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Stop the FDA from trampling individual conscience‏


First they came for homeopathy, but I didn’t use those remedies, so I was silent. So when the FDA banned my treatment, no one spoke for me!

Dear DC Downsizer,

Please be aware…

The FDA is threatening to crack down on homeopathy. An organization called GreenMedInfo ( came to us and asked for our help. Yesterday, they sent an action item to their subscribers, recruiting nearly 1,000 new DC Downsizers to send letters to Congress — and they join us for the first time today.

As libertarians, we consistently defend conscience and choice. Today, we’re going to ask you to join them in sending a letter to Congress.

  • Ask Congress to make the FDA advisory rather than mandatory
  • Use your personal comments to tell Congress to block the FDA from any action against homeopathy

You can copy or edit the following for this purpose…

I believe personal conscience should rule in all things. This includes minority health care choices such as homeopathy. Sadly, the FDA…

* Published a “safety alert” against homeopathy ( )
* Called for hearings on April 20th. (

I want all my Congressional representatives to write the FDA a letter telling them to withdraw the alert and cancel the hearings.

I also want you to sponsor legislation that will make the FDA advisory rather than mandatory. Toward this end, please inform yourself that a 2009 survey of adverse events showed…

* 41 major adverse events with only one death for the entire spectrum of supplements including botanicals, amino acids, and vitamins
* More than 7,000 major adverse events for FDA approved drugs, including 496 deaths

This makes it very clear — we do NOT need the FDA to protect us from things like supplements and homeopathy. What we really need is protection from the FDA and their Big Pharma cronies.

Please show that you represent me, and not the FDA-Big Pharma cartel.

* Send that letter I asked you for telling the FDA to back-off homeopathy
* Sponsor legislation making the FDA advisory rather than mandatory

I will be watching what you do.


You can copy and paste this letter, or write one of your own, using using Downsize DC’s Educate the Powerful System.

NOTE: We hope to present you with a direct action for the FDA, on this matter, soon. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, expand your power…

  1. Please forward this email to interested friends. Ask them to send a letter, like you did.
  2. Please BOTH “Like” this meme and then “Share” it on your Facebook page.


Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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How Snowden proved Congress needs to Read the Bills‏


Please tell Congress to introduce the Read the Bills Act through’s campaign.


You may borrow from or edit this letter…


Edward Snowden showed us how the Patriot Act was used in ways Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, its sponsor, never intended.


Its Section 215 puts virtually NO limits on the fed’s ability to collect information, including bulk collection of phone calls.


Perhaps that’s not what Sensenbrenner wanted, but…


It’s in the bill!


This WOULD have been revealed if Patriot Act was actually read and debated in 2001.


Instead, the Patriot Act was introduced, passed, and signed into law in just three days!


This means…


CONGRESS is to blame for the behavior of NSA spooks. It never read, and hardly debated, the Patriot Act with its broad, vague powers.


In contrast, the Read the Bills Act…


* Requires YOU to have read, or heard read, the bills you support

* Gives US at least seven days to read bills and raise objections before they come to a vote


We’d have…


* Clearer, better-written laws, meaning…

* Fewer “legal” justifications when Presidents abuse power


Stop the abuse!


Introduce Downsize DC’s Read the Bills Act!



Send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.


Then, share this entire Action Item with friends. Forward this email and ask them to do as you’ve done…

  • Send a letter to their “representatives” in Congress

  • Then forward this same email to others, asking them to do likewise


And if you value the work of, please make a contribution or monthly pledge, today.


Thank you for your participation and support,


James Wilson

Policy Research Director, Inc.


P.S. Snowden has long said he’d return to the U.S., if he can get a fair trial. We’ll have much to say about this. Stay tuned.

Copyright © 2015 Zero Aggression Project, All rights reserved.
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Zero Aggression Project

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Attend LPEX 2015, the Libertarian Political Expo‏


Excuse to Visit Vegas #4

I have to go to a political conference

Everyone needs an excuse to come to Vegas, so blame it on LPEX and the Libertarian Party!

The Libertarian Party is encouraging our members to attend LPEX 2015. LPEX, the Libertarian Political Expo, is a major non-partisan libertarian conference created to connect people, organizations, technology and ideas. LPEX provides vital leadership training in the form of workshops, panelists and speakers. LPEX takes place at the Tropicana Las Vegas May 28th – 31st in Las Vegas, NV. Currently there are more than 30 organizations and companies involved!

Please book your rooms now, our amazing discounted rates end soon. Visit: or the direct link:

The Libertarian Party has a special promo code for a 35% off discount. Please enter promo code lpnational when you register here.

Featured Speakers + Panelists

There are currently over 40 speakers, trainers and panelists with wide variety of backgrounds ranging from elected officials to national radio personalities to successful entrepreneurs. LPEX has the following elected officials from Nevada: 2 Congressmen, 3 State Senators, 9 members of the Assembly, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, Assistant Controller, and Las Vegas City Councilman.

Here are some featured speakers:


Visit for a full list.

Professional Training

LPEX has secured some of the top political trainers in the country to facilitate our training and workshops.


Please visit to view some of the workshops.

Featured Sponsors & Exhibitors


Please visit to visit our sponsors.

Register Now

Get trained to become an effective leader. Become educated, engaged, and empowered! Over 4 days you will gain more knowledge, make more connections, and take more actionable steps towards becoming an effective leader than ever before! Get the tools, resources, and strategic insight you need to achieve your biggest goals.

Receive a 35% off discount, enter promo code lpnational when you register here.


Libertarian National Committee
1444 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Content not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

invitation to attend LPEX in Las Vegas, May 28-31‏


On May 28-31, 2015, the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) will be among the sponsors of the first Libertarian Political Expo (LPEX) ( at the Tropicana Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mission of LPEX is to provide the practical education that can help turn liberty advocates into Libertarian activists. To that end, LPEX has partnered with the leading political trainers in the country to provide over 20 workshops on issues ranging from the nuts and bolts of IT to lobbying elected officials. LPEX will also feature more than a dozen elected officials including Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske along with nationally renowned speakers like Judge Jim Gray and Larry Elder.  In addition, the LSLA will be holding their 15th annual business meeting at the event, and the Libertarian Party of Nevada and the Libertarian Party of California will both be holding their 2015 conventions there as well.

Early bird registration with discount rates ends on May 24th, so don’t delay. Click here or visit and scroll down to see the extremely impressive line-up of speakers and events.

As part of the LSLA’s sponsorship of this event, each state affiliate is provided at least one free conference admission, so check with your state leaders to see if your state’s complimentary pass has been claimed.

Help the LSLA meet our fundraising goal of $20,000 to provide additional leadership training.

The LSLA is organized exclusively to coordinate activities and share knowledge among Libertarian Party State Chairs and Affiliate Parties. In addition to our plan of making LPEX an annual event, the current LSLA Executive Board is also assisting the LNC in their goal to have regional Libertarian training events. Planning conferences is expensive, however, so even if you are unable to attend LPEX, the LSLA needs your support. To donate with Paypal, please click here or visit

There are still a few vendor opportunities available for LPEX and the 2016 Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando. If you know of an organization that would like to exhibit at the 2016 LP National Convention, please have them contact me, the LSLA Chair, here (

In Liberty,

Leigh LaChine

Chair, Libertarian State Leadership Alliance


Southeast Libertarian mixer/supper club Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group

Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group
Thursday, May 7, 2015
7:30 PM
Denny’s Restaurant
8350 Firestone Blvd
Downey, CA 90241
We discuss current events and plans for the future and make new friends, in a convivial and welcoming setting.
Learn more

Rand Paul Emerges As The Successor To Daniel Patrick Moynihan

To read the full column, click here:

Ralph Benko

Politics 1/30/2015 @ 8:00AM

Rand Paul recently sat with me to share some of his views. The insights on his worldview left me persuaded that he deserves to be considered the most important public intellectual serving in the United States Senate. Time Magazine calls him “the most interesting man in American politics.”

The Senate’s public intellectual chair has been vacant since the departure of Daniel Patrick Moynihan. As an M.D. rather than a Ph.D. Paul is less academic than was Moynihan. Yet Paul demonstrates a comparable wit, keen intelligence, and coherent worldview.

Sen. Paul works from the premise that people are more competent at solving our own (and each other’s) problems than is the government. The (sometimes) well-intended denizens of the nation’s capital have only one tool: government. Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote in The Psychology of Science (1966) something that has been paraphrased into lore: “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Little wonder, then, that Americans are feeling rather hammered by the Governmentarians. Little wonder that Governmentarians find Rand Paul baffling.

Attention DC. Here is the secret decoder ring for Rand Paul. He has a deeply held view that people are the ultimate resource. Tellingly, Paul explicitly mentioned Dr. Julian Simon, who characterized people as The Ultimate Resource, the title of a book whose second edition is described at Amazon:

Arguing that the ultimate resource is the human imagination coupled to the human spirit, Julian Simon led a vigorous challenge to conventional beliefs….

The best shorthand for Paul’s worldview might be one coined by the late Nobel Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Gary Becker: “human capital.” Calling Rand Paul a “Human Capitalist” captures him better than does “conservative” or “libertarian.”

Paul also holds that the services provided by the government consistently are mediocre. Rand Paul in his own words:

The government can’t even do a good job of something as simple as running the Post Office. How can it be expected to do a good job with something really important like educating our children?

The realization is dawning that government doesn’t work. In Silicon Valley they already get this. And they are bright enough to be asking what we can do to solve problems.

The Department of Education can’t fix our mediocre education system. But we can. Technology is making it possible for students now to access virtuoso teachers, online, wherever they may be.

The ability of people to connect with each other now is unprecedented. There might be someone on a lost tribe somewhere on an island in the Pacific Ocean with a solution to one of our big problems. We never were able to access that person before. Now, thanks to human ingenuity, we can.

The defeat of Obamacare will come from the realization that the very idea of a government-administered health care system is absurd … and by people opting out of the system and developing workarounds. For instance, there’s a surgeon in Oklahoma City who won’t take insurance and who posts his prices.

That means the patient can shop around and by doing so the competition will bring prices down. Under Obamacare, it virtually is impossible to find out the price of anything. That’s not the way to make health care affordable.

People now are unleashing themselves to go around government. Capitalism works, as communism did not, because it unleashes human creativity and capability. I am committed to bringing down the obstacles that government puts up that impair people’s ability to solve their own problems.

Eric Holder did the right thing in pushing back on civil asset forfeiture, although more needs to be done. Civil forfeiture — confiscating grandma’s house because her grandchild was caught there with $40 worth of marijuana. That is just wrong.

Julian Simon was right. People are the ultimate resource.

Paul emphasizes unleashing people’s creativity. This is gives a more optimistic emphasis than the hostility to government that many consider the primary libertarian theme. Rand Paul is more righteously indignant about than hostile to big government.  This matters.

Paul’s consistent concern for the hardship the government inflicts on the marginalized is reminiscent of author Anatole France’s observation that “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” France, also, in The White Stone, anticipated Julian Simon and Gary Becker: “The great human asset is man himself.”


Meet Rand Paul: Human Capitalist.
To read the full column, click here:

Withur We By Matthew Alexander

Ever wonder what a Libertarian World would look like?

Ever wonder how to answer objections to creating a Libertarian World?

Ever wonder if a Libertarian World could truly exist?

Here’s the thing: creating a Libertarian World is hard.

It was a lot easier centuries ago. People used to think back then AND they acted on their thoughts. Now-a-days, that does not happen not so much. For lack of a better term, people are lazy.

I used to recommend that folks stand up to their government. However, most people now are under the impression you cannot fight city hall. So, a tyrannical government rises from being the servant to be being the master.

This, of course, is due to a lack of education on what government really needs to be if it exists. Government does NOT want its people educated enough to realize that the citizens are slaves. They want to hide the sheep by allowing them to think they are the wolf because so long as people live in ignorance, they are living in bliss and will not stop someone else from controlling their life.

As I now see it, the problem is that there are thousands, if not million, of people kowtow under peer pressure instead of thinking on their own.

And over the years, the constant lies and new laws forced upon us from via government and its propaganda makes it harder, and harder, and harder, to live as a free person.

The big boys of business and government collude to hide the Master/Slave relationships they’ve developed over years in our society. They hide it all under the guise of “helping” the people and “making a better society”. When, in fact, they are manipulating and controlling the citizenry through deceit.

Learning to recognize the truth on your own, through trial and error, takes LONG time to see and understand. Most books only give you theory. Most of that theory is twisted with arguments. Simple truths are turned on their head and no longer give you a clear image of right and wrong.

If you are just getting into libertarianism, you will want to learn what it is all about fast. You will not want to wait until you are at some meeting somewhere to begin learning and understanding. Clearly, googling things will not suffice because you don’t know what you are really looking for. You want to see practical application NOW in order to make sense of the arguments that will surely come your way.

If that’s the case, you are going to love this:

I have found ONE book, to date, that makes that happen fast for beginners.

It’s Withur We written by Matthew Alexander.

Withur We is written in a story format that walks through the steps of how to handle an overbearing government. Including all the trials and tribulations that occur as well as all the steps necessary to set up a Libertarian World, it answers all the naysayer’s questions.

Withur We is written so well that it makes it easy to understand Libertarianism and the problems presented in today’s society.

Matthew Alexander presents the world of Alistair Ashley 3nn in a fashion comparable to Ayn Rand’s John Galt. His work is destined to become a classic among freedom loving individuals like Atlas Shrugged did among business people.

See how Alistair’s world resembles our own. Learn what he does to solve the problems. Understand the frustrations and witness the resolve. Transform your life by living the same principles and stop living as a “slave”.

Withur We is a great Libertarian story that covers the facets of creating a Libertarian society. It is far greater than the single topic visions of authors like L Neil Smith. In the book Alexander’s prose is carefully constructed to lead the reader from one point to the next. Considering that he is a first time author I was amazed at the fluidity of the story and look forward to reading his next book.

Clearly, Alexander took the thinking man’s approach to his story. He starts with the introduction of a Libertarian (anarcho-capitalist) society with a Rothbardian flavor. The story surely is fairer in its presentation than the dialects of “one way only” Libertarian books that exist thus far. There is no utopian world, not everything works out as being perfect as some Libertarians like to present.

As a Libertarian myself, I might wish to see happier results with the situations presented. However, Alexander is showing a world of reality. Not everything is perfect in the world, not even our current societies. He uses those realities to present his theme of market driven economies along with the meaning and inner workings of the non-aggression principle.

I have been waiting a long time for someone to put together a book of this caliber. The wait is over. Now everyone can enjoy a good story that shows both the advantages of a Libertarian society as well as the problems surrounding us in order to create one. It is not a utopia where everyone sings kumbaya to each other. Here, the story revolves around how people interact with each other during times of peace and violence. The contrast between the two is illustrated perfectly with everyday situations that we can recognize in our own society. The conclusion that peace is the better is not shoved in your face by some zealot but is smoothly presented through what can be viewed as real life experiences.

Matthew Alexander did a masterful job of creating the world in terms that everyone can relate too. Now it is your turn to do your part and learn from his efforts. See how a single individual can make a difference. Witness how Libertarianism in action can bring about a whole new concept on life. Learn how to be free.

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is up for grabs!‏



You must find departing Attorney General Holder’s dialing back civil asset forfeiture as sad as I do.  Because, obviously, the Brezhnev Doctrine — “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is up for grabs!” — deserves to live on forever.

At least this shameful excuse for an Attorney General has resigned, likely in disgrace over this action.  Otherwise, I would be demanding his Impeachment for this!

The Washington Post alarmingly reports:

“”Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Friday barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without warrants or criminal charges.

Holder’s action represents the most sweeping check on police power to confiscate personal property since the seizures began three decades ago as part of the war on drugs.”"

How dare he erode my plenary power to take away everything you have, without so much as an indictment much less conviction!  The $2+Billion I picked up that way may seem like small change in an epoch of multi-hundred billion dollar deficits. Yet … in this era of deplorable resistance to raising taxes, that money came in handy!

Calling civil forfeiture “equitable sharing” really was a stroke of genius!  What could be more equitable than Auntie Sam taking back your property as rightfully mine? And sharing it generously with the local police as I am a generous Auntie … and, also, what a good incentive for them!

Let us hope that Mr. Holder’s replacement will restore to me the power to claim what is rightfully mine: all you own.  Overriding that silly, stupid really, provision of the Fifth Amendment “protecting” you from being deprived of property without due process of law was one of the great breakthroughs in the War on Drugs.  Bring back civil forfeiture!

Call your Senator and demand she grill Ms. Lynch as to her intentions in this crucial matter!

So Besotted by You,
Auntie Sam

PS  Now do your civic duty and forward this email to a friend, demanding that she — or he — subscribe (and submit) to my Missives by signing up here.

Man of Steele Indicted for foiling an armed robbery!‏


My Darling,

Bravo to the authorities of La Crosse, Wisconsin, for indicting a man for foiling an armed robbery!

According to WKBT:

A La Crosse man is being charged with a felony after he tried stopping an armed robbery at a local bar.

Early Monday morning, Jeff Steele was at King’s Korner, a bar on 8th Street South in La Crosse. It was just about closing time when a woman walked in, pointed a gun at the bartender and demanded all the money in the register.

…”I was in the cooler right over here and when I stood up she was standing in the middle of the bar with a small handgun pointed at me,” said Colleen Hogan, the bartender at King’s Korner the night of the armed robbery.

…[The alleged robber] ran from the bar and was arrested minutes later by La Crosse Police. But she isn’t the only one facing charges following the incident.

Steele is being charged with possession of an electronic weapon, which is a felony, because he doesn’t have a concealed carry permit for his Taser.

Imagine a world in which just anybody could use stun gun to protect themselves or a friend from an armed robber.  It would be … like … Texas. >Shudder!<

I hope that the local District Attorney will Do The Right Thing and prosecute this “Man of Steele” as a deterrent to others who might wish to act non-lethally in self-defense or defense of friends.

You hope so too!
Auntie Sam

P.S. Do forward this email to a friend and forcefully invite them to subscribe by signing up here.

Auntie Sam Wants You!

What if everyone knew about the Zero Aggression Principle?‏


A personal message from Jim Babka and Perry Willis, Co-Founders of Downsize DC and Co-Creators of the Zero Aggression Project

We’ve been telling you a story-in-reverse — starting at the end and moving back to the beginning. The purpose of this story is to introduce the Zero Aggression Project 3.0.

In previous episodes…


We explain what happened when the Zero Aggression Principle became seen and heard by everyone, everywhere, every day.

This episode begins…

You now exist in an entirely different intellectual environment from what you knew in 2015. You experience the change daily — the Zero Aggression Principle is now a factor in EVERY political debate. It’s in the air…

Don’t threaten or initiate force, or ask politicians to do it for you.

No one can assert a need for The State to initiate force against personal conscience without being challenged on a moral basis. What a thrill this is for you! The Zero Aggression idea is literally EVERYWHERE…

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Bumper stickers
  • T-shirts
  • The internet
  • Conversation

Being challenged on a moral basis put advocates of State coercion on the defensive. They constantly had to justify their desire to coerce peaceful people. Widespread changes in belief came from this intellectual combat. More and more people…

  • Rejected the idea that initiated force can be justified
  • Accepted the idea that government must only use force for defensive purposes, such as criminal due process

This change in opinion created…

  • The jurors who nullified laws that violate individual conscience (see message 3)
  • The voters that passed local initiatives creating consumer controlled police departments (see message 2)
  • The voters that passed local initiatives prohibiting the police from enforcing any state or federal law that initiates force (see message 2)
  • The libertarian candidates who ran for office and won, as members of ALL parties (see message 2)
  • The overwhelming public pressure that forced Congress to pass bills that allow people to opt-out of State programs (see message 3)
  • The new social consensus that made possible the Zero Aggression and Voluntary Funding Amendments. (see message 3)

And you can still see this process at work all around you. Universal visibility for the Zero Aggression Principle means that people…

  • Memorize the idea and its consequences, through repetition, the same way they memorized their multiplication tables
  • Feel more comfortable with the idea the more they hear it

But even more important is the social confirmation that universal visibility brings. Social confirmation means that…

People considering a conversion to Zero Aggression no longer need fear that they will be ALL ALONE. Instead, they know they’ll be joining a rising tide.

You remember how it used to be…

You occasionally made progress with someone during a conversation. But the moment that person left your presence, they returned to a world filled with statist propaganda. And the next time you saw them all that progress vanished.

This “rubber-band effect” happened because statist ideas had universal visibility, while libertarian ideas did not. When that changed minds changed, and stayed changed.

But that universal visibility was expensive. From where did the money come? It’s obvious to you now how this came about. The money was there all along. It just took one simple insight to tap the source.

What was that insight?

We’ll answer that question in the next installment of our story-in-reverse. In the meantime…

If you’re not already a member of the ZAP Founders Committee please consider joining before it closes on April 30th.

Founders will be listed on the ZAP website continuously.

  • Become a Founder by donating here. Or…
  • If you’re already a member, raise your current listing on the roster by donating more (the names are ranked by size, cumulative)

You can take a quick tour of the new ZAP site when you visit the contribution form. Some sections are already open, and some are behind a curtain, to be unveiled after we finish our “story-in-reverse.”

Please stay tuned for the next installment of that story. And…

If you have libertarian friends who might be interested in ZAP, please forward this to them.

With high hopes for the future,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Co-creators, the Zero Aggression Project

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Zero Aggression Project

872 Mark Drive

Akron, OH 44313

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Stop the Wild West cyber-surveillance bill‏


We will always have the cyber criminal amongst us; but until now, we didn’t have state-encouraged cyber vigilantes.  

Congress will soon vote on “cybersecurity” bills that threaten your privacy. We’ve defeated these kinds of bills before. Let’s do it again…

Tell Congress to oppose these bills through’s Hands Off the Internet campaign.

The hardwired letter there begins…

Oppose all attempts to expand government involvement in the Internet.

Please add personal comments of your own, or copy and paste the sample letter below…

I STRONGLY oppose the Senate’s Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA) and similar House bills.


* Allows private companies to ignore federal privacy laws
* Authorizes them to share my information with the NSA based on vague suspicions of a cyber “threat”

And, CISA empowers companies to retaliate against merely SUSPECTED cyber threats, putting innocent third parties at risk.

Does Congress REALLY think a cyber world of Wild West VIGILANTES will enhance Internet security?

But that’s not all…

Personal information swept up in the reporting of cyber “threats” to the feds can be used to investigate crimes UNRELATED to cybersecurity. Such crimes are serious, but citizens deserve Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections such as search warrants and due process.
I must conclude that…

CISA is NOT about cybersecurity at all. Its REAL purpose is to strengthen the Surveillance State.


Remember, you work for me. And I’m telling you…



Send your letter through’s Educate the Powerful System.

But please don’t stop there. Spread the word on social media, such as Facebook.

Are you seeing our Facebook posts in your Timeline? Chances are, you’re not, thanks to changes made by the social media giant. But the fix for that is simple…

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Like (Liked) button, in the top of the page banner
  3. A drop-down menu displays, and in it, click Get Notifications

It’s that easy.

Whether we like it or not, Facebook is a necessary part of Internet outreach these days. If you’re on Facebook, you can grow the Downsize DC Army by promoting these Action Items there.

Thanks for helping to expand the volume and reach of Downsize DC.

And thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.


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1931 15th St.

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California woman fighting traffic code

Picture copied from Google Images - Michael Badnarik

Picture copied from Google Images – Michael Badnarik

This article originally was written by Mike Badnarik and can be viewed here:

Many of you probably know that I “don’t enjoy the luxury of a drivers license”. What you may not realize is that I am merely one of thousands of people who refuse to ask for permission to exercise our right to travel. I recently spoke to a woman from San Luis Obispo (where I used to live) who has continued to fight this issue in the California courts. The state confiscated her car for over a year, and then offered to return her property is she would sign away her right to sue the state. Instead, she has found an attorney from Colorado who is willing to handle her case pro-bono if she can find a California attorney willing to “sponsor” the guy from Colorado. I don’t understand all those details, but here is the letter I invited her to write about her situation.


Thank you very much for being supportive of my case. As you’ve said we all have to draw our line in the sand sometime.

On January 6, 2009 I was traveling through San Luis Obispo in my private automobile which did not have the fees for my state protection service paid on it. Apparently and unknown to me, in California if you do not pay your registration for an excess of six months they can tow your automobile according to their statutes. In my glove compartment I carry a document known as “Warning Actual Notice” which clearly outlines the Supreme Court decisions I rely on protecting me against such government intrusion upon my freedom. I gave this document along with a copy of the Constitution that is printed by the Fully Informed Jury Association to the police officer who stopped me. He called a supervisor and they decided to tow my automobile. I actually read them the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution right out the window of my car and demanded a jury trial before they took my property. They just ignored them.

Immediately upon arriving home I wrote a letter to the City Attorney and explained in detail what took place and demanded my property returned to me or I might bring suit against the City. The City Attorney invited me to sue them. I wrote a letter addressed to every person who had the authority to return my automobile to me, and they all were ignored. So I filed a lawsuit against the City, the Supervising Officer, the Tow Company, and the owner of the Tow Company.

It has been an ugly war that has raged on now for over 15 months and I have done a decent job of defending myself. They really have tried to paperwork me to death and it has been hard to keep up with. Demurrers were heard in December and the City’s demurrer was denied. The Tow Company was released, and I have filed an appeal of that decision. During the case we have come to find out that the statute they tow your automobile under has no judicial oversight whatsoever. You are not cited for the offense and you never have the opportunity to have the tow reviewed by a judge. That is an unconstitutional “Bill of Attainder”. Thousand of people lose their cars every year because of this statute. We need to get it overturned.

Luckily for me I was able to find an attorney who is a Patriot and when he heard about my case he immediately wanted to help. Gary Fielder, from Denver, Colorado, is the attorney who refused to go through the body scanner at the Courthouse in Denver and they got it all on video. At this point we need another attorney who is registered with the California Bar Association to sponsor him into the state so he can represent me at the trial. If any of your readers can help us, or know of anyone who would, I would be very grateful for the help. Finding an attorney to help is turning out to be quite a challenge.

Well, Michael, thank you again for your encouragement. Please take care of yourself and if you ever doubt that you are making a difference, don’t. I am proof positive that you are changing people’s hearts!


This article originally was written by Mike Badnarik and can be viewed here:

Texas Republican attacks Libertarian voting rights‏


For immediate release
April 13, 2015

Texas Republican attacks Libertarian voting rights

Republican state representative Drew Springer of Muenster, Texas has filed HB 464, a bill to require minor party nominees to pay filing fees.

Libertarian National Committee executive director Wes Benedict commented, “Republican Drew Springer’s bill is a poll tax on minor parties, including the Libertarian Party. It’s an injustice, and it’s unconstitutional.”

The bill would require all minor party nominees to pay fees to be allowed to appear on the November election ballot. The fees range as high as $5,000, depending on the office.

Kurt Hildebrand, chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas, said, “This law would effectively shut down third parties in Texas, and I believe that is the intent behind it.”

According to ballot access expert Richard Winger, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled twice that this sort of filing fee is unconstitutional.

On April 6, the Texas House Elections Committee voted 5-1 in favor of the bill. (Five Republicans voted yes, one Democrat voted no.)

Similar bills have been filed by Texas Republicans in past legislative sessions.

Benedict explained, “Republicans have claimed in the past that their bills make things ‘fair’ because Republicans and Democrats have to pay filing fees for their primaries. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Republicans and Democrats have to pay primary fees because their primary elections are financed by taxpayers. Political parties are private organizations, even though they are regulated by the state. Nevertheless, taxpayers are forced to hand over a lot of money to help the Republicans and Democrats pick their nominees. The filing fees pay for a tiny fraction of these costs.

“Libertarians and Greens, on the other hand, don’t use primaries. We don’t force the taxpayers to pay for our nomination process. So there’s no reason our candidates should be forced to pay any fees.

“If Republicans and Democrats are upset about their primary filing fees, they should just get rid of them. They control 100% of the seats in the legislature, so it should be pretty easy for them.

“The purpose of Drew Springer’s bill is simple: it has nothing to do with fairness, it’s just an attempt to shut all minor parties out of the election process. If this bill gets passed, there will be many more unopposed Republicans and unopposed Democrats in the 2016 elections.

“Representative Drew Springer has also filed a bill to prohibit school districts from offering same-sex couples the same benefits as opposite-sex couples. That gives us an idea of what ‘fair’ means to him.

“I urge legislators who support democracy to oppose this poll tax, which is designed to silence minority opinions.

“This is America. The people should decide who gets to run for office, not the incumbents. Libertarians stand for freedom on every issue, and we oppose bullies who would try to stop us from participating in the election process.”

Benedict added, “Texas isn’t the only place that Republicans are trying to step on voting rights. In New Hampshire, the Republican National Committee is trying to get involved in a lawsuit over the state’s petitioning law. The law was changed in 2013 to make it harder for small parties to get petition signatures to appear on the ballot. The Libertarian Party filed a lawsuit against the change, but the Republican National Committee is trying to intervene in support of the change.”

Wes Benedict is the executive director of the Libertarian National Committee, and he served as executive director of the Libertarian Party of Texas from 2004 to 2008.


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There is no shortage of VERY strange things occurring… not just overseas but right here at home. I’m talking about JADE HELM 15.

If you are like me then you probably heard about this and didn’t know where to look for answers. Well look no further… the homework has been done for you in this special investigation linked below.

What is it? What are the details? Should I be concerned? What are the symbols? Who are the actors? Learn the secrets and get the answers in this special report: JADE HELM: DECODED.

Were asking everyone who sees this report to participate in the “Crowdsourced Reporting” of this event by sharing your own observations in the comment section at this video:

We need to bypass the media and we can only do it when  you act with us by sharing this email with your loved ones.

Forever Vigilant – Forever Free,

Gary Franchi

PS. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

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JADE HELM: The NAZI Armband:
Militia Moves to Prevent Another Waco:
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SELECTION 2016: Revealing the NWO Candidate:
12 Best Hillary Reactions:
FEMA Camp Drills caught on tape:

A Congressional Gold Medal Proposed For Charlie Wilson And Company

Ralph Benko

What possibly could bring together Rep. Gene Green (D-Tx), Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Tx), Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tx), Rep. Kay Granger (R-Tx), Rep. Rosa DeLaura (D-Ct), Rep. John K. Delaney (D-Md), Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hi), the Honorable Annise Parker and Houston’s First Lady Kathy Hubbard, a representative of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and the interest of Rep. Ted Poe (R-Tx)?

What indeed?  They came to honor three American heroes, one Republican, one Democrat, and one independent, for their vital role in winning the Cold War: Joanne King Herring, and, posthumously, CIA operative Gustav Avrakatos and Rep. Charlie Wilson.


The Cold War was an era of even greater terror than now. I still recall “duck and cover drills” in grade school. Grammar school children were put through a ritual of crouching under our desks, then being led into the hallways for a pretense of protection from the  blast of a potentially apocalyptic Soviet nuclear strike. Air raid sirens sounded throughout the sleepy state capital in which I grew up, Albany, New York, as they did in drills across America.

Now that’s Terror: the real, hair-trigger, possibility of an all-out nuclear war. And then….

Three people stepped forward to end that reign of terror called the Cold War. And did.

Crile meticulously investigated how the Cold War was won. He reported that main credit for American victory belongs to Joanne King Herring, Gustav Avrakatos and Charlie Wilson. In his book Crile reports a conversation with Avrakatos:

Years later, as he tried to explain how it all happened, how the CIA ended up with a billion dollars a year to kill Russian soldiers in Afghanistan, Avrakatos would offer a curious explanation. “It began with a Texas woman, one of Wilson’s contributors. She’s the one who got him interested.”

Joanne Herring was a glamorous and exotic figure out of the oil-rich world of Texas in the 1970s and ‘80s. At the time nobody imagined that in addition to her role as a social lioness and host to the powerful, she was simultaneously responsible for setting in motion a process that would profoundly impact the outcome of the Afghan war.  When almost everyone had written off the Afghans as a lost cause, she saw potential for greatness in the most unlikely characters.


As King Herring, precipitated the winning of the Cold War (with critical assists from such other unsung heroic figures as Robin King, who risked his life to film inside Afghanistan footage instrumental in persuading Charlie Wilson, CIA Director William Casey and others to back the Afghan Soviet resistance forces) she also carries on to win the peace.

As King Herring said to Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter Warren Rojos:

(The) U.S. government can defeat its modern opponents by returning to the bottom-up approach she and Wilson championed. “If we strengthen the villagers, they’ll get rid of the Taliban,” she counseled.

“You saw what happened [in the Afghan theater] during the Cold War: Not a single American died,” Herring said, adding, “We gave them [the Afghan mujahedeen] everything — except our sons.”

Any thanks, she stressed, deserves to be spread amongst everyone who participated in the bipartisan scheme — she took credit for bringing Republicans and Saudi businessmen to the table, and tipped her hat to Wilson for rounding up Democrats and the Israelis — to undermine Russian forces.

“It really was a joint effort. And that’s what I want to see again,” she said.

An imaginary ring, a terroristic threat, a suspension!‏

AuntieSamDear Hearts,

Can one even imagine the cheek of a 9 year old boy in claiming to have a magic ring, comparable to the sort found in The Hobbit, that could make one of his classmates disappear?

Brava to the wonderful school principal in suspending that little hooligan.  As reported in the Odessa American:

“”A Kermit parent said his fourth-grade student was suspended Friday for allegedly making a terroristic threat.

Steward said the principal said threats to another child’s safety would not be tolerated – whether magical or not.

His father, Jason Steward, said the family had been to see “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” last weekend. His son brought a ring to his class at Kermit Elementary School and told another boy his magic ring could make the boy disappear.””

Yet suspension is clearly much too lenient.  Expulsion would be more appropriate.

And while we are at it … the Congress of the United States is delinquent in its duties by not inserting a specific provision into the Patriot Act to make the threat of using magic to make people disappear a felony.

And while at it let’s have some laws forbidding taking children to fantastical movies.  Tsk.

Thank the Powers That Be that “freedom” of speech no longer is being blithely tolerated in our Middle Schools.  It sets such a bad precedent!

Do write your Congressman about stiffening the Patriot Act!

Yes we can!

Auntie Sam

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Downsize DC Foundation Annual Report‏


We have been way TOO busy at the Downsize DC Foundation. So we’re VERY late getting you this 2014 annual report.

Last year, our wonderful supporters funded the following…

  • 2.0 and 3.0 of our Zero Aggression Project (ZAP) website (launching soon!)
  • Amicus briefs in six court cases (listed below) that produced three victories!

As you may recall, the Zero Aggression Project intends to…

  •  Find and recruit new libertarians.
  • Move others in a libertarian direction.

Most libertarian educational efforts…

  • Focus on practical questions of public policy.
  • Provide valuable education, but do NOT aim to recruit and activate new supporters.

The Zero Aggression Project is different…

  •  We place moral arguments first, and practical arguments second.
  • We DO aim to recruit and activate new supporters — mere education is not enough.

We produced Version 1 of the ZAP site in 2013. That taught us a lot. We tested, with some of you, Version 2.0 last year. That taught us more.

We spent the last seven months on a complete redo — Version 3.0. This involved writing vast amounts of new content, software tweaks, and fresh design features. We’re now internally testing.

We hope to beta-test in the next couple of weeks and launch the site for public use in the next few weeks. You will be pleased with the result.

Last year, we also filed six amicus briefs…

1. Hedges vs. Obama (filed January 23, 2014) Can you be sent to military detention without charges? The unconstitutional 2012 NDAA allows it! We asked the Court to hear the case and strike it down. After an initial victory in district court, in April, a higher court declined to hear the case.

2. Susan B. Anthony List vs. Driehaus (filed March 3, 2014) The Ohio Election Commission censored a billboard by the Susan B. Anthony List. We fought for the First Amendment on their behalf and WON UNANIMOUSLY in June!

3. U.S. vs. Wurie (filed April 9 2014) If you’re arrested, can the police search your phone without a search warrant? We said no, and argued that the Fourth Amendment protects your PROPERTY rights. We received a unanimous VICTORY, but the ruling did not rely on our property argument.

4. Heien vs. North Carolina (filed June 16, 2014) Is a search of your car valid if the police pull you over by mistake? We argued that your Fourth Amendment PROPERTY rights should protect you from police error. Our side lost 8-1. But experience has taught us that the Court often needs to hear a unique argument many times before getting it.

5. Heller vs. DC (a.k.a, Heller III) (filed September 9, 2014) Do you surrender your right to self-defense just because you live in a big city? We argued that the Second Amendment applies EVERYWHERE, and that cumbersome firearms regulations are unconstitutional. Decision pending.

6. Luis vs United States (filed November 26, 2014) Federal courts claim the government can confiscate property of the accused — even if it was unrelated to the alleged crime! This robs the accused of resources to mount a defense. We asked the court to end this injustice. Decision pending.

We also won a Supreme Court victory on a brief filed in 2013…

McCutcheon vs. FEC — On April 2, 2014 the Supreme Court ruled there are NO LIMITS on the number of candidates you may support.

We’re grateful for the support we received last year. And we’re proud of our accomplishments. But the best is yet to come!

To those who gave, thank you. We hope you continue to support us 2015.

For those who haven’t yet given, you can help us accomplish even more.

Please make a generous, tax-deductible contribution using our secure web-form, for the new Zero Aggression Project.

Thank you,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation (coming soon, the Zero Aggression Project)

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How did we create a Zero Aggression society?‏


A personal message from Jim Babka and Perry Willis, Co-Founders of Downsize DC and Co-Creators of the Zero Aggression Project

In the previous installment of our story-in-reverse we gave you a tour of a Zero Aggression society. Today…

You’ll move backward in time to see how you ended up in that world.  

The change came in three phases…

  • You saw the final steps happen in Congress
  • You experienced the intermediate steps in your local community
  • The first steps began with your own actions

Beginning at the end…

You knew the revolution to create a Zero Aggression society was fully victorious on the day two Constitutional amendments were ratified…

  • The Zero Aggression Amendment: No institution of government may initiate force against anyone for any purpose.
  • The Voluntary Funding Amendment: All institutions of government must be funded by voluntary donations or payments. Taxation is prohibited.

The passage of these amendments was not a surprise to you. You had seen it coming for a long time. Congress had been passing bills pointing in that direction for several years. Some of those bills repealed things like…

  • Victimless crime laws
  • Immigration laws (while retaining naturalization requirements)
  • The legal tender law (thereby ending the Federal Reserve monopoly in favor of competing currencies)

You also watched with excitement as Congress passed numerous opt-out bills. These bills allowed you, and everyone else, to opt-out of things like…

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • The FDA

You were especially thrilled on the day Congress passed a law allowing you to deny funding for any government program! This was the legislative prelude to the Voluntary Funding Amendment. As a result…

  • Monopoly government was gone
  • Consumer controlled governance now reigned (this concept was described more fully in our previous message).

But how did all this come about? What made Congress do it?

You think back to the two trends that preceded these legislative changes…

  • More and more libertarians were elected to Congress, from ALL parties
  • Once elected those candidates faced overwhelming pressure from constituents to reform government in the direction of the Zero Aggression Principle

But you know that those changes had been foreshadowed by changes at a lower level. You remember when citizens in towns across the country passed initiatives that…

  • Prohibited local police from enforcing any state and federal laws that initiated force against individual conscience
  • Removed tax funding from the police, forcing them to fund their work through voluntary subscriptions (as described in our previous message)

You know that those changes were the real beginnings of consumer controlled governance. Even before that…

Jury nullification took hold!

Juries stopped convicting based on any statute that initiated force!

This made it obvious to politicians everywhere that it was now pointless to pass any bill that attempted to control peaceful behavior.

But what made juries and local voters take those actions? Here was the key turning point…

Universal Visibility

The day arrived when Zero Aggression ideas were seen and heard by everyone, everywhere, every day. Arguments in favor of Zero Aggression saturated…

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Bumper stickers
  • T-shirts
  • The Internet
  • Conversation

This universal visibility was what sparked…

  • The revolt by juries
  • The changes in local governance
  • The increased votes for libertarian candidates
  • The intense pressure that forced Congress to pass Zero Aggression bills and amendments

But how was this universal visibility achieved, and why was it so important?

It had a lot to do with small actions taken by YOU on a regular basis. This will be the subject of the next installment of our story in reverse. In the meantime…

If you’re not already a member of the ZAP Founders Committee please consider joining before it closes on April 30th.

Founders will be listed on the ZAP website forever.

  • Become a Founder by donating here. Or…
  • If you’re already a member, raise your current listing on the roster by donating more (the names are ranked by size, cumulative)

You can take a quick tour of the new ZAP site when you visit the contribution form. Some sections are already open, and some are behind a curtain, to be unveiled after we finish our story-in-reverse.

Please stay tuned for the next installment of that story. And…

If you have libertarian friends who might be interested in ZAP, please forward this to them.

With high hopes for the future,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, the Zero Aggression Project


Our Copyright Policy

Our mailing address is:
Zero Aggression Project

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Southern Poverty Law Center “Hit List”

Picture copied from Google Images - Michael Badnarik

Picture copied from Google Images – Michael Badnarik

This article was originally published by Mike Badnarik and can be viewed here:


In February of 2009, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) added my name to their growing list of “radical, racist, anti-government extremists”. I was thrilled because many of my personal friends were also named, specifically Joe Banister, Tommy Cryer, Pat Shannan, Dave Von Kleist, and Jack McLamb. In April 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has released a “patriot hit list” of “extremists” who pose a serious threat to the existing government. I don’t know what to think. Once again, many of my personal friends are listed… but apparently I haven’t been working hard enough to make the cut. (I’m sure it was just an oversight.) My sincere congratulations to the men and women who are patriotic enough to make this list. Naturally, I’ll keep trying.


By Chuck Baldwin
April 21, 2010

In a report on its web site dated April 2010, entitled “Meet The Patriots,” the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) profiled “36 individuals at the heart of the resurgent [patriot] movement.” (In reading the list, I counted only 35 “patriots” and 5 “enablers” for a total of 40. I’m not really sure how the SPLC came up with “36.” Perhaps their ability to count is commensurate with their ability to appreciate patriotism and liberty.)

The SPLC (founded by Morris Dees) sees itself as America ‘s guardian against “right wing militias” and loves to label conservatives and libertarians that it doesn’t like as “extremists.” The SPLC is one of the most ultra-liberal organizations in the country and should be dismissed as a group of paranoid leftists, not worthy of thought or mention.

The sad truth is, however, our federal government has chosen to exalt the SPLC to the position of being its “go to” source for information regarding “potential domestic terrorists” and similar characterizations. As a result, the information and reports disseminated by SPLC wind up in police reports and bulletins all over the United States . As an example, the SPLC had its fingerprints all over the infamous MIAC report. One could even question whether the SPLC is merely a front organization for Big Brother.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the report negatively profiling 40 American patriots will find its way into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fusion centers and be distributed to police agencies all across the country. So, should the 40 people who find themselves targeted by SPLC expect some kind of government/police attention? Are we really that close to Nazi-style persecution in America ? If the SPLC has its way, the answer seems to be a definite yes.

I remind readers that in the book, Nazi Justiz: Law of the Holocaust (page 3), there were five steps to Hitler’s plans for the destruction of European Jews. Step 1: Identification/registration of the targeted group as a public menace. Step 2: Ostracism of the targeted persons. Step 3: property confiscation. Step 4: Concentration of members into geographical locations. Step 5: Annihilation. In this latest report, SPLC seems quite willing to accomplish steps 1 and 2.

Here are the 40 names that are targeted in the SPLC report (and guess who is listed at the very top? Yours truly):

[Badnarik notes: people I've met are in RED and people I know are in BLUE]

1. Chuck Baldwin, Pastor, Radio Broadcaster, Syndicated Columnist, 2008 Constitution Party Presidential nominee.
2. Joe Banister, former IRS special agent, tax protester.
3. Martin “Red” Beckman, tax protester
4. Catherine Bleish, head of the Liberty Restoration Project.
5. Chris Broughton, Second Amendment advocate, member of “We The People” group.
6. Bob Campbell, head of American Grand Jury.
7. Robert Crooks, Army veteran, retired commercial fisherman, anti-illegal immigration proponent.
8. Joseph Farah, CEO of World Net Daily
9. Gary Franchi, producer of ” Camp FEMA : American Lockdown,” national director of
10. Al Garza, head of the Patriot’s Coalition, an anti-illegal immigration group.
11. Ted Gunderson, retired FBI agent.
12. John Hassey, “The public face of Alabama ‘s militia movement in the late 1990s,” says SPLC.
13. Alex Jones, Radio Talk Show host.
14. Devvy Kidd, “prolific columnist, blogger, and public speaker.”
15. Larry Kilgore, telecommunications consultant, former US Senate candidate from Texas, pro-secession advocate.
16. Cliff Kincaid, syndicated columnist and author, editor of AIM Report (Accuracy in Media’s publication), founder and president of America’s Survival, Inc., a UN watchdog group.
17. Mark Koernke, associated with the now-defunct Michigan Militia.
18. Richard Mack, former Graham County, Arizona, Sheriff, author, and public speaker.
19. Jack McLamb, former Phoenix, Arizona, police officer, author, and public speaker.
20. John McManus, former member of the US Marine Corps, president of the John Birch Society.
21. Daniel New, father of Michael New (the Army medic who refused to wear a UN uniform), author, public speaker.
22. Norm Olson, founder of the now-defunct Michigan Militia.
23. Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America .
24. Stewart Rhodes, Army veteran and Yale Law School graduate, founder of Oath Keepers.
25. Jon Roland, computer specialist, founder of the Constitution Society.
26. Luke Rudkowski, founder We Are Change.
27. Robert “Bob” Schultz, founder of We The People.
28. Joel Skousen, editor, World Affairs Brief.
29. Jim Stachowiak, Radio Talk Show host, “Longtime militia organizer,” claims SPLC.
30. John Stadtmiller, founder, Republic Broadcasting Network.
31. Orly Taitz, California attorney, a leader in the push to make President Obama disclose his US birth certificate.
32. Amanda Teegarden, executive director of Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise.
33. Mike Vanderboegh, anti-Obama health care activist.
34. Paul Venable, former candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives.
35. Edwin Vieira, Jr., attorney, author, proponent of constitutional State militias, lecturer.
36. Michele Bachmann , US Representative from Minnesota .
37. Glenn Beck, Fox News Channel TV host.
38. Paul Broun, medical doctor, US Representative from Georgia .
39. Andrew Napolitano, attorney, former State judge in New Jersey, Fox News Channel legal analyist, lecturer.
40. Ron Paul, former member of the US Air Force, medical doctor, US Representative from Texas, 2008 Republican candidate for President.

See the SPLC report here.

The SPLC, no doubt, sees each person on the above list as being a leader of the “radical right,” a “conspiracist,” and “antigovernment.” But understand, the SPLC makes its living off of big-government, leftist ideology. To say it is a shill for Big Government Liberalism is an understatement. The SPLC is so radical it makes the ACLU look conservative!

Again, this SPLC report would not even merit a mention (much less an entire column) except for the fact that the SPLC has become a source of information fuelling anti-freedom hysteria for countless bureaucrats at the DHS. Add this to the previously exposed MIAC and DHS reports, and the Army major’s report blaming “millennialist” Christians for much of the ills of the world, and a disturbing trend is quickly developing: so-called right-wing ANYTHING is being targeted and demonized as a “public menace.”

But the lists that you and I are not seeing are even more disturbing.

Joel Skousen quotes (Radar Magazine’s) Christopher Ketcham’s The Last Roundup as asking if the federal government is “compiling a secret enemies list of citizens who could face detention?” He goes on to say, “A number of former government employees and intelligence sources with independent knowledge of domestic surveillance operations claim the program that caused the flap between [former assistant attorney general under John Ashcroft, James] Comey and the White House was related to a database of Americans who might be considered potential threats in the event of a national emergency. Sources familiar with the program say that the government’s data gathering has been overzealous and probably conducted in violation of federal law and the protection from unreasonable search and seizure guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.

“A veteran CIA intelligence analyst who maintains active high-level clearances and serves as an advisor to the Department of Defense in the field of emerging technology tells Radar that during the 2004 hospital room drama [between former Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Attorney General Ashcroft, in an attempt by Card to coerce a very ill Ashcroft to authorize President Bush's secretive domestic spying programs as his assistant--and acting--attorney general had refused to do so], James Comey expressed concern over how this secret database was being used ‘to accumulate otherwise private data on non-targeted U.S. citizens for use at a future time.’”

The report further states, “According to a senior government official who served with high-level security clearances in five administrations, ‘There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived “enemies of the state” almost instantaneously.’” At this point, Skousen noted, “And that is precisely why the census bureau took a GPS coordinate on every front door in America , secretly linking this to dissidents and their known addresses.”

This database of Americans who are perceived to be potential “enemies of the state” goes by the code name “Main Core.” And according to the report, “One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect. In the event of a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.

“Officials at the Department of Homeland Security begin actively scrutinizing people who–for a tremendously broad set of reasons–have been flagged in Main Core as potential domestic threats [sound familiar?]. Some of these individuals might receive a letter or a phone call, others a request to register with local authorities. Still others might hear a knock on the door and find police or armed soldiers outside. In some instances, the authorities might just ask a few questions. Other suspects might be arrested and escorted to federal holding facilities, where they could be detained without counsel until the state of emergency is no longer in effect.”

The report also noted that former Assistant Attorney General James Comey “had concluded that the use of that ‘Main Core’ database compromised the legality of the overall NSA domestic surveillance project. ‘If Main Core does exist,’ says Philip Giraldi, a former CIA counterterrorism officer and an outspoken critic of the agency, ‘the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is its likely home. If a master list is being compiled, it would have to be in a place where there are no legal issues–the CIA and FBI would be restricted by oversight and accountability laws–so I suspect it is at DHS, which as far as I know operates with no such restraints.’ Giraldi notes that DHS already maintains a central list of suspected terrorists and has been freely adding people who pose no reasonable threat to domestic security.”

So, is there a secret list of 8 million “unfriendly” Americans kept by DHS (if there is, dear reader, you are probably on it!)? Does anyone reading this column doubt that our federal government is more than willing and capable of doing such a thing? All of us are quite familiar with the government’s “no fly” or “flagged” airline passenger list. I can personally attest to the authenticity of this list, as airport officials in San Antonio , Texas , told me that I’m on it. I also made it to the “list of three” that were named in the MIAC report (the other two were Ron Paul and Bob Barr). And now I am on the SPLC list of “patriots” (not a compliment in the SPLC lexicon). Wow! I never realize how popular I was! (With the exception of Ron Paul, I’m probably on more lists than anyone in America .)

Who would ever have thought that the day would come in America when to speak up for freedom, constitutional government, and the principles expressed by our Founding Fathers would land one on a government watch list? Well, that day is here, my friend! No doubt, the major media and federal government–in order to further ostracize patriotic, God-fearing Americans–will use the SPLC patriot hit list as a vehicle to carry our country further down the road of oppression.

But what the radical left fearmongers at the Southern Poverty Law Center fail to realize is that the more they try to marginalize and ostracize American patriots such as you and me, the more they isolate themselves from America’s future, because millions and millions of hard-working, God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans are not going to sit back and let Morris Dees and his cabal of Big Government elitists destroy the principles of freedom in our land.

So, people such as Morris Dees can put us on as many lists as they like; we will never let liberty die! And the more they try to demonize us, the more people will want to join with us. You see, freedom burns deep and strong in the hearts of real Americans. And that’s something the SPLC can’t extinguish–no matter how many lists it makes!


This article was originally published by Mike Badnarik and can be viewed here:

Contact your state senator to help reduce ballot access requirements!‏

LPA_VoteHelp increase choice on Alabama ballots

Senate Bill 221 (SB221) would reduce required signatures by half

Nearly 60% of state legislators in Alabama got into office without opposition!

Luckily, a handful of politicians are working to do something about it. SB221 will significantly reduce the number of signatures required for political parties and independent candidates to gain ballot access.

If you live in Alabama, or have family or business interests here, share this news with them. Please! Time is running out.

Find your legislative districts at this link:

Finding your State Senator’s phone number, calling their office, and leaving a message of: “PLEASE VOTE TO PASS SB 221″ should take less than 5 minutes of your time.

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Rand Paul Is NOT A Libertarian

Image copied from Google Images - Rand Paul

Image copied from Google Images – Rand Paul

I know many people think he is. They all point to his Libertarian leaning ways as if he was following in his dad’s footsteps. But he is NOT…I repeat…NOT a Libertarian. If you do not believe me then ask him, on a number of occasions he himself has publically stated that he is not a Libertarian.

Now here comes the election. And once again we are already hearing the ideas that Libertarians should be backing Rand Paul because he has the greatest chance of winning. It is the same old story of the Two Party system. Libertarians should back the Republican candidate because he has the greatest chance of beating the Democratic candidate.

Of course, for those in the know of what it all means, such an argument is hogwash. So perhaps for those Libertarians out there reading this who are not aware of what it all means let me try to clarify it for you. Firstly, to be a Libertarian we live by the non-aggression principal. However, that is not enough of an explanation. Why not? Well that is because many of you have no idea WHY we live by such a code.

The code is founded in the term JUSTICE. We live by because we want to be in a JUST society. People should be able to live freely without being coerced, forced or defrauded into action. When those things happen there is an injustice created against someone that would not have otherwise occurred. It is that INJUSTICE we Libertarians fight against.

When you keep that in mind, take a look at Rand Paul and his stances. Do those stances measure up to being a Libertarian? In my opinion, NO, he does not. The way I see it, he does not even hold value to the stance we take. He is only playing word games like the other politicians to get himself votes. Here, lets look and see.

There was the filibuster Rand Paul made headlines with against John Brennan when he took a stance over the government’s declaration for the use of drones to kill American citizens without having a trial or a conviction being made. Yet, soon after he stated he did not have any problems with Police making use of drones to kill a suspect “leaving a liquor store with a gun and $50.”

Well then Mr. Paul, where is the trial in such actions? How is that any different than what you stood up against? Does this make you a hypocrite or are you just confused? I am not. Clearly is you are willing to do such things you are not living by the non-aggression principal and you have a lack of conviction for justice in our society. No, this does not make you a Libertarian.

There is the attempt that Rand Paul made when he introduced a bill in the Senate to legalize industrial hemp. There the goal was to try and create some kind of shield for states who legalized medical marijuana by changing their laws. This might actually be conceived as being good but it does not remove the injustice that still exists with the laws that remain on the books.

No, the answer to the problem is NOT to create more laws that will allow more injustices. The correct answer is to remove the current laws that make the injustices a reality right now, and replace them with nothing. However, no such proposal is forthcoming from the Senator to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 drugs, or better still to totally eradicate the entire drug war altogether.

In a society, the more laws that exist the more control the government has over the citizenry. In other words, the more laws, the less Liberty. Just imagine how much more Liberty would exist in America if we got rid of every victimless crime statute that was on the books today. Man I would bet that over half the people in prison would be free to live a respectable life. When America, the land of the free, has the highest percentage of the population in prison compared to other countries – you have to know something is wrong somewhere. The problem is not with the citizens it is with the government. Paul’s stance to leave those laws on the books is definitely non-Libertarian.

Senator Paul also has a very un-Libertarian stance when it comes to people like whistleblowers. When government officials do something wrong they should be held accountable for their actions. They are in a position of power and they can easily abuse such power. It happens all the time. One of our main defenses is the fact that whistleblowers exist.

However, instead of praising people like Private Manning or Edward Snowden, Rand Paul condemns them. Saying that “I don’t have a lot of sympathy” where Manning was concerned and “Snowden should spend a few years in prison”. Manning, Snowden, John Kiriakou, Jeffrey Sterling, and all the other whistleblowers that were charged via the Espionage Act all need to be pardoned! No, clearly Rand Paul is not living by or even understanding the Libertarian stance of the non-aggression principal or its foundation in JUSTICE.

Sorry folks, as much as I like Rand Paul as a person, he is NOT a Libertarian and he will NOT get my vote. He should NOT get your vote either. Do not listen to the likes of Republicans trying to get you to vote for their candidate. Decide who you want to vote for based on their merits as to how they compare to your values.

The whole idea of the electoral system is to vote for people who think and act like you do.

It is NOT to choose the lesser of two evils so STOP falling for that argument.

2016 will be here soon enough.
Choose wisely
Your life DOES depend on it

Yours in Liberty

URGENT ACTION: Prevent another Waco NOW‏

Almost a year to the day since the Bundy Ranch Standoff another standoff is beginning.

I don’t know what it is about April and the Federal Government but they are at it again. This time they are trying to take a gold mine from miners who have been working the land for nearly 140 years.

The agency involved once again is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

They need our help so I filed this report to assist in getting the word out. But my reach is only is far as you can share this message.

Please – if you do one thing for liberty today – watch then share this report as far as you can. You may just save a life.

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Forever Vigilant – Forever Free,

Gary Franchi

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