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The New Gender Battle: Tampons v. Whiskey

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The New Gender Battle: Tampons v. Whiskey

BY: STEVEN GREENHUTTurning the tax code into an endless fight over gender-equity.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to mock the California Legislature given the fusillade of nearly unbelievable legislation that makes its way through the Capitol’s hallowed halls. In the old days, when California had enough legislative Republicans and moderate Democrats to temper things, zany bills would be introduced only to die in committee. These days, the crazy stuff almost always makes it to the governor’s desk. READ MORE

St. Patrick

Russia’s Latest Acquisition: St. Patrick

BY: THOMAS J. CRAUGHWELLLooking ahead to green vodka on Red Square.

We knew that Russia wouldn’t stop at the Crimea, but now they’ve gone too far. Just days before March 17, the Russian Orthodox Church announced that it has added to its official liturgical calendar, known as the Menaion, 15 saints from Western Europe. The most famous of these is St. Patrick, who will be venerated by the Russian Orthodox under the name, “St. Patrick the Enlightener.” Patrick, famously, enlightened the Irish by bringing them the Christian gospel. I think it’s a pretty nifty title. READ MORE

The Only Thing It Needs

The Only Thing It Needs

BY: ROSS KAMINSKYThe Obamacare repeal debate drives home just how much Democrats disdain the very idea of freedom.

Sometimes Democrats say things that, unbeknownst to them, demonstrate the fundamental nature of their tyrannical beliefs far more clearly than they ever could, or would, when asked a direct question about their political philosophy.

On Wednesday, Senator Chuck “Don’t get between me and a TV camera” Schumer observed that Republicans must not be proud of their ongoing attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare because House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t want the effort named “Ryancare” and President Donald Trump doesn’t want it labeled “Trumpcare.”

But you don’t put a person’s name on freedom. READ MORE

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What will your Independence Day resolution be?



Over 200 years ago, our founders had the audacity to take on the most powerful bully on the planet: King George.


And, despite incredible odds, they won.


But, sadly, our liberties are still at risk, every day.


Today, we continue to denounce oppressive taxes, intrusive government, interventionist foreign wars, and more.


On New Year’s Day, many of us make resolutions for the coming year.


Today, I challenge you to start a new tradition of making an Independence Day resolution each year.


What will you do this year to champion the cause of liberty?


Will you run for office as a Libertarian?


Will you support Libertarian candidates or elected officials?


Will you talk with your family, friends, and neighbors about how their

liberties are at stake and what they can do about it?


Will you display a Libertarian bumpersticker on your car or hand out Libertarian brochures at an event?


Will you donate to the Libertarian Party so that we can grow?


Friend, I proudly serve the Libertarian Party because I believe that this organization is the best champion for liberty. We carry the torch lit by our founders.


Let’s resolve to carry on their proud tradition of standing up to bullies and intrusive government.


The Libertarian Party is aiming to have 2,000 Libertarian candidates on ballots in the 2018 mid-term elections. That is three times the number of candidates we had on ballots in the 2014 mid-term elections. It is a stretch goal for us…and it is a goal worth stretching for.


Reaching that kind of capacity will do wonders for carrying our message, strengthening our candidates up and down the ballot, and catching media and voter attention. We are reaching for hitting a political tipping point. It is only possible if Libertarians such as you are committed to helping make it happen.


Will you help us accomplish this goal?


All of the actions I mentioned above are meaningful contributions towards this goal. I encourage you to chose the one or more that best fits you.


What will your Independence Day resolution be?

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee


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Libertarian National Committee, Inc.
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European Ingrates!


NB – This essay does not constitute an endorsement or condemnation by the Libertarian Alliance of any candidate in the present General Election. SIG

I wrote on this topic recently, but have more to say as the topic is fast-moving. Do Europeans owe anything to Britain? That’s an important question. In the Second World War, Winston Churchill made clear that the war was being fought for the freedom of all European countries, and not for imperial conquest. In his “Finest Hour” speech to the House of Commons on June 18th 1940, he said:

However matters may go in France or with the French Government, or other French Governments, we in this Island and in the British Empire will never lose our sense of comradeship with the French people. If we are now called upon to endure what they have been suffering, we shall emulate their courage, and if final victory rewards our toils they shall share the gains, aye, and freedom shall be restored to all. We abate nothing of our just demands; not one jot or tittle do we recede. Czechs, Poles, Norwegians, Dutch, Belgians have joined their causes to our own. All these shall be restored. What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin.

It is noteworthy that Britain was fighting a war of choice—it did not seek terms with Nazi Germany—and was fighting, in fact, for the freedom of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France. Was it worth it?

I do believe that historical perspective is important, and that we should deal with other nations on the basis of historical memory. For example, we recall in our dealings with Greece and Italy that these countries have been of vital importance to the historical development of civilization in Europe, and at a long remove, we should be cognizant of the cultural and economic advantages bestowed on the Roman province of Britannia by the Romans. At a minimum, they evoke in us a residual affection. Of course, as history recedes, the ability of these countries to demand a special status owing to their illustrious history has to decline too. But some recognition of the achievements of the most glorious nations and what they have done for all of European civilization is in order.

Britain is a special country—we are told in the media and in the schools today that this is not the case—but a cursory reading of history shows that we are of vital importance to Europe. Economically, we gave the world the industrial revolution and capitalism. Politically, democracy and human rights (even where absurdly misinterpreted) are among our gifts to the world. Culturally, literature, drama and film are among the arts to which we have made great contributions that remain to this day part of the canon of world literature. Scientifically, Europe looks to us for having provided electricity, railways, automobiles, planes, computers, the telephone, television and the Internet. It is not an exaggeration to state that the prosperity of the whole of Europe, and indeed of every country in the world, comes on the back our our ancestors’—and not their ancestors’—achievements. English children should grow up with a knowledge of and pride in this.

Geopolitically, we have always sought to prevent combinations on the Continent, and stood against the Habsburgs and Imperial Spain, Napoleonic France, the Kaiser’s Germany and Nazi Germany. We also made an outsized contribution in the Cold War. Numerous European countries owe their freedom to us. I do not deny that historical memory works both ways. Maybe—I say this for the purpose of discussion—the prominence of Polish airmen in the Battle of Britain provides us with good reason to take, if possible and where facilitated by Poland’s own foreign policy, a pro-Polish view of modern international affairs, and if we need immigrants going forward, we could well consider prioritising Poland, as well as Czechs, Belgians, Frenchmen, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders, all represented in the Battle of Britain. However, there is no other European country that can lay claim to being the author of European freedom. True, Russian blood was expended to an immense degree in the defeat of Germany, but many European countries will be mindful that Russia was ultimately engaged in its own war of imperial conquest of Eastern Europe.

We are special, and do deserve recognition in Europe. Yet we get none. Or less than none, as all 27 EU countries have agreed to try to punish Britain for asserting its sovereignty. Would Luxembourg be free today without Britain? Jean-Claude Junker’s treatment of Britain is disgusting from a Luxembourgeois national. Does he not know that Luxemburgers huddled round the wireless in the 1940s listening to the World Service, hoping or praying that Britain or America would come to their salvation? I cannot abide the continental Europeans who refuse to acknowledge this. They will end up making an enemy of Britain, with long-term consequences.

It’s time to realise that the European nations we liberated were not worth it. They turned out to be ingrates. We need to face up to this. We wasted the lives of our servicemen for nothing. Who would wage war to liberate Belgium now?

The important point to note is the German drive to war, an objective and not a subjective drive in that many Germans would deny it exists. The poisoning of international relations led by the Germans flows from their international position. Everything Nicholas Ridley said about a united Germany has come true. Think of the nation that demanded during the Irish bailout talks that the Irish budget be submitted, not to the European Commission in Brussels, but to the German government itself for approval before being presented to the Irish parliament. Now we have the leaks against Theresa May co-ordinated by a German member of the commission. The determination that Brexit be a failure reflects German insistence that it be so.

Germany is also a country that owes its freedom to Britain, and indeed depends for its security, in part, on a British military presence. Who is to say where the poisoning of international relations will end? The German/French mode of exercising geopolitical power insists on humiliation of rivals (think of Versailles, of the behaviour of Nazi Germany, of the treatment of Greece and Ireland under Merkel). Britain has a different cultural style—and we often err by assuming our counterparts basically are the same as us, when they are culturally quite distinct—that favours a rational reaching of a compromise. The French have a sense of wounded pride to assuage. The Germans demand to have their pre-eminence acknowledged. They will not allow the reaching of a rational compromise that more or less meets everyone’s requirements.

I think we need to rethink NATO, and quickly. If all 27 EU nations clapped while agreeing Carthaginian terms for Brexit, that includes Estonia. But Estonia is host to British troops defending them against Russia. It’s time they made a choice: are they allies or are they enemies? If I were in power, I would adopt a stance of belligerent neutrality. NATO would go. The troops would be home from Estonia and Germany. I would spend more on the military, making clear to Germany that we have no intention of losing the next war.

As for Macron’s assertion in the French presidential campaign that he would close down the UK border in Calais, we must respond by bricking up the Channel Tunnel. We have got to stop acceding to everything our “partners” want, because we are being taken for granted. If they want economic, military and political relations with us, they need to start acting like allies, and quickly.

I do not deny that Britain has not always behaved well. The treatment of Iceland in the last financial crisis was a disgrace: UK depositors lost their money in Icelandic banks, which were not covered by a deposit guarantee. The UK and Dutch governments stepped in to provide a guarantee retrospectively, using their greater geopolitical power to force Iceland to pay for it. I would cancel all Iceland’s debts to the UK government immediately, in the interests of not behaving like Merkel and Junker on the international stage, and call on Holland to do the same.

Finally, there is an important point here. Germany is rising. There will be war on the continent one day, and we will not be allied with Germany. The stupidity of NATO is that it requires us to be anti-Russian, when Britain and Russia (look at the map!) are natural allies against Germany. If the Poles and Balts and other Europeans wish to throw in their lot with Germany, they may end up regretting it. I would advise Poland that the long-term risk to Poland is not just from Russia, but from Germany too, and that alienating Britain is not a fantastic geopolitical strategy. Certainly, Poland’s demand that we continue subsidising their farms even after Brexit is absurd and not the act of an ally.

There are times when it is important not to overreact. But when the tectonic plates are clearly shifting, the government must be nimble. Theresa May must note the rising tensions in Europe—which fully justify our exit and indeed underline our demand for it—and respond accordingly. Immediate refusal to pay any more money to Brussels even before 2019 is apparently the government’s “nuclear” option. I would activate it immediately and go for a quick Brexit. I’d guarantee the rights of EU citizens already here unilaterally, to avoid getting trapped in negotiations, and just accept that if the Spanish eject the British from Torremolinos, we will have to take them back. This is no time for a business as usual approach. Unfortunately, this issue means I will have to vote Conservative, as, despite her likely spinelessness, for now she deserves the support of every Englishman. Theresa, for God’s sake, don’t let us down. As we said in the war, “very well, then—ALONE!”


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PeaceOptions – Do You Believe in God?


Jun 11, 2017 11:13 am | John Dennison

Do you believe in God, or some other source or power behind the mystery of life and the creation of all that is? I do. I don’t know why I do. I just do. Some say there’s a “God gene” in the human genome that predisposes us to this belief that there is more than […]

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May 20, 2017 03:24 pm | John Dennison

As a birthday gift to myself, I thought I’d pull out one of my teacher’s favorites on meditation. Mine, too. It’s the classic of all classics. It’s the Buddha’s Anapanasati Sutta with his famous teaching on mindfulness. Try it. It’s a great way to find peace. Check it out.   Mindfulness of In-&-Out Breathing “Now […]

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Apr 18, 2017 05:03 pm | John Dennison

Let’s forget politics today and talk about you. Or more particularly, knowing yourself. Who are you really? What is your life all about? Why? Talk about heavy. But really, isn’t this what it’s all about? You? You are at the center of your universe. So why shouldn’t your life be about you? It’s bringing you […]

The post Building Block: Introduction to Knowing Yourself appeared first on PeaceOptions.


Apr 11, 2017 12:54 pm | John Dennison

Am I the only one torn over what we see in the news? It’s as if the Trump election and months since have ripped a hole in the fabric of my reality, making me question some of the foundations of this life I’ve been living. It’s put me through something of an existential crisis lately. […]

The post Conscious Choices: Joining the Fight vs. Standing for Peace appeared first on PeaceOptions.


Apr 10, 2017 10:32 am | John Dennison

What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result? Well, then I must be nuttier than a fruitcake. Because I’m still here talking about peace while addressing the conditions — both inner and outer — that combine to steal it. Lately that’s had me writing and speaking […]

The post The Insanity of Trying to Change My World appeared first on PeaceOptions.

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Regarding my new position on the Bob White for Florida Governor campaign team

Many of you could be very surprised that I decided to accept the position of Campaign Manager for the Bob White for Florida Governor campaign. I wanted to send out an email explaining my actions and why YOU should support Bob in his run for governor.

After the 2016 election I made a decision to focus my efforts on policy and had decided against taking an active role in campaigns. I have been disappointed the last several election cycles and focusing my effort on the Liberty First Network and policy felt like a better vehicle for me to advance liberty in Florida.

Bob White is the chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida (RLCFL) and has been a good friend of mine for many years. He has been very involved in my work in Tallahassee and very supportive of the efforts of the Liberty First Network. The Legislative agenda of the RLCFL has been identical to that of Liberty First. Bob has stood side by side with us in Tallahassee without falter.

I always thought that Bob would be a great candidate. I just never thought that Bob would ever consider running for public office. However, at the end of this last session he came to me with an idea to do something big to send a message that the people want their voice back in our state capitol. I was ready to fight next to Bob in this run the same way he had fought next to me for all of these years.

As the campaign moves forward, that motivation grows more and more. Every day he proves that he is a principled candidate that means what he says. He will bring important issues to the forefront and has the charisma and leadership we need.

I am proud to call Bob my friend. I am even more excited to stand side by side with him in this campaign for Florida Governor.

Please go to Bob’s website and take a look at his campaign ( and consider supporting Bob in this campaign.

Here is his latest video where he explains his reasoning for this run.

If you have any questions please let me know.

In Liberty
Alexander Snitker
(813) 315-0513

Alex Snitker on Political Connections regarding the 2017 Florida Legislative Session

A lack of choice is unfair


The last week of June was important in many ways for advocates of school choice. At the federal level, the US Supreme Court, according to Qartz, “made rulings on two cases in Missouri and Colorado that, while concerning small issues within specific school districts, likely have massive ramifications on the country’s entire public and private education systems alike.”

The Missouri case, Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer, involved a church-run school alleging a violation of rights because they were excluded from receiving taxpayer funding. The majority opinion states, “the exclusion of Trinity Lutheran from a public benefit for which it is otherwise qualified, solely because it is a church, is odious to our Constitution all the same, and cannot stand.”

SCOTUSblog reports, “several members of the court emphasized just how narrow they understood the Trinity Lutheran decision to be. In a footnote, three justices explained that the case involves only ‘express discrimination based on religious identity’ and only ‘with respect to playground resurfacing’” and has nothing to do with taxpayer funding being directed to religious schools for the purposes of education.

The case in Colorado – which was actually three cases (Doyle v. Taxpayers for Public Education; Douglas County School District v. Taxpayers for Public Education & Colorado State Board of Education v. Taxpayers for Public Education) – however, was about whether or not taxpayer funding could go to non-government run schools. The US Supreme Court vacated the judgment and sent the cases back to the Colorado Supreme Court for further consideration.

It is a stretch to say that either decision at the Supreme Court was a “victory” for advocates of school choice. However, there was one legitimate victory for advocates of school choice, and it involves the small New Hampshire town of Croydon. Croydon, like many small towns in NH, doesn’t have their own High School; so their students are sent to one in a neighboring town. The Concord Monitor reports, “The matter first kicked off in 2012, when the town voted to end its exclusive contract with Newport schools, where for decades the town had sent their students after they graduated from Little Red [the nickname of the one-room Croydon Village School]. After a transition year, the school board instituted a school choice program, paying a set tuition amount to the school of a family’s choosing.”

In 2014 the State Department of Education told the Croydon School District to cease the practice of sending tuition to the Newport Montessori School. WMUR reports, “The three-member board, led by two libertarian activists and a parent whose children attended the Montessori school, refused.” Before the situation could play out entirely in the courts, the New Hampshire Legislature stepped in to pass a law authorizing any town with no public school to “execute a contract with any approved nonsectarian private school approved by the school board as a school tuition program.”

WMUR reports, “This victory means Croydon can continue to send kids to the Montessori at a cost of $8,200 dollars per student — almost $5,000 less than it costs to send them to Newport Middle School.” Adding, “Advocates for the public education system said the new law is fundamentally unfair.”

Opponents of the government-funded school system would retort that the current system of funding schools is unfair to those without children, to those with children who wish to opt-out of the government-run education system, and to those who simply oppose the coercive nature of government. Regaining local control over education is certainly a good first step towards real education freedom; however the taxpayer funded mechanism for schooling needs to be abolished.

Darryl W. Perry

Darryl has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty. Darryl is an award winning author, publisher & radio/TV host. He is a regular contributor to several weekly and monthly newspapers. He hosts the daily newscast FPPradioNews, the podcast Peace, Love, Liberty Radio, the weekly news podcast FPP Freedom Minute, and is a regular host of Free Talk Live.
Darryl is the Owner/Managing Editor of Free Press Publications, and the CEO of Liberty Lobby LLC.
Darryl is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

To schedule an interview with Darryl please send an email to or call 202 709 4377

SPECIAL SESSION ALERT: New economic incentive program in special session leads to more questions than answers

SPECIAL SESSION ALERT: New economic incentive program in special session leads to more questions than answers

We are now in day 2 of a 3-day special session called by Governor Scott, Speaker Corcoran and Senate President Negron. The special session was called after Governor Scott and Speaker Corcoran along with President Negron agreed to increase the per-student spending in the education budget and to increase funding for Visit Florida from $25 million to $76 million as well as create a new economic incentive program called the “Florida Job Growth Grant Fund”.

Speaker Corcoran had made eliminating corporate welfare programs embedded in Enterprise Florida, the public-private partnership with the state, the centerpiece of his agenda during the past session. Speaker Corcoran also put Visit Florida square in his sights, even filing a lawsuit to force Visit Florida to hand over a million-dollar contract between Visit Florida and rap artist Pitbull. Speaker Corcoran pushed House legislation to eliminate Enterprise Florida and only appropriate $25 million for Visit Florida, down from last year’s $76 million appropriation. Although, the Senate would not agree to eliminate Enterprise Florida, they did agree to defund the 21 incentive programs used by Enterprise Florida.

With the session ending on May 8th, we were grateful that steps were finally taken to end corporate welfare programs that picked winners and losers and granted special privileges to certain companies. But, this special session could be the undoing of all the hard work from the past session. This new agreement made behind closed doors will push through a new economic incentive program without the needed time to debate this new program and be able to ask questions.

Just how the new economic incentive program “Florida Job Growth Grant Fund” will work is still unknown. This new program will be funded at $85 million and can be used by Governor Scott at his discretion, without legislative approval. The special session House bill HB 1A and the Senate bill SB 1A outline this new program, but is very vague as how it will work. Supposedly the $85 million cannot be used to benefit any one company, but can be used for infrastructure projects and job training to attract companies to relocate to Florida.

This new program may be a good program that just ensures Florida has the best infrastructure and trained workers that will bring companies to Florida. Our concern, is that infrastructure projects are now being funded through the legislative process, where these individual infrastructure projects are debated and vetted as a needed and appropriate use of taxpayer money. Even job training is being done now through Florida CareerSource and the Career and Professional Education Act (CAPE Act) that assist individuals in job training to attain employment in occupations that are considered “targeted industries”.

Since we are funding infrastructure projects and job training now, why does the Governor need this pot of money to use at his discretion and without legislative oversight?

How will the Governor decide who will qualify to receive these grants?

If Governor Scott cannot use the fund for any one company, how will he know what kind of infrastructure is needed?

If Governor Scott cannot use the fund for job training for any specific company, how will he know what kind of job training will be needed?

If Governor Scott will use this fund to attract certain “qualified target industries”, isn’t that looking more like corporate welfare that will pick what industries win and which industries lose?

Even the legislators in Tallahassee right now are asking questions about this new program and nobody seems to be able to answer questions on exactly how this program will work, except for very broad parameters.

Our position is that we should have more time to ask questions, legislators should have more time to ask questions. We do not want to have another Nancy Pelosi moment, where the bill will have to be passed before we can know what is in it.


Please call your Representative and Senator and ask them to demand more time to vet the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund. Our elected representatives are supposed to make sure our taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently, and we do not know enough about this new program that was put together last minute and behind closed doors.



IMPORTANT: Make sure you save the contact information to your representative in your cell phone.



The Liberty First Network is hitting the road

The 2017 Florida legislative session is complete. What went right and what went wrong in this session? Who were the legislators that were supporting liberty and who was standing in the way?

Find out about all of this and more as the Liberty First Network goes on the road to give the 2017 Florida Legislative Session review.

CLICK HERE to see locations and dates.

We will go over what went well in the 2017 Florida legislative session, what went poorly and what you can do to help influence the Florida legislature in 2018.

If you are part of a group or organization and would like to schedule this presentation for your group contact Alex Snitker at (813) 315-0513. Dates are filling up fast so contact us today to schedule your group.


As you already know, The Liberty First Network is not funded by the special interest or large corporations. We are funded by people like YOU who want to see liberty represented in Tallahassee year after year.

The Liberty First Network is offering memberships starting as low as $10 a month or $100 a year for a bronze membership package up to our platinum package at $100 a month or $1,000 per year.

Our membership gives us the ability to continue and expand the fight for liberty in Tallahassee.

Would you consider becoming a member of the Liberty First Network and help us in the fight for liberty?

For more information contact Alex Snitker at (813) 315-0513 or


Sign up for the Action Alert Text service

The Liberty First Network has launched our “ACTION ALERT TEXT” service to make engaging legislators easy and painless, with a quick swipe of the phone.

One of the most effective ways that you can influence the agenda is by calling specific representatives on bills when these bills are in their committees and these representatives will be voting on or scheduling these bills for a hearing.

With the ACTION ALERT TEXT you will get all the information you need to make the call in one text. The text will have up to 2 Representatives to call and will not take more than 5 minutes to complete. You can call when you’re walking to your office or when you are on a coffee break.

This service is available to all members of the Liberty First Network.

For more information contact Alex Snitker at (813) 315-0513 or

Copyright © 2017 Liberty First Network, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Liberty First Network

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New Port Richey, FL 34655

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Libertarians condemn government persecution of Bitcoin exchange vendor

Libertarian Party banner with torch logo, slogan "Shrinking Big Government - Advancing Liberty," and address 1444 Duke St. Alexandria, VA 22314, phone 1-800-elect-us, web address (graphic image)


For immediate release
June 6, 2017

Libertarian Party condemns government persecution of Bitcoin exchange vendor

First they came for those who traded Liberty Dollars, and I said nothing—
because I had no Liberty Dollars.
Then they came for Bitcoin exchange vendors, and I said nothing—
because I had no bitcoins.
Then they came for the rest of us whose only currency was Federal Reserve notes…

Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee, released the following statement today:

Randall Lord photo portrait; wearing suit & tie & eyeglasses and smiling (color photo)
Randall Lord, Libertarian candidate for U.S. House in 2012 and 2014

The Libertarian Party vigorously condemns the trumped-up case against Randall Lord, a former Libertarian candidate, who  was sentenced to 46 months in prison for the victimless “crime” of operating an unregistered money service business involving Bitcoin, a digital currency.

Trading bitcoins is perfectly legal. Major retailers such as Microsoft, Expedia, Dell, Overstock, and Whole Foods accept bitcoins. Prosecutors targeted Lord for not being registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the U.S. Treasury, and for not being licensed to operate as a money service business in his home state of Louisiana.

Despite his conscientious objections to government currency controls, the Shreveport resident attempted to comply with the laws and regulations governing Bitcoin. He filed for registration with FinCEN, but the bureaucracy misplaced his filing, for which he now faces almost four years in prison.

Lord was not licensed in Louisiana because state officials had told him that Bitcoin is not a currency, and therefore he didn’t have to have a license to operate. Then in March 2013, FinCEN expanded the definition of “currency” so they could pull exchanges like Lord’s under their regulatory control. 

Lord pleaded guilty to not having a state license, but later he proved to the court that the state did not require one. Then a federal court ruled that “unlicensed” could also mean “not registered with the Treasury Dept.” and refused to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea and take this issue to trial.

Every aspect of this case is a travesty:

  • politicians’ insatiable addiction to spending, which they finance by printing dollars out of thin air, devaluing the dollar and in turn creating the demand for alternative currencies such as Bitcoin;
  • the contemptible government regulations these very politicians enacted to obstruct Bitcoin trading, and which were used to prosecute Lord;
  • the bumbling FinCEN regulators whose ineptitude set Lord up for prosecution (unless it was deliberate that they “misplaced” Lord’s filing);
  • the use of multiple taxpayer-funded federal agencies—the IRS, FBI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Postal Inspection Service—to go after Lord for openly trading a legal commodity and harming no one;
  • the failure of prosecutors to show any intent by Lord to violate the law;
  • the harsh sentence imposed on Lord, which appears intended to intimidate others who trade in bitcoins, much like the life sentence imposed on Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht; and
  • the government’s as-yet uncertain plans to confiscate Lord’s assets, including possibly his home, adding to his family’s distress.

Randall Lord has long opposed the federal government’s tax-and-spend policies and the Federal Reserve Bank’s manipulation of the dollar. He did his part to try to change these onerous laws and regulations when he ran for U.S. House on the Libertarian ticket in 2014 and 2012, receiving 27 and 25 percent of the vote, respectively.

This case illustrates that the problem is not a well-meaning, civic-minded family man like Randall Lord who offers a service to people aiming to preserve the value of their hard-earned money.

The problem is overspending by federal politicians, their manipulation and regulation of currencies, and grandstanding prosecutors who get rewarded for convicting people rather than for achieving justice.

The solution is to overturn the sentence of Randall Lord, repeal onerous laws and regulations, and stop federal government overspending so that the dollar will stop losing value, jobs will be plentiful, and Americans will be financially secure.

Please add your voice to ours in demanding freedom for Randall Lord.

Listen to an interview of Randall Lord in a Lions of Liberty podcast here.


The Libertarian Party has proudly accepted Bitcoin since 2013.


Paid for by the
Libertarian National Committee, Inc. (LNC)
1444 Duke St., Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Content not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Thursday: Can you make “Southeast Libertarian mixer/supper club”?

Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group
Thursday, July 6, 2017
7:30 PM
Mimi’s Cafe
8455 Firestone Blvd.
Downey, CA
We discuss current events and plans for the future and make new friends, in a convivial and welcoming setting.
Learn more

American Spectator: Foreign Government Messes with US Election and it’s NOT Russia

The American Spectator Logo
Brits and Brennan

Special Report: How Brennan and Some Brits Tried to Tip Election for Hillary

BY: GEORGE NEUMAYRThey investigated candidate Trump and then planted smears in the English press about it.

Christopher Steele is the former British spy who compiled the “garbage” dossier on Trump-Russia ties, as Bob Woodward put it. That garbage dossier was cravenly and opaquely hyped by the American press until BuzzFeed released it, at which point the public could see its transparently ludicrous and uncorroborated contents. The release of the dossier exposed the vague, heavy-breathing allusions to it by CNN and the “intelligence community” as nothing more than an idiotic smear against Trump. READ MORE

Baby Boomers

Finally, the Boomers’ Comeuppance Begins

BY: R. EMMETT TYRRELL, JR.The worst generation in American history still refuses to grow up.

I was wondering when it would happen. For over thirty years I have been anxiously awaiting the backlash. Alas, for years it never arrived. What backlash have I been awaiting, you ask? Why, the backlash to the most self-important, morally superior, narcissistic generation to cast a shadow across this republic in its history, the Baby Boomers. Had the generation just been designated “the Babies” and been left at that, America would have been on the right track. As we now are about to discover, while the Boomers decline into senescence, they never really did grow up — at least their headline-grabbing cohort never grew up. READ MORE


The Hyperpartisan Washington Post

BY: JEFFREY LORDMedia columnist Margaret Sullivan attacks Hannity and Levin.

According to the Post, Hannity and Levin are a couple of nuts. We’ll return to the Hannity story in a moment. But as to saying of Mark Levin that he started the “evidence-free idea that President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of now-President Trump” Levin did no such thing. What he did do, as detailed here, was make it vividly clear — using mainstream media stories including the Post and others — that in fact the Obama administration had been conducting surveillance of Trump and/or Trump campaign associates.
That is a fact. READ MORE

More of Today’s Headlines:

The Spectacle Blog:

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Why so-called socialism is anti-social

Zero Aggression Project






An initiative of the Downsize DC Foundation


Political socialism is anti-social. Retweet

By Perry Willis

Socialism is a tricky word used by tricky people. For one thing, the word never seems to mean the same thing from one moment to the next. Originally…

Socialism meant that some (or most) “possessions” would be owned in common, especially the means of production (factories). Later forms of socialism focused mainly on common ownership of the means of production and extensive welfare programs. Marx and Lenin later Lenin statue fallspromoted the word communism as a synonym for socialism. But as communism gained power in various places and the evils of communism became more apparent, people who wanted to describe themselves as socialists tried to separate the two words.

These days, if you equate socialism with communism the self-described socialist will object and try to redefine socialism as merely favoring a more robust social safety net. But that would make the United States a socialist system too, and socialists don’t like that. They view the U.S. as a capitalist system, which they consider a bad thing (though their understanding of capitalism is extremely poor). So…

What is it exactly that so-called socialists want?

If a safety net isn’t enough to create a socialist society, then what would be enough? When you can get socialists to describe their desires specifically, the list almost always includes…

  • Free education for everyone, pre-school through university
  • A basic income for everyone
  • Free healthcare for everyone
  • And many still argue for worker-owned enterprises or state-controlled businesses (which used to be called fascism)

Does the word “free” mean that no one will pay for the things provided?

No. It means that The State will pay.

Where will The State get the money?

Through taxation, borrowing, or printing additional currency, but especially by taxing the rich so heavily that there are no rich people left, and everyone has basically the same living standard.

There’s another demand that seems to be universal to all self-proclaimed socialists…

  1. Everyone must participate in their schemes for education, income distribution, healthcare, worker-controlled businesses, etc.
  2. The agencies that perform these tasks must operate from the highest level of The State.

In other words…

Socialists want The State to totally control all these areas and have the entire population participate. This means that all socialist “safety net” programs must actually be dragnets that capture everyone, not just those in extreme need.

Of course, the more things you place totally in the hands of The State, the closer you get to the communism that self-proclaimed socialists deny they desire. Indeed, the focus on the concept of “total participation” and “total control” managed from the top down suggests another word — totalitarian. This implies one additional feature that’s also consistent with the historical practice of socialism/communism…


Every socialist, communist, or other totalitarian state takes the same approach…

“What’s that you say? You don’t want to participate in or pay for our programs? Too bad. You have no choice!”

“What’s that you say? You won’t comply? How cute. Keep that up and men with guns will come to arrest you.”

“What’s that you say? You’ll resist arrest because we have no moral right to compel your compliance? Well, our good intentions matter more than your rights, and we can’t have you setting a bad example, so we’ll kill you if you resist arrest.”

There it is in a nutshell. All totalizing systems, such as socialism and communism, rely on violence, with murder as their final resort to force submission. This helps to explain why socialism/communism murdered upwards of 100 million people during the 20th Century. But all of this begs a question…

How can any of these socialist attributes be viewed as having anything to do with society?

The socialist will claim that The State and society are the same thing. The communist will claim that The State and the community are the same thing. But they’re not. Societies and communities continue to exist even when a particular form of The State disappears. For instance…

  • Russian society continued even when the Soviet Union did not.
  • Munich was still a community even after the Nazi state disappeared.

This is a crucial distinction that both left-statists and right-statists consistently get wrong.


The State is merely an institution, a fractional part of that greater whole we call community, society, or country.

So what justification remains for so-called socialists to equate their violence-based system with society itself? The answer is NONE.

The word socialism, as currently defined, is a total fraud. What so-called socialists actually advocate is highly anti-social. True socialism would only use good means to pursue its good intentions. That means…

This approach is summed up by the voluntaryist Zero Aggression Principle…

Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically.

Only one system obeys the Zero Aggression Principle and has all the above features….

The libertarian free market.

The logical conclusion is both obvious and stunning…

  • So-called socialism is anti-social, and therefore unworthy to use the word “social” in its name
  • The libertarian free market is the only system truly worthy of the name socialism.

This article was published at the Zero Aggression Project blog

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PeaceOptions – Buddha on Mindfulness – from the Anapanasati Sutta



May 20, 2017 03:24 pm | John Dennison

As a birthday gift to myself, I thought I’d pull out one of my teacher’s favorites on meditation. Mine, too. It’s the classic of all classics. It’s the Buddha’s Anapanasati Sutta with his famous teaching on mindfulness. Try it. It’s a great way to find peace. Check it out.   Mindfulness of In-&-Out Breathing “Now…

The post Buddha on Mindfulness – from the Anapanasati Sutta appeared first on PeaceOptions.

Apr 18, 2017 05:03 pm | John Dennison

Let’s forget politics today and talk about you. Or more particularly, knowing yourself. Who are you really? What is your life all about? Why? Talk about heavy. But really, isn’t this what it’s all about? You? You are at the center of your universe. So why shouldn’t your life be about you? It’s bringing you…

The post Building Block: Introduction to Knowing Yourself appeared first on PeaceOptions.

Apr 11, 2017 12:54 pm | John Dennison

Am I the only one torn over what we see in the news? It’s as if the Trump election and months since have ripped a hole in the fabric of my reality, making me question some of the foundations of this life I’ve been living. It’s put me through something of an existential crisis lately….

The post Conscious Choices: Joining the Fight vs. Standing for Peace appeared first on PeaceOptions.

Apr 10, 2017 10:32 am | John Dennison

What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result? Well, then I must be nuttier than a fruitcake. Because I’m still here talking about peace while addressing the conditions — both inner and outer — that combine to steal it. Lately that’s had me writing and speaking…

The post The Insanity of Trying to Change My World appeared first on PeaceOptions.

Apr 06, 2017 10:43 pm | John Dennison

Do you like to watch a good fight? There’s a great one going on and I thought maybe you’d like to watch it with me. It’s called ObamaGate, and we’ve got ringside seats for a winner-take-all death match now going on for the future of our country. Once upon a time I thought I’d be…

The post #ObamaGate: Ringside Seats for the Fight of the Century appeared first on PeaceOptions.


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Thoughts on a Dull General Election


A Few Words on the General Election
by Sean Gabb
(29th April 2017)

Unless I fall under a bus before polling day, this will be the tenth General Election in which I have voted. It may be long-term electoral fatigue that leaves me so unexcited by and uninterested in the process. Or it may be that the process in itself is dreary beyond belief. Whatever the case, I do not feel inclined to discuss it. But I do feel obliged to say something.

I will vote Conservative. This is not because I approve of what the Conservatives have done since they won an overall majority in 2015. They have continued making the country less free and less British. It is not because I like Theresa May. As Home Secretary, her agenda was to give us even more of a police state than Michael Howard had in mind. She was on the Remain side in the Referendum. She found herself Leader of the Conservative Party because she had better friends than the other candidates, and because she was probably the least awful of the candidates. But I will vote Conservative, even so. I will do this for two reasons.

First, this election is effectively a rerun of the Referendum. If the Cameron Government had shown the slightest decency or forethought, it would have included in the Referendum Act a clause to the effect that a No vote would oblige and empower the Ministers to take all necessary action to leave the European Union. Instead, the Prime Minister resigned in a fit of pique, and the courts insisted on a separate Enabling Act. This gave us a new Prime Minister with a dubious mandate. So we are voting to give her that mandate. Let us suppose she fails to get a working majority – there would most likely be a coalition of Labour and the Scottish Nationalists. Labour is weakly-committed to leave the European Union, The Scottish Nationalists do not wish to leave. One way or the other, the Referendum would be overturned by any but a Conservative victory – perhaps by any but a big Conservative victory. Therefore, anyone who wants to leave should vote Conservative. I will pinch my nose and do so. I commend this decision to my friends.

Second, we are entering an age of rapid ideological change. Questions of whether we should have identity cards, or if the authorities should be able to censor the media, are becoming less important than the questions of who makes these decisions, and how they are made. There is not – and probably, in my lifetime, never has been – a libertarian option in British politics. The choice has always been so far which elements of a broadly leftist-authoritarian agenda should be pushed hardest. The choice now is between a Conservative Government that has no electoral interest in leftism, and limited inclination to uphold its hegemony, and various parties that will try to keep that hegemony going till it fully shrivels away. The Conservative Party is an organisation of frauds and liars. Its directors are in the pocket of any interest group with money to spend. Though split on exactly what it believes, however, Labour is a party of true believers. The Conservatives will do evil by inertia, Labour by choice. Without hope of immediate improvement, I will vote Conservative.

Give her a decent majority, and Theresa May will take us out of the European Union on acceptable terms. These terms will be available almost for the asking. The European Union is little more than the agent of twenty seven governments, all with conflicting interests. The British Government will have a fresh mandate to act on behalf of a unitary state. Mrs May is no fool, and she must understand that her hold on power and her place in the history books are both contingent on how she manages our disengagement. Her lack of principle is beside the point – or may be an advantage.

And then?

We can leave aside the idea of a libertarian revival. No one in or near government wants less control by the State. Hardly any of the electors want it. This is probably for the best. I have been an insider on the British free market movement for about forty years. Those who run it are willing to nod approvingly whenever freedom of speech is mentioned, or due process of law. The mainstream utopia, though, involves full speed ahead for the City banking casinos, and an immigration policy that will stuff the rest of us into sixty-storey tower blocks of bedsitting rooms. What we can more likely expect – and hope for – is what I will delicately call a revival of national identity. This will eventually involve some regard for historic liberties. It will also involve a degree of directed reindustrialisation, and even a pretty generous welfare system.

On this latter point, I will observe that there is nothing specifically leftist or socialist about welfare. From the Greeks onward, every European state has taken some responsibility for the welfare of the poor and of the not-so-poor. Until the Reformation, the English State contracted out these duties to the Roman Church. In the last years of Elizabeth, the authorities took direct responsibility. The 1834 Act did not seek to abolish welfare, but standardised it, and made sure it included basic medical services. The 1911 Act and the Attlee Government’s welfare laws were less than ideal for their stated purpose. But they are part of a system we have inherited; and more welfare of whatever kind was the inevitable product of greater wealth to pay for it. Unless certain present trends continue to the point where the social contract breaks down in chaos or tyranny, we can expect a long-term settlement on welfare that will reconcile economy and self-help with humanity and security. If Theresa May can start work on this – and perhaps some start has already been made since 2010 – we shall be in her debt.

I turn to one other matter. I did hope that the election of Donald Trump would make it less essential to resent American control over our affairs. I never believed that Donald Trump would keep all his promises. But I failed to expect that he would turn out so quickly to be a weak-minded charlatan. I may be wrong here. He may be playing a clever game with all the unfinished business of the Cold War. Let China be bullied into switching off North Korea, and perhaps the Americans can revise their military commitments in East Asia. Give him a big triumph in foreign policy, and he may be able to make other changes. But the simplest explanation for the past month or so is that Mr Trump is a big-business neoconservative who lied his way into office, and should now be shunned by every other civilised government.

This being so, the first victims of her Cabinet reshuffle should be Boris Johnson and Liam Fox. The first is an intellectual and moral disgrace who should never be let into Parliament even to clean the toilets there. The second is an American agent. Their continuation in government is inconsistent with our national self-determination. We shall leave the European Union. The fewer the dealings we have with the Americans after that, the better that will be for all of us.

This is a dreary election. I can barely make myself look at the newspaper headlines. For the reasons I have given, even so, it may be the most important in which I shall have voted. Assuming a large Conservative majority, it may set an agenda for the next fifty years – a better agenda than we have had in the past fifty. I just wish it were over, and, unless something unexpectedly interesting happens, I have no wish to write any more about it.


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Gut Trump’s “travel ban” by repealing the laws that authorized it



What does the Constitution say about Trump’s “travel ban?” Retweet

We have a NEW campaign to fight the Trump travel ban. The sample letter to Congress below explains the issue, but first a bit of housekeeping…

Our new website, that will use Congressional contact software from CQ-Roll Call (see the list at right for the 16 benefits that change will bring), will launch soon, so…

It makes zero sense to invest in a software update to account for new members of Congress in our present system. If you have a new Rep or Senator, the messages will still deliver to the other incumbents.

The hardwired letter to Congress for our new travel ban campaign reads…

The Trump travel ban was authorized by section 212(f) of the INA. And the authorization for the Department of Homeland Security to create the list of countries that President Trump banned, comes from the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. I want you to take steps to repeal both. 

You can copy or edit this sample text for your personal letter to Congress…

The Constitution limits federal government powers to just those specifically listed (doctrine of enumerated powers). There’s no specific constitutional power to control or limit immigration. The listed power is naturalization (who becomes a citizen). Thus, the Trump travel ban and the legislation that authorized it are both illegal under the Constitution.

These actions are also immoral. Human rights are…

— Pre-constitutional: They belong to all persons, not just to citizens of the United States.
— Inalienable: They cannot be taken away by legislative action — Congress shall make no law…

And one such right is the freedom to move through public spaces, unmolested by state aggression.

Fears about terrorism cannot “trump” this right. Any large group of people will have sociopaths in it. We don’t deal with the vastly larger problem of American criminals by deporting innocent Americans with matching demographic characteristics. Neither should we deal with the problem of immigrant criminals by banning the innocent refugees our politicians have created through their interventionist foreign policy. It’s wrong to punish the innocent for the crimes of the guilty.

President Trump’s Executive Order banning travel from seven Muslim nations enforces unconstitutional legislation passed by Congress. Thus, Congress and the Democrats are complicit in Trump’s unconstitutional action. Specifically…

The seven nations chosen came from a list created by the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama. DHS gained the power to create such a list from the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, legislation that was supported by Congressional Democrats and signed into law by President Obama. This is the first piece of legislation that should be repealed.

The second offending law is section 212(f) of U.S. Code, derived from the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952. It reads as follows:

“(f) Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

As you can see, that language is essentially a blank check that allows any President, including Trump, to ban the people of any country for almost any reason.

Both pieces of enabling legislation must be repealed.


Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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Science Too Important to be Left to State | Are Private Schools Unfair? | Pot Black Market and Massachusetts

Liberator Online


Now Is the Perfect Time to Get Your OPH Kit! 

Since summer is here, now is the perfect time to order your Operation Politically Homeless Kit to prepare you and your group for libertarian outreach events the rest of this season and into fall.

OPH is the Advocates’ famous “event in a kit” that uses the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and eye-catching graphics to turn an ordinary ho-hum outreach booth into a crowd-drawing, crowd-pleasing event that’s fun for boothers and attendees alike. (Yes, fun! We hear that over and over again.) OPH adds a whole new dimension of fun and effectiveness to campus tabling.

Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

Science Is Too Important To Leave It To The State

When the science funding debate is ignited by reports that lawmakers are considering a new cut, news outlets are quick to publish stories about the “anti-science” legislators roaming Washington, D.C. with their dangerous unscientific biases running the country.

science What a bunch of old religious nuts, reporters and left-leaning critics suggest. They want science to die along with the planet.

Unfortunately, the winning narrative is nothing but that, a narrative. And whenever it pops up, people take it seriously, often ignoring facts — particularly those that demonstrate lawmakers are never truly serious about putting an end to government-funded anything.

Read more about science is too important to be left to the state here…

Massachusetts Wants To Boost The Marijuana Black Market

Massachusetts voters chose to legalize marijuana for recreational use in November, putting an end to more than a century of prohibition in the region. This Wednesday, the state’s House leaders are going directly against their constituents, advancing a bill that would set the tax on recreational pot to 28 percent, double the amount currently allowed. On top of that, the proposal would also give municipal officials — or bureaucrats — power over which shops and farms can be banned, taking this authority away from local voters.


Claiming that this piece of legislation actually better serves voters by protecting public health, safety, and the “best interests of the state,” lawmakers supporting the bill seem to ignore that the measures adopted in its text would have very different real-world consequences.

If the goal here is to boost the illicit marijuana drug market, the mandatory high taxes are enough to do the trick, and if what legislators want is to allow local government officials to be influenced by certain entrepreneurs to keep competitors from establishing shops or farms in certain locations in order to boost their own business, this bill also seems to be the perfect fit.

Read more about how Massachusetts wants to boost the marijuana black market here…

Are private schools unfair?


I live in England, where the private schools are derided by some, not because they are bad, but because they are thought of as unfairly benefiting the wealthy. I disagree. I believe that, because the offspring is an extension of the parent, he or she gains no unfair advantage — the school simply allows people to gain advantage from their own work. Do you agree?



I would agree. However, all schools, whether public or private cost many times more in taxes or tuition than is necessary because of government regulations.

Read more of Dr. Ruwart’s answer about private schools here…

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FEE: Your Shower Is Lame, Your Dishwasher Doesn’t Work, and Your Clothes Are Dirty

The 2017 Tech Wishlist

by Eileen L. Wittig

2017 should have robots, AI, automated everything. Phones are great but they’re old news. If the tech world wants to make things that’ll get us all excited, they need to make things that will let us move less, not more. JARVIS for example.


How the Census Gets Race All Wrong

by Eddie Ferrara

The census doesn’t – and cannot – tell us about the actual genealogical diversity of America; what it actually measures is our collective perception thereof. The great irony here is that the OMB and the Census Bureau are both causing and reacting to changes in perceptions of racial identity in America! In order to ask questions the way they think respondents want to hear them, they place their thumbs on the scale.


Your Shower Is Lame, Your Dishwasher Doesn’t Work, and Your Clothes are Dirty

by Jeffrey A. Tucker

We have long lived with regulated showers, plugged up with a stopper imposed by government controls imposed in 1992. There was no public announcement. It just happened gradually. After a few years, you couldn’t buy a decent shower head. They called it a flow restrictor and said it would increase efficiency. By efficiency, the government means “doesn’t work as well as it used to.”


How to Be a Light for Liberty in the New Year

by Richard M. Ebeling

At one point in his talk, Leonard Read asked that the lights be turned off in the classroom. In the darkness he slowly started to turn up the light of an electric candle that he held in his hand, asking us to notice how all eyes were drawn to it, however dim the illumination. As the candle brightened, he pointed out that more and more of the darkness was pushed away into the corners, enabling us to see more clearly both the objects and the people in the room.


What Makes a Person a Person?

by Erica Stonestreet

Personhood is a moral concept, related to the notion of individuality. Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant claimed that personhood is grounded in reason. But if personhood requires rationality, then what should we say about children, who are at best partially rational? What should we say about those with mental disabilities that hamper their reason?


The Brilliance of Thomas Sowell: A Tribute

by Mark J. Perry

There is no economist alive today who has done more to eloquently, articulately, and persuasively advance the principles of economic freedom, limited government, individual liberty, and a free society than Thomas Sowell


Debate: Gold or Fiat Money?

by Donald J. Boudreaux

“I’ve never understood why the state any more should control the supply of money than it should control the supply of wheat or of steel or of rubber bands.  That is, I’ve never seen any reason why money cannot be and should not be supplied privately.” ~ Don Boudreaux


Alex Snitker: My Latest Article is in Sunshine State News

Special Session Produced Corporate Welfare Lite

The third time’s a charm for Ride Sharing Services in Florida


NOTE: The Liberty First Network has begun using the NEW LFN Action Alert Service. If you want to continue to receive Action Alerts from the Liberty First Network CLICK HERE to sign up. 

The third time’s a charm for Ride Sharing Services in Florida

SB 340/HB 221 were bills filed this past session that would prevent local governments from regulating “transportation network companies” such as Uber and Lyft and would adopt a uniform, common sense law focused on safety and access to the new technology.

It makes no sense that 67 counties and 410 municipalities would create their own set of regulations, which would make it impossible for ride-share drivers to comply as they serve neighboring cities and counties.

This legislation establishes common-sense guidelines throughout the state, and allows people in Florida to continue benefiting from ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft and allow affordable, reliable rides.

This would be the third year that the legislature would take up legislation concerning transportation network companies. The House would pass legislation in 2015 and 2016, while as usual the Florida Senate would continue to kill good legislation. The main culprit killing ride-share legislation was then Senate President Andy Gardiner, who served as Senate President for 2015-16. Senator Gardiner represented an Orlando district and was very tied to the Orlando-based Mears Transportation, a large taxi service company, who fought against any legislation that would reduce regulations on ride-share companies like Uber. Mears Transportation is a large donor and used their clout with the Senate President to make sure the legislation would die.

The 2017 session brought new Senate leadership with Senate President Joe Negron, who has supported the growth of rides-hare companies. Also, SB 340 was sponsored by Senator Jeff Brandes, a strong advocate for ride-share companies. Senator Brandes is known for being principled fighter for liberty issues and worked hard to make sure this bill passed this session. The House companion bill HB 221 easily passed through two committee stops and passed the House by 115-0 unanimous vote. SB 340 passed easily through four committee stops and the Senate took up HB 221 and passed it 36-1. HB 221 was sent to the Governor Scott and he recently signed the legislation into law.

The difference in this legislation passing this year after failing for the previous two years; Senator Andy Gardiner was termed out and could not kill the bill this year, thank God for term limits. Also, a lot of credit to Senator Jeff Brandes for not giving up and fighting for this legislation.



Become a Member of the Liberty First Network. We’re grossly outspent and outnumbered by government and quasi-government lobbyists, many of whom are there on our tax dollars. Help us make sure that your voice is represented in Tallahassee and become a member TODAY.

Contact Alex Snitker at (813) 315-0513 for more information on how to become a member of the Liberty First Network.

We will be sending out reports on the specific legislation the Liberty First Network was tracking this session with our new Action Alerts E-Mail service. CLICK HERE to sign up.


Liberty First Network · 9851 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL 34655, United States

Want more press coverage for Libertarians?



Last week, Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed on two of Glenn Beck’s programs.


Here is a clip from the TV interview.


Do you want to see more interviews like this?


Do you want to see Libertarian Party spokesmen on major news outlets on a regular basis?


To work towards that, the Libertarian Party is seeking to hire a full-time, experienced Press Secretary.


This new staffer will be responsible for outreach to the press, building relationships with them, and helping get more media attention for the party and our candidates.


In order to make that possible, we need to expand the budget by $15,000.


This is a bargain for the incredible value that this staffer will provide for the party nationwide.


Achieving major media attention will help the national party grow, state parties grow, county parties grow, and increase the prestige of our candidates up and down the ballot.


This is one of the most critical investments of 2017, and an important part of laying the foundation for big things in upcoming elections.



Please give generously and help us make this possible.




Wes Benedict

Executive Director



Paid for by the
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.
1444 Duke St., Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Content not authorized by any
candidate or candidate committee.

Invitation: Smash Cut Cine Fest

Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group
Added by Jonathan Jaech
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
6:30 PM
The Vista Theater
4473 Sunset Dr
Los Angeles, CA
From Group member Katie Weeks: I’d like to invite your Meetup group to a special event at the Vista Theater in LA on June 28th. SmashCut CineFest 2017 is the Los Angeles Premiere of five short films produced through the Taliesin Nexus’ Liberty Lab fo…
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2 Meetups this Wednesday

Wed Jun 28
6:30 PM
at The Vista Theater
4 Liberty Lovers
Wed Jun 28
7:30 PM
at Gill’s Indian Restaurant

Huntsville Area Libertarian Supper Club, June 28, 2017

Everyone is invited to the Huntsville Area Libertarian Supper Club
meeting at 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, 28 June 2017.  It will be at Meteor
Chinese Buffet, 751 U. S. Highway 72 E, Huntsville, 256-852-8138. This
buffet restaurant is on the south side of US-72 East a short distance
east of Memorial Parkway.

NOTE:  US-72 East’s intersection with Memorial Parkway is about 1.7
miles north of University Drive’s intersection with Memorial Parkway.


some of our most important work



Ballot access is one of the most critical functions of the national party.


Libertarians and Libertarian candidates across America benefit when we can say that EVERY American voter has the opportunity to vote Libertarian.



50 state ballot access is much more powerful than 49 state ballot access. It gives us more prestige in the eyes of the media and voters, and this helps translate into votes.


In 2016, we achieved 50 state (plus DC!) ballot access and every American voter had the option to vote Libertarian.


We are striving for that again in 2018. It is an ambitious project but doable, if we continue to plan ahead wisely and do the heavy lifting needed to make it happen.


Every state has different requirements. We are very fortunate that our

2016 election results guaranteed ballot access for us in 37 states! This puts us further ahead on this than ever before. But there is still a lot of work that must be done.


The national party focuses on helping states that have particularly difficult thresholds…places where the state legislatures has made it extra difficult for us to get on ballots.


Our experts targeted Ohio, Arkansas, and Virginia for major involvement from the national party in 2017. State leadership in these states and in other states are doing a lot of heavy lifting too and we thank them for their hard work.


Our experts are some of the best in the country on ballot access work and they recommended that the national party budget and spend $130,000 on this work in 2017.


To date, we have raised $115,179.15 towards this $130,000. We need to raise just $14,820.85 more to make sure that the work we need to do in 2017 gets done.


If you want Libertarian candidates on EVERY ballot in America again in 2018, please donate to the Ballot Access Fund today.



As always, thank you for your support.



Nicholas Sarwark

Chair, Libertarian National Committee



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Conference call featuring the national Chairman

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Paid for by the
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