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Gary Johnson, 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, visits Mobile, AL‏


Governor Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for President, will be hosting a fundraising social hour at The Bull Restaurant in Mobile, Alabama on Monday, April 7, 2014 from 5:30pm-8:30pm.  The social hour will feature comments by Governor Johnson and a personal photograph opportunity for each attendee. This is a free event with Libertarian Party of Alabama membership (min. $25 donation). A variety of sponsorships are available, for more information please contact:

Join here:

2014 State Convention of the Libertarian Party of Florida.‏


Come Join us on May 16-18, 2014 in beautiful Tampa for the 2014 State Convention of the Libertarian Party of Florida. It will be held at the wonderful Howard Johnson Plaza in Tampa, with Libertarians getting a special rate of $79 a night. There is no charge to attend the business meeting. We also have some great events:

Friday Evening
Be sure to arrive early on Friday evening to mix and mingle at the evening social.

Saturday Breakfast
Continental breakfast with Darryl W. Perry: A Rebel’s Journey before the business meeting (only $20). The meeting will be kicked off with opening speaker: Geoffrey Neale, Chair of the National Libertarian Party Selling Revolution.

Saturday Lunch
Plated luncheon with Donald Bellante: The Tyranny of Monetary Policy with Fiat Money (only $30).

Saturday Banquet
A banquet with Judge Jim Gray as keynote speaker, “We Are in a Libertarian Movement” (only $70).

Sunday Breakfast
A breakfast buffet with George Phillies: The Establishment War on America — Why We Libertarians Campaign (only $30).

To learn more about the convention, the hotel, and to register and purchase your event tickets go to:


Time To Cut Our Government Down To Size

Whom do YOU trust

Memo To Fed Vice Chair Nominee Stanley Fischer: “Dogs Bark But The Caravan Passes On.”

Ralph Benko, Contributor

Dr. Janet Yellen now has taken over the chair of the Fed.  And President Obama, to great acclaim, recently nominated Prof. Stanley Fischer as Vice Chairman.  Prof. Fischer may be the most distinguished and beloved central banker at work within the world financial system today.

It is not often that central bankers find themselves beloved. Fed Chairman William McChesney Martin famously quoted a writer saying that the Federal Reserve is “in the position of the chaperone who has ordered the punch bowl removed just when the party was really warming up.”  Yet Fischer is beloved.

In 1999 Dr. Fischer was

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Liberty Underground Radio Show

Does Democracy Justify Evil?

Picture from Google Images - Democracy

Picture from Google Images – Democracy

Very often we hear that we in America live in a democracy. While many people think we do that is not correct. We may USE a form of democracy for our way of voting, but we do not live in a democracy. If we did we would have mob rule. This, of course, leads me to ask, if we use democracy to vote, do we not also have mob rule.

People very often seem to think that if we VOTE on something then if is justified because we voted first before we put it into action. Is this true? Is it really justified? I mean, after all, what we are saying, if this is true, is that the vote determines the morality. Many, many people believe this to be true but it actually is not. If something was wrong before the vote, how does a vote change it from wrong to right?

I am sorry, but I just cannot get

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Teaching Kids To Fight Tyranny – One Laugh At A Time


Republican roots of rotten Common Core

NationalLibertarianParty.mvcFor Immediate Release
March 28, 2014

As a number of state governments struggle with Common Core education rules, the Libertarian Party (LP) cites Common Core as a reason to get government out of education.

Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict commented, “Since Democrat Barack Obama took office, some conservatives have switched positions on Common Core. But conservatives were for it before they were against it. Republican George W. Bush paved the way with No Child Left Behind, and he helped double the budget of the federal Department of Education. Common Core was created by the bipartisan National Governors Association.”

Benedict continued, “Republicans like Chris Christie and Jeb Bush have not flip-flopped, however. They still support Common Core.”

Benedict continued,

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Voluntaryist Comic – Get Your Copy Now


Are There Really “Victimless Crimes”

Picture from Google Images - Victimless Crime

Picture from Google Images – Victimless Crime

We often hear Libertarians rally against what they consider “victimless crimes”. When I listen to such things I cannot help but wonder if they even understand the oxymoronic nature of the name they use. By definition, if a crime exists, there must be a victim. This, of course, does not stop The State from creating laws that will steal citizen’s money and labeling such crimes under strict liability offenses. Such offenses are used to force The State’s morality upon the people.

For a crime to exist, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that all parts of the crime are present. This means the mental state and the conduct of the perpetrator, as well as the concurrence of both along with causation. Many of you are probably wondering what the heck all of these terms mean so let me try to explain them and see if I can clarify the picture for you a bit.

Mental state, or mens rea in legal terms, refers to the perpetrator’s intent when he is executing the crime. The actions in the crime MUST BE either voluntary or purposeful.

Conduct, actus reus, is the action or unlawful lack of action that occurs. A person cannot be punished for THINKING criminal thoughts. There MUST BE action.

Concurrence is exactly what it sounds like. Mens rea and actus reus MUST occur at the same time. Simply put, the intent must precede (activate the action) or co-exist with the action.

Causation, where actual harm occurs, in other words, some harm, somewhere, must have occurred to someone or something.

Without these

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Voting for the lesser of two evils – see what it got you

Spying, Corruption, Your government at its best

How To Keep Football From Maiming Its Players. As Jack Kemp Said “Let’s Get This Done.”

Ralph Benko, Contributor

2/03/2014 @ 8:01AM

The morning after Super Bowl XLVIII Football is in something of a crisis.  The concussions and other personal injuries have come to national consciousness.  It’s causing a lot of angst.

As it should.  Fortunately a solution beckons that could preserve the authenticity of the “vicious game” — while sparing the players the damage they currently are incurring.

Football is a massively popular spectacle.  In a recent, long, elegiac (which the New Oxford American Dictionary defines as “a lament for the dead”) piece in the New Yorker, Going the Distance, David Remnick reveals the president’s thoughts on this very

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Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama

***ACTION ALERT*** Common Core‏

Image provided by John Hallman

Image provided by John Hallman

By John Hallman

I just got back from Tallahassee after meetings with members of the House and Senate Education Committees on the issue of Common Core. I was amazed that legislators and their staff were all working off the same talking points to sidetrack and confuse those of us opposing Common Core, including the Governor’s office. After just a couple of meetings, it would have been laughable if weren’t so sad that they actually think we will be fooled by their subterfuge.

The Florida Department of Education recently made minor adjustments to Common Core and Rep. Janet Adkins and the K-12 Subcommittee passed a bill (PCB TKS 14-01) , that removes references to Common Core and changes the name to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards or Florida Standards.

These actions fall under

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Our gun rights are being compromised away!‏

Image provided by John Hallman

Image provided by John Hallman

By John Hallman

March 18, 2014

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee voted unanimously yesterday to pass SB 130 that makes changes to the “Stand Your Ground” law passed in 2005.  Anti-gun groups have been working for years to repeal “Stand Your Ground” and can now claim a partial victory if SB 130 makes its way into law. This bill will rewrite one of the best laws to protect your right to defend yourself ever passed in the Florida legislature.

In my opinion there was no need to make any changes to the “Stand Your Ground” law and some very large misconceptions being put out in the media about this law. It is just simply untrue that a person can shoot someone and just walk away. The current “Stand Your Ground” law still enables local Law Enforcement and State Attorneys to investigate, detain and even arrest a suspect if they feel the facts warrant those actions. It also puts the final decision in the hands of judges and juries to decide if the use of “Stand Your Ground” law is a justifiable defense.

It was no surprise that

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Are Libertarians Really Anti-Government

Picture from Google Images - anti government

Picture from Google Images – anti government

Take a moment and ask any Libertarian if they are against the government. Go ahead, ask. Almost invariably they will say yes. Unfortunately, they are probably lying as well. You see, words have meanings and most of the time we ignore those meanings when we talk. We use words to emphasize what we think others mean and not the meaning of the word itself. It is easy to see what I mean here, we just chose the word government, but what does that word mean for us here in the United States?

According to our Declaration of Independence government is used for one real purpose, to secure and protect our unalienable rights.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

Clearly, there is a lot going on in this excerpt. Some of our rights are listed, the goal of government is listed, and where the power comes from is listed. We can surely get into plenty of different arguments on what is contained there. I do not really want to get sidetracked so I want to only talk about the role of government or what the government is supposed to be doing and how we as The People should be viewing it.

In order for the government to

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Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the tables?

Time For Change

The Secret Hillary Rodham Clinton, Part II

Ralph Benko, Contributor

1/28/2014 @ 8:30AM

As recounted in the previous column, the record is clear that Saul Alinsky, about whom the young Hillary Rodham wrote her Wellesley honor’s thesis, was neither communist nor conventional Big Government liberal.  Hillary Rodham turned down a job offer from Alinsky.  She turned aside from the path of anti-establishment populist.

Hillary Rodham took the road more traveled, that of conventional liberal.  By word and deed she turned away from Alinsky’s optimistic participatory politics.  She turned, instead, to central planning.  What might that choice suggest?

Hillary’s honor’s thesis, THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT, in full context, provides a clear picture of her decision-making.  In Chapter IV, “PERSPECTIVES ON ALINSKY AND HIS MODEL” she writes:

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Libertarian Campaigning 101 Program – Sacramento March 22-23‏

NationalLibertarianParty.mvcA message from Janine Kloss, LP Sacramento County Chair to California Libertarians

Libertarian Campaigning 101 Program – Sacramento March 22-23

We are building a liberty force to be reckoned with here in Sacramento (and spreading through California) and we’d like to welcome you to join our 2nd Campaigning 101 Training Program! Day 1 will introduce the concepts surrounding self governance, civic authority and bring everyone up to a common level of knowledge regarding our role in exercising our civic responsibilities and authority. Day 2: This exciting event is for liberty-minded officeholders, candidates, and staff or those thinking of running in the future! This training is for those who want to build a winning and effective campaign from the ground up! This in-depth training covers organizing a grassroots campaign, researching and media training 101, do’s and don’ts of direct mail, developing your branding, utilizing social marketing on the campaign trail and more!

Day 1: Level 1 – Foundations in Self-Governance
Saturday, March 22, 2014
8:30am until 5:00pm (PDT)
Cost: $40 (Lunch included)
Please RSVP:

Day 2: LPSac Campaigning 101 Program
Sunday, March 23, 2014
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT)
Cost: $50 (Lunch included)
Please RSVP:

Piatti Italian Restaurant & Bar
571 Pavilions Ln, Sacramento, CA 95825

You are all welcome to join us for a kick-off celebration of this amazing weekend with a mixer on Friday, March 21st at Piatti’s starting at 6:30 pm. Featured speaker will be Gerald Clift! Light appetizers will be served. No-host bar available.

For additional information or questions, please feel free to contact us at or (916) 790-5261 x101

We look forward to seeing you!

What Makes A “True” Government

Picture from Google Images - true government

Picture from Google Images – true government

Ever wonder why government does what it does? Clearly there has been some time in your life when you thought the government did something it was not supposed to do. If not, I am sure you like your present position as a slave, even if you do not recognize that position. But for those of you that did question what you thought the government was doing, welcome to the real world.

History is written by the winners and we are taught in government re-education camps called public schools whatever the GOVERNMENT wants us to learn. When government controls your education it is obvious that they would not teach you anything they do not want you to know. Certainly, if they wish to maintain control over you they will not teach you to question what they do.

Yet, despite all their attempts to control the way you think, you somehow managed by question what they are doing. Believe it or not, that is because there is an inherent unalienable gift inside you. Yes, we have our unalienable rights given to us by our creator, whom ever that creator may be. But with those rights comes the ability to recognize when something is wrong and is infringing upon them. It is that recognition that allows us to question what the government is doing.

Man is not perfect. That has already been recognized and enshrined in our Declaration of Independence. In that same document, it lays out the role of government…what is considered a “true” government. That role, in case you missed it, was to secure and protect our unalienable rights. The very nature of government outlined in the Declaration is one of “service to the people”. It is created of, by and for the people.

Governments around the world constantly rule by force. King George was a tyrant forcing the new world to kowtow to his demands. Our Fore Fathers were smart enough to see the problem and did something about it. They fought the war for our independence so that we as individuals could lead our lives without the interference of some ruler controlling our choices. After the war the formed a government that was supposed to serve the people.

In their eyes, government was

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March 2014 LPA Executive Committee Meeting‏

The Libertarian Party of Alabama Executive Committee will meet on March 19th, 2014, which is a Wednesday. The meeting will be held at the LPA office at 2330 Highland Avenue S., Birmingham, Alabama 35205, from 7:00-9:00pm.

Attention Members: If you would like a copy of the EC Meeting minutes, please contact our Secretary at

SinK and Jolly Discourage Voters and Jolly Wins!‏

LucasOverbyCongressAs I had predicted, David Jolly, a Washington Lobyist, known for his anti second amendment attitude, would need to discourage enough voters in Florida’s District 13 special election to win!. The expected turnout was to be 25% and I (in a previous letter),  posted that for Jolly to win, voter turnout would need to be very low. A very low voter turnout would favor the GOP as Republican loyalist who most always turn out to vote, traditionally vote in higher numbers.Turnout in Florida’s 13th was a dismal 20%. and more Republicans showed up than Democrats to give Jolly a 1.8% win. 80% of voters in that district stayed home!
72 million stayed home in the last Presidential election. So, very few voters are deciding who governs for the masses.

Jolly had a cap of GOP voters he could tap into and these GOP voters came out to give Jolly a win based on one issue, ObamaCare! Jolly has promised to eliminate it and he is, like most Republicans, a bold faced liar, joining a chorus of other GOP liars.

Libertarian Lucas Overby, as I had predicted, needed to get out disenfranchised voters in large numbers to pull off a win, but he had no success in doing so. On election day, I was calling voters in District 13 and a woman named Barbara, told me she wanted Overby but had so little faith in the system, she likely would not vote. She also said, she heard the Libertarian Party was corrupt. I immediately realized she had received a Rand Paul robo-call.

Rand Paul, on

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