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Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.
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The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County

This is a meeting of the board for the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County.
We meet in the private room in the back. Come early and enjoy dinner at this great restaurant/pub!

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the local Libertarian Party, please join us on Tuesday! We are always looking for great speakers to meet with our party members.

If you or someone you may know would be a great speaker at our meetings, please contact

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Can you make “Central L.A. Mixer/Meeting (Region 64)”?‏

Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
7:30 PM
Gill’s Indian Restaurant
838 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017
We sit for dinner at 7:30 pm with discussion or speaker after dinner.  Early arrivers can toss back a drink at Hank’s bar or just wait in the hotel lobby.  For lingerers Hank’s is always there after Gil’s closes. This month’s featured topic…
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From Gary – LOL – Check out this T-Shirt!‏

HAHAHA! I needed a good laugh.

When I saw this shirt I had to reserve one.

It speaks VOLUMES about the 2016
presidential campaign cycle.

Enjoy the laughs!




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John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, And The Congress Ride Into A Box Canyon….

To read the full column click here:

Ralph Benko

The New York Times considerately gives us an early look at the Box Canyon into which the 114th Congress, the GOP leading, is riding.  In G.O.P. Is Divided as Budget Bills Start Piling Up we discover:

WASHINGTON — In their first major test of governing this year, Republicans stumbled, faltered — and nearly shut down the Department of Homeland Security.

And that vote may have been the easy one.

In April, physicians who treat Medicare patients face a drastic cut in pay. In May, the Highway Trust Fund runs dry. In June, the charter for the federal Export-Import Bank ceases to exist. Then in October, across-the-board spending cuts return, the government runs out of money — and the Treasury bumps up against its borrowing limit.

All will require congressional action, and while many of these measures used to be pushed through in an almost unthinking bipartisan ritual, there is no such thing as simple in Congress anymore.

Militant conservatives are calling for a coup against House Speaker John Boehner.  The hard core right is expressing fury toward Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The real villain, however, is an economic “ice age,” not feckless Congressional leadership.

Both Republicans and Democrats are struggling with, rather than changing, a gratuitously poor status quo.  Memo to our political leaders: When all of the answers lead to pain … for you and for America … it’s time to change the question.


As James Glassman wrote recently in USAToday:

Gross domestic product is the single best indicator of economic health. Since 1947, GDP has risen at an average rate of 3.3%, but since 2001, the rate has been just 1.9%. The last time GDP grew more than 3% as 2005. We seem to be in the midst of a secular, or long-term, slowdown.

The reduced growth rate means that living standards are increasing at about half their post-World War II pace for individual Americans. For low- and middle-income families, that’s not much better than standing still.


What to do? Glassman rounds up the GOP’s “usual suspects,” proposing to cut corporate tax rates and enhance free trade.  He champions, too, an increase of H1-B visas. Then he gives honorable mention to “improving education, cutting the fat from the bureaucracy and encouraging greater contributions to retirement accounts.”

Kudos to Glassman for so lucidly identifying the problem.  The standard litany of solutions, however, is insufficient.


Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), currently vice chairman of Congress’s own bicameral think tank, the Joint Economic Committee, has been a lonely voice in tackling what he calls “the Growth Gap.”

The Growth Gap is the existential issue contaminating our politics.  Only former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has pushed restoring high economic growth to the center stage. Bush, in his debut “Right to Rise” Detroit speech, roundly declared, as I here quoted:

Growth above all. A growing economy, whether here in Detroit or throughout this country is the difference between poverty and prosperity for millions. If you want to close the opportunity gap, grow the economy. This is a principle that concentrates the mind.


Glassman was the founding executive director of the George W. Bush Institute, and furnished the introduction to The 4% Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs published by the Bush Center. Jeb Bush, in promoting this book in 2012, publicly urged Mitt Romney to campaign on policies of high growth.

One infers, provisionally, that Gov. Bush’s “mix of smart policies and reforms” will include Glassman’s “usual suspects.” While applauding Gov. Bush, one hopes that Glassman’s prescriptions will be just the beginning, rather than the bulk, of Gov. Bush’s — and other contenders’ — economic growth platform.


Brady’s proposals to end the “Growth Gap” thus potentially could prove of highest importance. They offer the presidential candidates a ready made, credible, core economic platform to get the economy moving again. They offer a pathway to the Congress out of the Box Canyon into which it is riding.  Speaker Boehner?  Leader McConnell?  Could be your “get out of jail free” card.

Brady’s suite of bills leads off with a proposed bipartisan Monetary Commission to determine, empirically, what Fed policies have correlated with high, sustained, equitable economic growth, job creation and economic mobility. A Commission may sound like a flinch. Not at all.

Monetary policy is complex and highly charged. An empirical inquiry (not designed to be accusatory toward the Fed, which is to have a seat on the proposed Brady Commission, or toward the administration, whose Treasury Secretary also has an appointee) is a necessary first step toward restoring monetary policy conducive to equitable prosperity. Advocating for such a Commission (a prominent plank in the 2012 GOP platform) is a sensible, safe, way to take up the issue of monetary integrity.  It is designed to be as respectful to Democrats as to Republicans.


This is Congress’s way out of the Box Canyon: give center stage to ending the real problem — punk growth — rather than simply wrestling with its symptoms. As for the presidential candidates: “It’s the economy, Stupid!” as James Carville once told Bill Clinton (who, on the stump, was drifting into declaiming on nuclear proliferation). Time for Congress to take up closing the “Growth Gap.” Time for the presidential candidates to champion economic growth.


To read the full column click here:

A Wolf At The Door: RedState’s Leon H. Wolf‏


Darling one,

Boos and brickbats to the horrid Leon H. Wolf, of, whose recidivist defense of “Liberty” rises to new levels in his condemnation of the wonderful town of Ferguson, MO.  Wolf’s Thoughtcrime is so heinous I have placed him at #1 on my Enemies List.

Take Note!

This hooligan presumes to criticize five (by definition, as undertaken by Officials) reasonable practices by the Officials of Ferguson: 1.  Using the police as a revenue generator. 2. Excessive use of force. 3. Failure to supervise use of force.  4.  Punishing people for “contempt of cop.”  5.  Overwhelming evidence of racial bias.

Here’s but one example of Wolf’s extremism in defense of “Liberty”

Between the years of 2010 and 2014, revenues from fines and fees assessed by the Ferguson PD almost tripled, from $1.38M to over $3.0M. As a consequence, the portion of the city’s budget that was comprised by revenue from these fines increased from about 10% to about 25%. Each year the city has budgeted for these increases and clearly ordered the FPD to get them at any cost.

In this respect, at least, Ferguson is illustrated to be much worse than surrounding municipalities. Fines for trivial offenses like having tall grass at your home are much, much worse than surrounding localities. The overall revenue of Ferguson is more closely tied to this downward pressure than other localities in the area – again, according to Ferguson’s own internal documents including emails from city Finance officials bragging about their brilliant revenue generation plan.

Fining citizens heavily and relentlessly on clever pretexts such as “having tall grass” indeed is a brilliant revenue generation plan. Ferguson’s officials deserve commendation, not condemnation.  What a fine way around ATR’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge!

If the FBI only would emulate this practice we could end the federal deficit in a trice!

The Big Bad Wolf goes on with such deeply offensive blather:

“The practices of the FPD and Municipal Court are destructive to freedom and in blatant violation of our constitutional rights…. Evidence of the Ferguson PD’s knowledge of their blatantly unconstitutional practices (especially with respect to the habitual issuance of arrest warrants for missing a payment) is shown in the report ….”

Freedom? Constitutional rights?

Mr. Wolf, these are obsolete, atavistic, concepts.
Wake up!  They are to be honored only in the breach.

For your heinous indictment of the (by definition) wholly legitimate use of authority I am putting you, Mr. Wolf, at the very top of my “Enemies of the State, Ten Most Wanted” List.

For shame!

Auntie Sam

PS             Recruit your friends to sign up for their very own subscription to my Sam-o-Grams here.  Forward this to your friends now.  Tell them to get on the right side of History!


16 new ways to influence public opinion‏


An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation


I think that you have a REALLY interesting approach to “hot button” topics with this website!! Thank you!!! I shared it on Facebook. I really enjoyed the questions on the side concerning drug prohibition such as “would I be willing to do the dirty work” in prohibiting drugs. A lot of interesting things to ponder upon and HOPEFULLY to DISCUSS WITHOUT FIGHTING!!!! Honestly, it left me unsure in some areas but isn’t that how we gain knowledge? We need to understand and question things.  God, I pray that this can catch on.  Thank you!!! Sincerely, Mrs. L. F.

So what does the Zero Aggression Project need in order to catch on?

For starters…

Participate in our issue surveys, starting with our drug prohibition campaign. If you haven’t done that already, go here.


If you have done that, then share the drug prohibition campaign on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. To do that simply go to the campaign and use the social networking tools on the left side of the page.

Then, while you’re there, take a good long look at the right-hand column of the page.

There are 16 powerful tools there you can use to influence public opinion.

Do you notice all the blue links? There are 16 of them. Each one of them is a tool you can use!

Notice how each one is framed in the form of a question? Behind each link is an answer to the question, along with a slider people can use to register their reaction to the answer.

You can use all 16 of these to…

  • Share the Zero Aggression Principle with every American (notice that the Principle appears on every single page of the site)
  • Locate and activate the 1-in-5 Americans who already self-identify as libertarians
  • Move non-libertarians in a voluntaryist direction, and measure that movement.

Here’s how…

Questions will come up during discussions on the internet. Some of those questions will correspond to one of these 16 questions (or to similar questions related to other issues as we publish more campaigns). When that happens…

Share the url to the page that deals with that question!

Doing that will accomplish several things at once. It will…

  • Contribute to the discussion you’re having
  • Save you time — you may not always want to take the time to draft your own answer
  • Introduce people into our polling software, where they can encounter more information

Below is the list of questions. Do this…

  • Go look at our answers.
  • Use the slider to register your opinion on each one
  • Think about how you could use these tools

Here are the questions…

The tools are there. If you use them, people will come and change will happen.

PREVIEW: Our next message will deal with the subject of why we need people to disagree with us.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, the Zero Aggression Project


Our Copyright Policy

Our mailing address is:

Zero Aggression Project

872 Mark Drive

Akron, OH 44313

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What about those Baltimore riots?‏


Downsize DC is about to bring you a new tool

Last week, we had requests to comment about the Baltimore riots. “What is the Downsize DC position?” Were you one of the people who wanted us to comment?

The Baltimore riots are a real problem where the federal government has made things worse. Of course, I wanted to comment!

But we already write Action Items on bills before Congress. Those take time to research and prepare. Any writing is a project.

I don’t really have an outlet to quickly, rapidly respond to these kinds of relevant and interesting matters. Until now…

Last year, our sister organization, the Downsize DC Foundation (home of the Zero Aggression Project, coming soon), received a grant to buy some studio equipment and produce some videos. We started to build it. Here is a picture of me standing in front of the green screen in the back of our Operations Office.


Now, I need to finish the studio. And needs to do its part in order to use it. If I had this studio, I would’ve used it to quickly rush out a video explaining how…

  • Riots are not protests. Protesting is a peaceful activity
  • Riots tend to violate the Zero Aggression Principle
  • Contrary to myth, riots are extremely effective: They get attention and action
  • Their result is more statism

Would you like to know more? If I had the studio, you’d be watching the short videos where I explained these points, in our unique Downsize DC way.

These videos will also give you another tool to share with others.

You can help make this studio a reality, with a generous contribution or monthly pledge.

Downsize DC accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Every bit will make a difference.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

Our copyright policy

Our mailing address is:

872 Mark Drive

Akron, OH 44313

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What’s in it for me?

Picture copied from Google Images - Michael Badnarik

Picture copied from Google Images – Michael Badnarik

This article was written by Michael Badnarik and originally appears here:

Teaching is something that comes very naturally to me, probably because I have been doing it for most of my life. I enjoy watching people’s faces light up when they begin to understand whatever I’ve been teaching them up to that point. Marketing is a completely different skill set, however, which I’m afraid I do not possess. Nearly everyone who takes my class is glad that they did. I am frequently told that I should charge more money, that the class should be two or three days longer, and that they didn’t know most of the information presented during the day.

I find this very frustrating because the three reasons people cite for NOT attending my class are that the class is too expensive, it takes too much time, and that people already know most of what they need to know about the Constitution. My dilemma is finding a way to convince people that they WANT to take the class before they arrive in the classroom.

I recently asked some friends for some marketing advice, and I was told I had to figure out “What’s in it for me?” In other words, people won’t pay for something until they can see how they would personally benefit from the purchase. Women purchase perfume because they think it makes them more attractive to men. Guys purchase automobiles because they think it will help them attract women. So my goal is to find out what advantage could be had by taking my class.

In all honesty, my class will not help you lose weight, reduce your taxes, show you how to travel without a drivers license – or help you attract the opposite sex. In fact, once you realize how corrupt our government system has become, you may find it more difficult to sleep at night. Many students have cried during or after the class when they realize how bad our political situation really is. More than a few people have taken my class more than once, claiming that it was even better the second time around.

So what is it that people like so much about my class? That’s what I’d like to know from you. If you’ve attended my class in person, or watched the entire class online, please leave a comment explaining “What was in it for you?” How have you benefitted? How is your life better now? If I can learn to market my class more effectively, I will be able to “Light the fires of Liberty” more effectively. Thanks in advance for your help.


This article was written by Michael Badnarik and originally appears here:


Will Obamatrade be like Obamacare?‏


What do Obamatrade and Obamacare have in common? #tlot #readthebills PLEASE RETWEET

Should Congress pass trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without knowing what’s in them?

If you say “NO,” then help prevent that from happening. Tell Congress to pass the Read the Bills Act through’s campaign.

You may borrow from or copy this letter…

Like Obamacare, the President wants you to pass Obamatrade without knowing what’s in it. He even makes you jump through hoops to look at the 800-page draft.

And he wants “fast-track” authority that prevents Congress from amending trade deals he submits.

Regrettably, the Senate caved to his demands.

But I say…

The House must NOT pass fast-track BEFORE it passes the Read the Bills Act (RTBA).

RTBA would…

* Require that BOTH the fast-track bill AND the TPP itself be read, VERBATIM, before a quorum in the House and Senate
* Give the public at least SEVEN days to read them and send you feedback before you vote

That’s what “representative” government is all about. So…

Know what’s in the TPP before you vote on it!

The Read the Bills Act will guarantee that you will.


Send your letter using the Educate the Powerful System. 

We keep track, for you, of both the bills and the number of pages Congress has passed so far this year, including a month-by-month breakdown. You can view that on our blog. 

Keeping you abreast of Congressional actions — whether it’s the number of pages passed into law or an action item about a vote that’s upcoming — requires us to be tuned into multiple channels of information, to be careful to confirm facts before acting, and then to invest the time to write and edit in a useful fashion for you. And time is money.

Right now, your support is needed. Please consider making a one-time contribution or monthly pledge.

And thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

Our copyright policy

Our mailing address is:

872 Mark Drive

Akron, OH 44313

Add us to your address book

Silk Road sentence sets dangerous precedent‏


On May 29, Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for having created and operated the Silk Road online marketplace. The Silk Road was a revolutionary website because it was a truly free market, where people could buy and sell almost anything, including illicit drugs, false identification documents and even books; however, there was a prohibition on anything that was meant to harm innocent people.

Before his sentencing, Ulbicht told the court, “I’ve changed. I’m not the man I was when I created Silk Road. I’m a little wiser, a little more mature, and much more humble.” Adding, “I wanted to empower people to make choices in their lives…to have privacy and anonymity,” Ulbricht told the judge. “I’m not a sociopathic person trying to express some inner badness.” Additionally, nearly one hundred letters were sent to Judge Katherine Forrest urging her to give a lenient sentence. Ulbricht’s letter to Judge Forrest asked her to “leave me my old age.”

She was not swayed, telling Ulbricht, “The stated purpose [of the Silk Road] was to be beyond the law. In the world you created over time, democracy didn’t exist. You were captain of the ship, the Dread Pirate Roberts. Silk Road’s birth and presence asserted that its… creator was better than the laws of this country. This is deeply troubling, terribly misguided, and very dangerous.” Adding, “There is good in you, Mr. Ulbricht. There is also bad. And what you did with the Silk Road was terribly destructive… It was a carefully planned life’s work. It was your opus. You wanted it to be your legacy. And it is.”

Being a hero who made the black market safer is not a bad legacy. However, Ulbricht’s conviction and life sentence serve to set a dangerous precedent! Before the trial even began Joshua Dratel, Ulbricht’s lawyer, said the case represents “an effort by the government to expand the concepts of vicarious liability over the internet – i.e. what is the responsibility of a website operator for the uses to which people put products sold on that site? – and to demonise certain very legitimate means of personal privacy protection, such as [the anonymsing software] Tor and Bitcoin.”

There are three simple facts of this case that help explain the dangerous precedent. Ross Ulbricht created a website. People used the website to sell things that other people wanted to buy. Ross Ulbricht goes to jail for life.

When Philip Markoff arranged meetings with people through Craigslist and then killed them; the creator of the site wasn’t held liable. When people have been arrested attempting to hire prostitutes through various online classified sites, the owner of the website is not charged with being a pimp. The same rationale should apply to Ross Ulbricht, whose family has vowed to appeal the conviction and sentence. Hopefully, the next court to hear the case, realizes the dangerous precedent set by the judge and jury in the initial case, and kills the precedent!

In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry

Darryl has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty. Darryl is an award winning author, publisher & radio/TV host. He is a regular contributor to several weekly and monthly newspapers. He hosts the daily newscast FPPRadioNews, , the podcast Peace, Love, Liberty Radio, the weekly news podcast FPP Freedom Minute, and is a regular co-host on Free Talk Live.
Darryl is a co-founder and co-chair of the NH Liberty Party.
Darryl is the Owner/Managing Editor of Free Press Publications.

To schedule an interview with Darryl please send an email to or call 202 709 4377

URGENT: Don’t stop RAPID PROGRESS in 9/11 transparency‏


9/11 transparency vote could come TODAY. Tell Congress DECLASSIFY. #28pages Please RE-tweet

We’ve been working to get 28 pages declassified in the 9-11 report. These pages probably implicate Saudi Arabia in the 9-11 attacks.

THANK YOU! Your pressure is working. Now we need to take the next step.

Senator Rand Paul is introducing amendments that would declassify the 28-pages to the new National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) too.

Please take IMMEDIATE ACTION to tell Congress to pass this Amendment. 

The hardwired message says…

Pass Amendment No. 1680 to the NDAA. This requires the president to release 28 censored pages regarding the 9/11 attacks.

You may borrow from or copy these additional comments…

As far back as 2003, 48 Senators called on the President to release these pages that suggest Saudi government funding of the 9/11 hijackers. (

Many are still in office. They have NO REASON to change their minds.

By releasing the pages…

* 9/11 families could use this information in lawsuits against the Saudi government
* We’d learn if financiers of terrorists also pretend to be our “allies.”

As Sen. Schumer said 12 years ago, censoring the pages “sends the wrong message to the American people about our nation’s anti-terror effort and makes it seem as if there will be no penalty for foreign abettors of the hijackers.”

True then, true today.

RELEASE these 28 pages!


Send your letter here. 

But please don’t stop there. After you’ve sent your letter, you’ll get an email with a copy of it. Forward your letter to the one or two friends (not 10, not more) who will be most interested in this message. Ask them to do as you did and send a letter too.
Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.


Our copyright policy

Our mailing address is:

872 Mark Drive

Akron, OH 44313

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American liberty is not a lost cause…‏

I recently received a letter in email from Hillsdale College that I thought might be worth your while to read. If interested, I would encourage everyone to participate and learn. Read the letter and decide if you want to be a part of restoring America.
Dear Mr. Kearney,
I often speak at events around the country, and I’m frequently asked this question, which usually quiets the room:

“Is American liberty lost forever?”

It’s not a foolish question. In fact, I understand why people ask it! Like you, I’ve watched as unelected bureaucrats exert more and more control over our everyday lives. I too have seen more and more citizens made dependent on handouts and subsidies. And I too have watched our government increasingly violate its constitutional limitations.

The Constitution was designed to secure our individual rights—rights such as free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to private property—and place the “the great body of the people,” as James Madison wrote, in control of the government, not the other way around. But we are far from that idea today.

So back to that question: is liberty a lost cause?

The answer is a resounding “no!” Liberty is not a lost cause. Liberty can be recovered, and the spirit of liberty can be revived—and I’d like to show you how you can be an integral part of this magnificent resurgence.

Let me share Hillsdale’s ambitious plan to restore liberty by teaching founding principles in Washington, in American schools, online, and much more.

You’ll be encouraged by what you see.

Read the plan now >>

Warm regards,

Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Pursuing Truth—Defending Liberty since 1844

Mike Benoit taking on the California Fair Political Practice Commission‏

VIRAL VIDEO ALERT – total media blackout – watch then forward!!!‏

There is a total media blackout on this. Only a few foreign outlets are covering it. We have EXCLUSIVE footage from inside the new SABER STRIKE 15 “war games.”

I’m telling you… right now… STOP whatever you are doing and take 6 minutes to watch this, then 20 seconds to share it. (share links below)

If there is one thing you do for humanity today please make this be it.

Below is the URGENT report:


ONGOING reminder…
We’re still asking everyone who sees our JADE HELM DECODED report to participate in the ”Crowdsourced Reporting” of the event by sharing your own observations in the comment section at this video:

Please keep sharing our emails and videos. You are making a HUGE difference when you do.

Thank you!

Forever Vigilant – Forever Free,

Gary Franchi
Executive Producer
Next News Network

PS. This is a very URGENT report that needs to be seen. Please watch then share it to the four corners of the earth!



And here is the link to our latest reports:


Thursday: Can you make “South Bay Libertarians Monthly Dinner/Meeting”?‏

Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group
Thursday, June 18, 2015
6:30 PM
Raffaello Ristorante
400 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731
6:30 pm:Social Hour & Dinner
8:00 pm: Meeting, Speakers, Discussions
Our featured guest this month is…
Here is a link to our website:
Learn more

2015 LP Alabama Convention‏

2015 Libertarian Party of Alabama Convention Schedule

The Libertarian Party of Alabama will host its annual convention on Saturday, June 13, 2015. The convention activities will take place in the Richard Arrington Auditorium on the 4th floor of the Linn-Henley Research Library. The Linn-Henley building is located between the Main Birmingham Public Library building at 2100 Park Place and Linn Park in Birmingham, Alabama. The Linn-Henley building may be accessed on the west side from Linn Park and from the Main Library building via the 3rd floor pedestrian bridge. Free parking is available at the Main Library building. An outing with our speakers has been planned to Regions Field in downtown Birmingham for after the convention to watch Chattanooga vs. the Barons. We have a limited amount of tickets available for $10/person.

Convention Schedule:
1:30-2:00 pm – Registration and Credentialing
2:00 pm – 2:15 pm – 2014-2015 Officer Reports (Chair, Treasurer)
2:15 pm – 2:45 pm – Business Meeting
2:45 pm – 3:00 pm – Executive Committee Elections
3:00 pm – 3:15 pm – Break
3:15 pm – 4:00 pm – Steven Bradley – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm – Wes Benedict – Executive Director of the Libertarian Party.
5:15 pm – 9:00 pm – Baron’s game – Game starts at 6:30pm and its Used Car night!!

The Libertarian Party of Alabama is currently conducting ballot access petition efforts or 2016 placement in Jefferson County. This designation allows the Libertarian Party of Alabama to run candidates for all county positions including 17 Constable positions, several school board races, Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer along with several district judge seats. If you are interested in running for a political office in Jefferson County as a Libertarian or attending the convention, please contact: Mr. Leigh LaChine, Chair, 205.936.9387 or

The Libertarian Party of Alabama is the official State affiliate for the national Libertarian Party. Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party believes in achieving liberty through economic freedom and social tolerance, and is the nation’s fastest growing political party. More information is available at their respective websites: or

Wes Benedict on the radio‏

In conjunction with the ‪#‎Libertarian‬ Party of Alabama convention on Saturday, Wes Benedict, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party will be appearing on the Murphy Show at 9:35 am this morning (June 10, 2015). The Murphy Show can be heard in Montgomery on AM 1440, in Birmingham on AM 1070, and in Huntsville on AM 770/FM 92.5. You can listen online at:1070 WAPI

What Paul Krugman Could Learn From How Big Government Created The Obesity Epidemic

To read the full column, click here:

Ralph Benko

One of the most frightening forces at work in the world today is the tendency of Big Government toward perversion of science. The scientific method is pristine. Scientists are human, and fallible. The secular beatification of scientists and demeaning of science is a perversion. Better to beatify the scientific method and reserve some skepticism for scientists (and bureaucrats).

Paul Krugman’s New York Times column again and again deploys vilification of challengers to the “human-driven climate change” narrative. Krugman defames them as “deniers”— implying a similarity with holocaust deniers. Prof. Krugman, an economist rather than a climatologist, would be better off abandoning his “Professor Ludwig Von Drake, Expert on Everything” pretensions. (Such humility, admittedly, would make his shtick less entertaining.)

Krugman, in an ensuing column Pepperoni Turns Partisan, makes a public spectacle of his Big Government Fundamentalism. Krugman studiously ignores the widely reported story (including in his own flagship venue, the New York Times) that it was not Big Food but Big Government that caused America to get fat. He states:

Why should pizza, of all things, be a divisive issue? The immediate answer is that it has been caught up in the nutrition wars. America’s body politic has gotten a lot heavier over the past half-century, and, while there is dispute about the causes, an unhealthy diet — fast food in particular — is surely a prime suspect.

At a still deeper level, health experts may say that we need to change how we eat, pointing to scientific evidence, but the Republican base doesn’t much like experts, science, or evidence. Debates about nutrition policy bring out a kind of venomous anger — much of it now directed at Michelle Obama, who has been championing school lunch reforms — that is all too familiar if you’ve been following the debate over climate change.

Yes, Paul. We are very familiar with your your venomous anger. With your inversions of fact.

And with your celebration of the perversion of science.

Scientists, finally succumbing to science, now at last officially exonerate dietary cholesterol as a cause of heart disease. Some now implicate its ban as the root of cause of the “obesity epidemic.”

Journalist Nina Teicholz, in her book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet (tabbed by The Economist as one of the best books of 2014) makes a compelling case. It is a thorough, and shocking, piece of investigative reporting. Meanwhile, her inquest on the matter of the questionable bans isn’t merely a retrospective.  This is not an academic dispute. It has urgency.

As the New York Times recently reported:

A nutrition advisory panel that helps shape the country’s official dietary guidelines eased some of its previous restrictions on fat and cholesterol on Thursday ….

“For many years, the cholesterol recommendation has been carried forward, but the data just doesn’t support it,” said Alice H. Lichtenstein, the vice chairwoman of the advisory panel and a professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University.


Teicholz promptly upon the nutrition advisory panel’s report summarized some of the conclusions of her reporting in a New York Times op-ed, The Government’s Bad Diet Advice:

FOR two generations, Americans ate fewer eggs and other animal products because policy makers told them that fat and cholesterol were bad for their health. Now both dogmas have been debunked in quick succession.

First, last fall, experts on the committee that develops the country’s dietary guidelines acknowledged that they had ditched the low-fat diet. On Thursday, that committee’s report was released, with an even bigger change: It lifted the longstanding caps on dietary cholesterol, saying there was “no appreciable relationship” between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Americans, it seems, had needlessly been avoiding egg yolks, liver and shellfish for decades. The new guidelines, the first to be issued in five years, will influence everything from school lunches to doctors’ dieting advice.

How did experts get it so wrong? …


Teicholz reports in The Big Fat Surprise itself:

“I discovered [after having “read thousands of scientific papers, attended conferences, learned the intricacies of nutrition science, and interviewed pretty much every single living nutrition expert in the United States, some several times, plus scores more oversees”] that on the whole, the mistakes of nutrition science could not primarily be pinned on the nefarious interests of Big Food. The source of our misguided dietary advice was in some ways more disturbing, since it seems to have been driven by experts at some of our most trusted institutions working toward what they believed to be the public good.

The (dietary fat) hypothesis became accepted as truth before it was properly tested. Public health bureaucracies adopted and enshrined this unproven dogma. The hypothesis became immortalized in the mammoth institutions of public health. And the normally self-correcting mechanism of science, which involves constantly challenging one’s own beliefs, was disabled. While good science should be ruled by skepticism and self-doubt, the field of nutrition has instead been shaped by passions verging on zealotry. And the whole system by which ideas are canonized as fact seems to have failed us.


Zealotry. Passions. Dogma.  Not “science.”


Often, common sense proves a better guide for life than the guidance provided by the officious.  Claiming “the Republican base doesn’t much like experts, science, or evidence” is, of course, progressive zealotry. Progressives show a chronic propensity to demean anyone who has the temerity to question their Articles of Faith. Paul Krugman often plays Torquemada, not Isaac Newton.

To read the full column, click here:

The Magna Carta Dartboard‏


Oh Best Beloved,

Someone on Zazzle is offering for sale a Magna Carta … dartboard.

How wonderful!  Makes your Auntie swoon with delight!  You swoon too!

The Magna Carta, originally known as the “Great Charter of the Liberties” (which turns 800 this year) is a symbolic fountainhead of liberty.  It deserves our darts!

As Wikipedia summarizes this preposterous Charter: “First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury … it promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the Crown….”

The symbolism of this being turned into a dartboard really is heartwarming.  This Carta, really nothing more than a mere piece of foolscap, set a terrible precedent.

Protecting church rights?  How obsolete is that in this era when bakers and florists are fined to ruin for following the moral dictates of their Faith?  Protection from illegal imprisonment?  Access to swift justice?  Absurd antique notions.

Limitations on payments to the Crown?  This, horridly, is reminiscent of the detested Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a pernicious restraint on the government’s ability to raise taxes at whim!  Fie, say I, fie!

Your doting Auntie Sam hopes the fine example of a Magna Carta dartboard will inspire you, and all of you, to create sell your own dartboards.  Please do (and grow rich)!

How about one for the Declaration of Independence?  The Bill of Rights? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

How about … an ATR Pledge Dartboard?

Such documents are purest sedition.  They ought be turned into Voodoo dolls.

Liberty.  So Over.
Stick a dart in it.

Je t’adore,
Auntie Sam

Really, oh Best Beloved, surely you know others who will leap to share in the lovely jeu d’esprit of physically shredding symbols of pernicious “Liberty.”  Do beg them to sign up for their very own weekly Sam-o-Grams here.

Forward this now, invite one and all to join in!
The fun, of extinguishing liberty, has just begun!

Rand Paul asks, “Do you want the Internet slowed by red tape?”‏


It’s not too late to stop Net Neutrality. Use our system. Tell Congress to pass S.J.Res.14 & HR 1212. Re-tweet this.

If you oppose what Rand Paul calls the “red tape” of Net Neutrality rules, then please…

Tell Congress through’s “Don’t let bureaucrats control the Internet” campaign.

You may borrow from or copy this letter…

The FCC will impose “Net Neutrality” rules in June, claiming that all Internet data should be treated equally.

But their rules create red tape that will…

* drive small broadband providers out of business
* hamper innovation by discouraging broadband investment


Net Neutrality will NOT bring fairness or equality!


It will prevent Internet Service Providers from having the option to charge more to Netflix, Youtube, and other high-bandwidth content providers. This could create traffic congestion and slower connections.

This isn’t “neutrality,” this is Corporate Welfare!


You should pass Sen. Rand Paul’s resolution (S.J.Res.14) expressing Congressional disapproval of the FCC’s broadband Internet access regulations.

Also, pass Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s Internet Freedom Act (HR 1212). It would…

* Nullify these rules
* Prohibit the FCC from imposing similar rules in the future

Pass these bills!


Send your letter here.

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How much did you move the world in your direction?‏


An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation

MEDIA ALERT: Zero Aggression Project co-creator, Jim Babka, did two interviews this past week. For listening details, see the P.S.

Our goals…

  1. Share the Zero Aggression Principle with every American
  2. Locate and activate the 1-in-5 Americans who already self-identify as libertarians
  3. Move non-libertarians in a voluntaryist direction and measure that movement

We began working toward these goals on Monday.

It was mostly a smooth maiden outing. But we did encounter at least two significant problems we’re now working to improve.

Many thanks to those who participated. There are already notable results…

  • The site was shared 404 times on Facebook
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  • So far only 1 person has signed the petition favoring drug prohibition, though we expect that to change as our efforts expand
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  • 10 have moved an average of 4 points in favor of drug prohibition

This is a historic event that we hope you appreciate…

This is the FIRST TIME libertarians have been able to MEASURE people MOVING in their direction.

Because of those who took action on Monday, America is now slightly more libertarian than it was before. You can continue this progress by continuing to use these new tools.

Educational campaigns about more issues are on their way, but we’re still promoting the drug prohibition survey today. If you haven’t participated yet, please do so.

Is drug prohibition an exception to the Zero Aggression Principle?

  • Should agents of the State (ie, the police, FBI, DEA, etc.) be permitted to initiate force to control what substances people ingest?
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Do you support or oppose drug prohibition?

Please participate. Move the world in YOUR direction.

Also, share this message with your libertarian friends.

PREVIEW: Our next message will show you some new ways to use these tools to cause increased social change.

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
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McDonald v. Chicago

Picture copied from Google Images - Michael Badnarik

Picture copied from Google Images – Michael Badnarik

This article was written by Michael Badnarik and originally appears here:

I am sorely tempted to send Chicago’s Mayor Daley a sympathy card. I’m sure he’s crying about the latest Supreme Court decision, which bluntly asserts that Chicago’s anti-gun laws violate the Second Amendment, and the rights of all Chicagoans. (I hope he cries enough to cause severe dehydration.)

Wikipedia reports that “McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. ___ (2010), was a landmark decision of the Supreme Court of the United States on the issue of gun rights. The Court held that the right of an individual to “keep and bear arms” protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and applies to the states. The decision cleared up the uncertainty left in the wake of District of Columbia v. Heller as to the scope of gun rights in regard to the states.”

Let me repeat what I said after the Supreme Court ruled in the Heller decision in 2008. I have a right to life. I don’t need the Supreme Court to rule in agreement with me. I have a right to keep and bear arms. I don’t need the Supreme Court to tell me that, either.

However, for those Americans that seek the approval of authority before they form an opinion, this case is truly exceptional. For those people unwilling to defend themselves on their own authority, you have now been given permission by the Supreme Court to act on your biological urge for self-preservation. (You couldn’t have resisted your hard-wired response, but now, at least, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.) I am thrilled to learn that Americans purchased 14 million guns in 2009, along with 14 BILLION rounds of ammunition! I’m willing to bet this isn’t because of a sudden, widespread interest in quail hunting. Hopefully, several million of these new gun owners will be brave enough to CARRY their new guns once they hear about the recent Supreme Court decision. It is a simple and blatant fact that when gun sales rise, crime drops.

I won’t bother searching for statistics to support this argument, in much the same way I do not feel the need to prove that things fall when you drop them. One of my favorite challenges happens whenever someone claims that a criminal is more likely to take my gun away and use it on me, than I might be to use my gun in self-defense. (Are you freakin’ kidding me?!) I love to “holster” my cell phone as if it’s a pistol, and ask them to demonstrate their theory by taking my “gun” away from me. Nonebody has ever made a move in my direction in an attempt to prove this asinine statement. (Did I mention that I’m never really holding a gun?)

Much of the McDonald v. Chicago involves an interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment. Originally, the limitations outlined in the Bill of Rights were thought to apply only the the federal government. The Fourteenth Amendment is thought to extend those limitations to the state governments as well. Frankly, I think this argument is absurd and unnecessary. If I tell Peter that I will retaliate if he steals from me, does this imply that Paul is welcome to take my things simply because he wasn’t mentioned in the warning? Of course not. It should be obvious that I will retaliate against anyone who attempts to steal from me, whether I have warned them previously or not.

Which brings up an interesting question. If it is presumed that the state governments COULD violate my right to keep and bear arms prior to the Fourteenth Amendment expanding the Second Amendment’s scope – does that mean each of the 3300+ counties in the United States will require statutes to be enacted so the Second Amendment applies to them as well? Will statutes be required to name each city in the county before the restriction applies? Perhaps each statute should be amended each month to specifically name every Sheriff’s Deputy and police officer – just in case they are clever enough to point out that the Supreme Court never mentioned them by name.

When is everybody going to realize that the only one who can successfully defend your right to carry a gun for self-defense is YOU?


This article was written by Michael Badnarik and originally appears here:

URGENT! Senate could replace Patriot Act TODAY‏


Mitch McConnell gutting USA Freedom to make it more like the expired Patriot Act. #tlot #PatriotAct (Pease Retweet.)

The USA Freedom Act, as passed by the House of Representatives, includes three reforms that were designed to make the Patriot Act “nicer.”

  1.  Replace federal data collection with data retention by communication companies
  2. Provide an amicus (friend of the court) counterposition to FISA Court cases, including reports about why amicus briefers were or were NOT used
  3. Make some FISA court opinions available for you and the public to read

But as weak as these reforms are, they are still too strong for Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. Now, he’s stubbornly insisting on three Amendments that would gut these modest improvements, PLUS another amendment that extends Section 215 for a year.

I just told Congress to OPPOSE these amendments through’s “Hand Off the Internet” campaign.

Please do the same. You may borrow or copy this letter…

Section 215 of the Patriot Act has expired. This means…

The USA Freedom Act does NOT “reform” the Patriot Act. Instead it…

RE-STARTS bulk collection of phone records, invading my privacy for six more months

And Mitch McConnell’s proposed amendments…

* EXTEND bulk collection of phone records for yet another six months — essentially, a full year more of Section 215
* FORCES tech companies to ask the feds for “permission” to change their data retention policies
* WEAKENS the already modest provisions for amicus briefs to counter the government’s position in FISA Courts
* ALLOWS FISA court opinions to remain classified, meaning judges have no accountability


You swore an oath is to defend the Constitution, including my Fourth Amendment right to be secure from any State surveillance that occurs without a warrant from the Judicial Branch. FISA courts do NOT meet this requirement.

OPPOSE any and ALL bills that violate my rights!

* OPPOSE all four of McConnell’s amendments, then…
* VOTE NO on the USA Freedom Act

Do not revive any aspect of the Patriot Act. Section 215 must stay dead!

I’ll be watching what you do.


Send your letter here.

Downsize DC’s “Educate the Powerful System” is unique. It uses your contact information to…

  • Identify your House Rep. and your two Senators
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One year anniversary in new office‏


Will you help us pay off our mortgage early?
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June 1, 2015 was the first anniversary of our move into the new Nolan Memorial Headquarters office. The office has served us well.

We’re lucky to have moved out of the Watergate complex — they suffered a major collapse of their parking garage last month. See here for more on that tragedy. Fortunately, no one was killed.

The purchase price of our new office was $825,000. Thanks to many generous donors, we were able to put $325,000 down, and we took out a $500,000 mortgage. As a result of this purchase, we estimate our monthly overhead is more than $6,000 lower than when we rented space at the Watergate Complex. We can now put that money toward other things.

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