Dear Heart,

It warms the cockles of my heart to see how the city of Milwaukee goes the extra mile: Regulating and taxing going-out-of-business sales. According to the Wisconsin Law Journal:

“Milwaukee not only makes it difficult to go into business, it makes it difficult to go out of business. The city requires a costly and burdensome license to tell the public your business is closing. Milwaukee kicks businesses when they are down by requiring them to complete an avalanche of paperwork (certified by a CPA) about their inventory, and then pay a sliding scale fee based on the duration of the sale, plus $2 for every $1,000 worth of inventory they seek to sell. This “failure tax” serves no public good other than providing a revenue stream for the city.

“Many people today are complaining about out-of-control government regulation.”

Out-of-control? A vile canard! Too many people today are complaining about out-of-control government regulation. So let me be clear.

My regulating you is not “out” of control. Indeed, the opposite. My heartfelt yearning to control “every step you take, every move you make” is a matter of taking potentially out-of-control mere citizens, like you, and putting control over your life right where it belongs.

In My Benevolent Hands.

Where You will be Secure.

Feel better now? (You should!)

Auntie Sam

PS There are some, a few, who may not yet have heard of Me … and the Utter Security my growing regime offers.

Do them a big favor.Forward this and tell them they, like you, can get delivered, to their very own inbox, their very own Sam-o-Grams … just by clicking here.

Have we won the fight against the REAL ID Act‏



Have the American people defeated the REAL ID Act?

Tonight, Downsize DC President, Jim Babka, will appear in Orlando, Florida. Tomorrow, he moves to Fort Myers, and Thursday he’ll be in Tampa. His talk is titled, “How one voluntaryist can turn Florida into a libertarian place.” Specific times and places can be found on the Zero Aggression blog.

Downsize DC has been fighting the REAL ID Act since Congress passed it in 2005. REAL ID established standards for ID cards that all states were supposed to follow. Ten years later not a single state has fully complied with REAL ID.

That’s because the American people hate the idea of a national ID card. Plus, the cost to fully implement REAL ID is astronomical, so it would require tax increases. State-level politicians know their citizens will be furious if they comply with a national ID system. And so the states continue resisting. This demonstrates something we’ve long maintained…

You can control the politicians if you exert enough pressure.

But there are two problems that can only be fixed by actually repealing the REAL ID Act.

First, bureaucracies don’t always obey their bosses. Jim Harper of Cato Institute reports that some state DMVs have taken steps to comply with REAL ID, even when state policy is against it.

Second, the Feds continue to spend money on this nearly non-existent program. The cost had risen to a quarter of a billion dollars as of last year.

So let’s keep pushing. Tell Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act.

Sample letter…

Congress must bow to the will of the people. Americans don’t want a national ID system. State governments know this. That’s why NONE of them have fully complied with REAL ID. It’s been ten years. REAL ID is NEVER going to happen. But you keep spending money on it — $250 million to date. This is pure waste. Please show us you recognize and respect the will of the people. Show me you represent me. File legislation to repeal the REAL ID Act.

By the way — I know that the contractors who benefit from REAL ID spending will lobby you to preserve it. You should consider my wishes as more important than theirs.


Thank you,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-founders, Downsize DC


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More New Mental Levers – Statism and Statist Myths‏


An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation

When you share the libertarian message, you get questions — even objections. Here are more short answers. These Mental Levers help make your job easier. With them, you can quickly say just the right thing. We use these tools on social media, all the time.

And now, we have eleven more new mini-articles to share with you. To read any single one, click the link below. If you want to read them all, click the first link, and then use the Next Mental Lever button at the top of each article.

What do libertarians mean by the terms statist and statism?

Who are the left-statists and right statists?

Is The State the country?

Are society and community the same thing as The State?

Is The State a form of cooperation?

What do libertarians propose as the the alternative to state coercion?

Can The State counteract selfishness and greed?

Do free riders justify initiated force?

Can any particular good outcome justify The State?

How should The State be evaluated?

Can The State be controlled?

Take a look. These articles average only a couple hundred words each. You can go through all of them quite quickly.

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, the Zero Aggression Project


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NEW CAMPAIGN! Can politicians learn something from criminals?‏


What can criminals teach politicians about gun regulations? #gunrights Retweet

We’re launching a new campaign to repeal federal gun regulations. Why? Because…

The sample letter below contains info about a new study proving something 2nd Amendment advocates have long claimed…

Criminals don’t obey gun regulations!

The hardwired letter to Congress for this new campaign reads…

Repeal federal gun regulations.

You can send your own message about this issue by copying or editing the following sample letter to Congress…

Federal gun regulations are unconstitutional, immoral, and counterproductive (as shown by yet another study). The unconstitutional part is easy to prove…

First, the Supreme Court says the Second Amendment protects individual gun ownership (the Heller decision).

Second, the Tenth Amendment gives you no enumerated power to regulate gun ownership.

Third, the Ninth Amendment protects our right to make our own choices, provided we don’t aggress against others.

Which brings us to morality. It’s morally wrong to threaten innocent people. But that’s precisely what gun regulations do. They control INNOCENT people — people who have aggressed against no one.

Finally, gun regulations are counterproductive because they disarm innocent people while having little impact on criminals. This is common sense. But it’s been confirmed by the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab.

The Crime Lab did something obvious. They investigated where criminals get their guns. They found few examples of criminals obtaining guns through REGULATED means.

In other words, your gun regulations affect law abiding citizens, NOT criminals. The claimed justification for such regulations is thereby obliterated.

You can read about the Crime Lab study here:

I want to hear that you’ve introduced or co-sponsored legislation to repeal federal gun regulations.


You can send your message to Congress using Downsize DC’s Educate the Powerful System.

Please share this message with interested friends.

And if you value the Downsize DC service, please make a one-time contribution or monthly pledge right now.

Thank you.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-Founders, Downsize DC


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What do Hillary’s emails reveal about the creation of The Islamic State?‏



Earlier this year it was discovered that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have violated federal law when she used her personal email account to conduct government business as Secretary of State. She was then ordered to turn over nearly 55,000 pages of emails to the State Department. These emails have since been released in batches. Most of the emails however have not gained much, if any, attention from the media. That all changed with an email released in mid-October.

What has been called a “damning memo” from then-Secretary of State Colin Powell to George W. Bush from March 2002, was made public on October 17. The memo, from a full year before the start of the Iraq War, states, “Blair continues to stand by you… as we move forward on the war on terrorism and on Iraq. He will present to you the strategic, tactical and public affairs lines he believes will strengthen global support for our common cause.” Adding that “Blair may suggest ideas on how to… make a credible public case on current Iraqi threats to international peace”.

At the time of the meeting, mentioned in the memo, between Bush and Blair in Crawford, Blair said “We’re not proposing military action.” However the memo states, “The UK will follow our lead in the Middle East.” Based on this leaked memo, it seems apparent that Bush & Blair were actually planning military action, which makes the statement by Blair technically true, even though the evidence used to justify the military action has long been proven to be based on falsehoods.

Nearly a week after the memo was made public, the Telegraph reports Tony Blair, in sharp contrast to statements he made as recently as 2007, “apologized for some of the mistakes that were made during the Iraq War, and says he recognizes ‘elements of truth’ behind opinion that the invasion caused the rise of [The Islamic State].”

This statement by Blair seems to confirm what many who were opposed to military action in Iraq, including former Rep. Ron Paul, had warned, “Balance of power in this area of the world has always been delicate, and outside interference serves only to destabilize. There’s no evidence that our current efforts will lead to more stability.”

Indeed, the US actions in Iraq as part of the Global War on Terror did create the destabilizing conditions that led to the rise of The Islamic State. Now, President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and nearly every major party presidential hopeful are talking about ways to deal with The Islamic State. As can be seen with the recent refugee crisis, more military action will only cause more problems. Maybe it’s time the US military stayed out of a conflict, instead of inserting itself as World

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry

Darryl has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty. Darryl is an award winning author, publisher & radio/TV host. He is a regular contributor to several weekly and monthly newspapers. He hosts the daily newscast FPPRadioNews, , the podcast Peace, Love, Liberty Radio, the weekly news podcast FPP Freedom Minute, and is a regular co-host on Free Talk Live.
Darryl is a co-founder and co-chair of the NH Liberty Party.
Darryl is the Owner/Managing Editor of Free Press Publications.

To schedule an interview with Darryl please send an email to or call 202 709 4377

Does greed justify State power?‏


An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation

We hear this claim all the time – The State needs to control the free market because people are greedy. We have a new Mental Lever to answer this charge. Check it out below.

But first, tomorrow (Tuesday), Jim Babka will appear in Orlando, Florida. Wednesday, he’ll be in Fort Myers, and Thursday he speaks in Tampa. His talk is titled, How one voluntaryist can turn Florida into a libertarian place. Specific times and places can be found on the Zero Aggression blog.

Can The State cure selfishness and greed?

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Statists believe politicians can regulate selfishness and greed.  There are four reasons they cannot..



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Vote Libertarian on November 3, Jesse Ventura considers LP run, RIP Irwin Schiff, and more‏


News from the Libertarian Party:

Vote Libertarian on Tuesday, Nov. 3

The time is now: It’s an off-year election, but 102 Libertarian Party candidates are nonetheless campaigning for offices across the country in local and state races in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Colorado, and Washington state.

If you live in one of these states, please be sure to vote for your hard-working Libertarian candidates—and help them out at the polls if you can.

If you know people who live in these states and who might vote Libertarian, please urge them to do so.

No Libertarian on your ballot? Vote anyway—and write in yourself or another Libertarian in your district. This will say to politicians on the ballot, “I don’t approve of your Big Government votes.”

It also says,“I stand ready to vote, but not until there’s a small-government Libertarian on the ballot.”

See the full list of candidates here.

Jesse Ventura considering run for President on the Libertarian ticket

Jesse Ventura being interviewed on
CBS TV (Minnesota) on Oct. 15, 2015

Jesse Ventura on CBS TV in Minnesota (still from video)

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura declared last week that he is considering a run for U.S. President in 2016 on the Libertarian ticket.

In an interview with WCCO-TV, the Minneapolis CBS affiliate, Ventura said he is “seriously considering running for President,” and if he does, he “would seek the Libertarian nomination.”




Click here to watch the report.

Libertarian tax protester Irwin Schiff dies in prison

Irwin Schiff, former
Libertarian presidential candidate
Irwin Shiff (headshot)

Libertarian Irwin Schiff, 87, who sought the LP nomination for president in 1996, passed away on October 16 while serving time in federal prison for refusing to pay the income tax.“While many Libertarians differ with Irwin Schiff’s approach to fighting taxes, the treatment he received in court and in prison was appalling,” said LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark. “He was a kind, jovial man who believed deeply in a cause Libertarians embrace: The federal income tax must go, along with the high government spending that it funds.”

Read more here.

LP Political Director Howell featured on CCTV’s The Heat

Carla Howell on CCTV’s “The Heat”
on Oct. 13, 2015
Carla Howell responds on CCTV while fellow guest looks on (still from video)

Libertarian National Committee Political Director Carla Howell was interviewed last week on The Heat, hosted by Anand Naidoo on CCTV, a 24-hour English news channel, about non-establishment parties and the obstacles they face in running for office.



Click here to watch the interview.
(Scroll down past still image on top to third clip, below Jesse Ventura.)


"Libertarians Working for You" radio show promo picture with LP logo

Louisiana LP activist and Wisconsin LP candidate on Libertarians Working for You radio show

The October 28th episode of Libertarians Working For You, hosted by Arvin Vohra, is now available online, with guests Father Larry Beane of the Louisiana LP on helping the poor, and Andy Craig, 2016 LP of Wisconsin candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, fourth congressional district, on immigration.



Listen to the show here.

2016 national LP convention:
Pre-earlybird tickets on sale now


2016 Libertarian Party National Presidential Nominating Convention

Come to the 2016 Libertarian Party National Presidential Nominating Convention, May 27–30 in Orlando, Florida and help Legalize Freedom!

Register now and get a special pre-earlybird deal — only through December 31!

Read more here.

Paid for by the Libertarian National Committee
1444 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Content not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

LP: Stop Border Patrol drug-busting U.S. citizens‏



For immediate release
October 21, 2015

Libertarian Party: Stop Border Patrol drug-busting U.S. citizens

A CBP officer inspects vehicle (photo)

A CBP officer scans a car dashboard
with a density meter in Arizona.
Photo: Customs and Border Protection

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Agents of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) in the southwestern United States are unconstitutionally harassing and det aining American citizens, on a fishing expedition for drug busts, sometimes as far as 100 miles from the border.

According to a report by the Arizona ACLU, Border Patrol agents are routinely “stopping and searching motorists without justification; threatening residents with assault rifles, Tasers, and knives; destroying and confiscating personal property; interfering with efforts to video-record agents; and using dozens of false alerts by CBP dogs to search and detain innocent people.”

“Americans should not lose their constitutional rights just because they live within 100 miles of the border,” said Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. “Border Patrol should be ordered to stop busting Americans for drugs and to stick to the border.”

The ACLU reports that the CBP is “systematically disregarding the law with impunity,” and that Border Patrol checkpoints are more directed at drug busts than at immigration enforcement. Eighty percent of recorded Border Patrol drug arrests were of U.S. citizens.

“Not only is Border Patrol grossly overstepping its authority,” said Sarwark, “It is prosecuting the failed War on Drugs, a war that most Americans now realize has been a complete and utter failure.”

The Libertarian Party also calls for reducing restrictions on immigration.

“Old-party politicians need to stop blaming America’s problems on illegal immigrants, who are not the problem. Big Government is the problem,” Sarwark said. “Make government small. Scale back subsidies and government regulations; downsize the 60,000-strong CBP; and dramatically cut taxes. This will lead to the creation of millions of jobs for both American citizens and anyone willing to come here to work.”

“We must also end the racist country-of-origin immigration quotas that create illegal immigration,” he continued. “Last year, Mexican non-family entry visas were limited to 26,000, while the waiting list was almost 1.4 million people long.”



Visit to share this release


Paid for by the Libertarian National Committee
1444 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Content not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Does Obama deserve credit for the NDAA veto?‏



The media, doing their normal work as stenographers for the establishment, will tell you…

President Obama vetoed the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in order to meet budgetary limits. In other words, the media will try to convince you Obama is being frugal.

The Republicans, on the other hand, want you to believe Obama’s veto endangers our troops during a time of war.

These are both comic book depictions of the truth.

We must reveal what the media hides.

The Republicans are trying to use a special war account (called Overseas Contingency Operations) as their slush fund. Why?

  • OCO is not counted under the budget law.
  • Republicans want to use OCO to sneak-in $38 billion in additional spending.

Obama’s veto is an even more clever trick, because the President is willing to spend just as much money on defense as the Republicans desire. But he wants more domestic spending, and he has no similar “off-the-books” gimmick. So he’s proposing a “bi-partisan” bargain. And here comes the real bad part…

The President wants both parties to agree to scrap the budget caps!

Say what you will about Budget Control Act of 2011 (a.k.a., the sequester). But the caps imposed by that law have reduced the size of the deficit. Spending would’ve been much higher, every single year.

Here’s the President’s reasoning: If GOP will give Obama what he wants (scrapping the budget caps) then both political parties get what they want — more spending on their preferred programs.

And the deficit explodes to even higher levels.

Please be clear about this…

Obama isn’t vetoing the bill to save money. He’s doing it as a tactic to force the Republicans to spend MORE money. And until the President gets what he wants, he will use his veto to thwart the Republican’s and their “outside the budget caps” scheme.

So where does that leave you?

You have to be the adult, and tell the children in Washington how to behave.

Please use Downsize DC’s “Cut Spending” campaign to send your directions to Congress. You can copy or edit the following for your personal comments…

Please know that I understand what’s going on with the NDAA situation.

President Obama has vetoed it in order to persuade the Republicans to spend more on domestic issues. In other words, he’d prefer to break the budget caps, entirely, and approve the extra defense spending after he gets an agreement for more domestic spending.

I do not consent to any of this. I want less spending, period.

I will be watching what you do with this issue.


Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-founders, Downsize DC



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