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South Bay Libertarians Monthly Dinner/Meeting

Greater Los Angeles Libertarian Party Meetup Group

Thursday, October 16, 2014
6:30 PM
Raffaello Ristorante
400 South Pacific Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731
6:30 pm:Social Hour & Dinner
8:00 pm: Meeting, Speakers, Discussions
Our featured guest this month is…

Here is a link to our website:
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Teaching Kids To Fight Tyranny – One Laugh At A Time


Infographic: Civil Forfeiture – The Lack of Due Process

Civil Forfeiture, an infographic from

We Need YOU at Broward College for the Debate!‏

wylliespeechHere is the latest on the debate: The judge compelled the lawyers for the debate organizers to respond yesterday. The attorneys for the other side did respond.

The judge is now reviewing our complaint and their response and will decide if our case should receive a hearing. If he decides it does, than we will have a hearing and the judge will hear oral arguments and make a decision.

We are confident that our attorneys have made a compelling case for the judge and we will prevail.

No matter what the judge decides we need EVERYONE that can possibly make it to Broward College to be there. If you have signs BRING THEM!! Wear your shirts! I have buttons or bring your own. We need the biggest crowd we can possibly make to be outside of that debate to welcome Adrian in as he enters the debate or be together to protest. Click HERE for more info

We need YOU to be there to make this a HUGE showing!! Let’s tell these organizations that FLORIDA WANTS A 3RD OPTION!!

wyllieCampaignFooterDanielle Alexandre
Campaign Manager
Wyllie for Governor

I am working on getting a location to watch the debate from and Adrian will arrive after the debate is over.



©2014 Wyllie for Governor | 9851 SR 54, New Port Richey, FL

Death of The American Productive Class

Picture from Google Images - productive class

Picture from Google Images – productive class

Our government here in the U.S.A. wants us to believe that everything is OK. They lie to us all the time about the unemployment rate, the status of the economy and how they calculate the numbers. They want us to think that everything is rosy and wonderful and that we are out of financial trouble. To them, everything is on track.

To working America, it is all still dying a slow death.

Data is now trickling out that tells the true picture of what is going on. How the productive middle class’s (those of us with real working jobs) income has SHRUNK by 40 percent. How, not even half of American citizens have at least $500 in savings.  Still, there are more people on welfare than those of us with full time jobs. Businesses are still closing doors.

I probably do not need to go on. I am sure that you as a reader are seeing it all as well. Certainly, we can all complain about it. Our government tried to do something about it and screwed up, yet again, SURPRISE.  Worrying and/or complaining about it won’t do anything toward help solving the problem. We can complain all the time about the government but in the end it will just leave us right where we were (or worse off). The mess will still be there until we clean it up.

Maybe it would help to put it into perspective.

The Great Depression was upon us. World War II, clearly, was a reset for the U.S. economy. Around the world, all the other industrial countries were in shambles. Germany, England, France and Japan were basically a pile of rubble. The United States, Canada and Australian economies were the least hit. The United States was still the largest economy in the world at the time.

This meant that the 50’s through 60’s was a great time for production. Americans were working at full capacity in every sector of the economy. The rest of the world remained in ruins until around the 70’s. Slowly they began to compete with America (think cars and steel manufacturing).  American companies became complacent with their status from the 50’s and 60’s. They thought nothing could touch them. They were so arrogant that some car companies developed policies of obsolescence.

Nixon took the world off the gold standard in the 70’s and re-baselined the American dollar. Moving the dollar from gold to the oil trade was a big mistake. Inflation raged, manufacturing declined, the 80’s saw interest rates into the 20 percentile range. Factories closed by the dozens. A rust belt was looming from Chicago to New York City.

Suddenly,   the FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) economy sprang up. This economy worked extremely well for a number of years, even though it didn’t produce anything. Of course, this meant that it was based solely on the strength of the dollar. That dollar strength was only temporary. You see, for an economy to be robust and grow, it MUST produce…and…the U.S. was not doing so.

Not producing means we have nothing for sale that people want to buy. Oh, there were a few things good that came out of it, like online brokers. But adding a new online broker did nothing for value as adding a car would have. What is even worse, since we were not on the gold standard, the FIRE economy was largely based on debt (as illustrated in this chart).


Looking at it, this meant that our economy from the 1980 to 2008 (or there about) depended on foreign governments and foreign investors buying U.S. dollars even though those same dollars were losing value. It would not last.

Debt cannot replace production.

The crash of 2008 was inevitable.

Since then, the Federal Reserve has been printing money like wild fire. Sticking with its “too big to fail” policy, the Fed set out on a course to prop up Wall Street. All the while, those of us living on Main Street, slide down the pole toward irrelevance and oblivion.

It does not matter what our politicians say. Their actions speak a lot louder than their words. Those actions should make it clear to even the most casual of observers that they defend the bankers. By doing such, they kick us (the production class) under the bus.

This is where we as a country stand right now. The big question now is what is the production class of people going to do about it?

Democrats want you to believe that if you complain enough, by magic, the problem will be solved. Complain enough and in the right ways, magically, a great leader will rise up, take the reins of control, and fix all our problems. I want to be perfectly here when I say this. B. T. Barnum was right. There is a sucker born every minute.

Our government leaders are playing you for a sucker.

It is no longer a government of, by and for the people. Our leaders have sold you out. They picked sides and they do not want you on their team. They sided with Wall Street and the Banks.


It is time YOU get that thought through your head.


Nobody cares more about you than YOU. Once you get this thought through that thick skull of yours you will wake up. An entire world of possibilities open up to you once you come to the realization that YOU MUST do something for yourself.


Let’s face it; the American productive class is made up mostly of fairly decent people. They are smart, willing and capable people. They are NOT hurting because of some ailment. They are as smart as (or smarter than) anyone else in their lineage. NO, it is not them; it is because Washington controls their lives. They are dependent upon Washington for answers. All Washington considers them fit for is voting, fighting in wars and creating more debt (buying things they do not need nor can afford).

Washington does NOT care about you. Your government officials, at any level, do not care about you. Once you decide to understand this fact and take responsibility for yourself (instead of depending on them) things will be different. All sorts of options abound, you can pick anyone or more of them. Think of getting off the grid for instance.

  1. You could grow your own food. You will have much better quality of food and save money in the process.
  2. Start your own business. You can run one out of your garage. It sounds hard but how do you think companies like Amazon, Apple, Google or HP got started.
  3. Rent out spare rooms in your house.
  4. Build drones, robots or anything else you think others will want to buy in order to make their life easier.
  5. Join or create a community with shared benefits like a dinner club where you cook for neighbors and they pay you for it. It is not limited to cooking. You can do anything in this category and it will work.

The big trick is to STOP BEING AFRAID. Get off your couch, kick your TV habit. Put your valuable time to better use.


Nothing in your life will change until YOU take action and do something about it. Yes, everyone is uncertain of what is happening. Everyone is scared. The ship is sinking. The water level is rising. Only those who are smart enough to take action and climb into the life boat will be saved. Just thinking about get in is NOT good enough. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.

So, all my productive American people, stop preparing to go down with the ship. Pick your spots, commit to action and get in the life boat.

Need more help?

Want another suggestion?

Go to: to learn how you can begin your path to your American Dream.

Yours in Liberty

More Excting News and Things YOU Can do to Make YOUR Voice Heard‏


This week Adrian has hit his highest polling number to date! 0ptimus polling company showed Adrian at 14.3% (with MOE) and the University of North Florida (UNF) released their INDEPENDENT poll showing Adrian with 14.74% (with MOE).

This week was also the airing of the first televised gubernatorial debate hosted by Telemundo 51. Many journalists and onlookers declared Adrian Wyllie the winner of the Telemundo debate on Friday…………And he wasn’t even allowed in the door!

Adrian joined supporters outside to protest his exclusion, while reporters flocked outside to hear about the federal lawsuit also announced by the campaign this week.

Aaron Deslatte @adeslatte ~ I declare @WyllieForGov the winner of the first ‪#‎Debate2014‬. Even though it isn’t over yet. And he isn’t there

Andriana Chris Riera @acrierapsl ~ @AllisonNielsen @CharlieCrist @FLGovScott No clear dif between Ben n Jerry #t51debate challenge to include @WyllieForGov for a new flavor

Marc Caputo @MarcACaputo ~ So maybe, just maybe, amid all the negative back-and-forth, maybe the debate winner was shut out & outside protesting: @WyllieForGov

wylliespeechWith the new polling numbers in an independent poll, Adrian should qualify for the debate at Broward College, however, the debate organizers are still fighting to exclude him by saying the poll was not done by Sept 30th. It had begun on Sept 29th and was not completed for several days.

The campaign has filed suit in Federal Court and has even gone as far as filing an emergency injunction to stop this debate if it does not include Adrian Wyllie.

We are fighting! You can too!

With over 14% in the polls and rising, plus being declared the winner of a debate Adrian was not even included in, it is clear that Florida is ready for another option. They are ready for Adrian Wyllie.

The Florida Press Association and Leadership Florida are not just trying to silence Adrian. They are trying to silence the voice of the largest growing demographic of voters in our state. They are trying to silence nearly 1.5 million voters across the state. They are trying to silence Florida’s Voice!!

We have compiled a list of the members of the Florida Press Association and the sponsor of Leadership Florida! It is time to let them know that if they do not want to hear from us then we do not want to hear from them!

To let the Florida Press Association know you will not be silenced CLICK HERE for info.

To let Leadership Florida know that you will not be silenced CLICK HERE for info.


wyllieForGovernorDanielle Alexandre
Campaign Manager
Wyllie for Governor

There is still time to send Wyllie SuperBrochures!
Help us with our legal battle!

©2014 Wyllie for Governor | 9851 SR 54, New Port Richey, FL

Voluntaryist Comic – Get Your Copy Now


Liberty is dead, long live liberty.

The Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs (Los Angeles)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
6:00 PM
3242 Cahuenga Boulevard West
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Over the last few years I have seen the general interest in liberty decline. Over the last few months the trend has accelerated. It is wild to recognize: – the price of gold has declined by 35% over the last 3 years – many of Ron Paul’s staff members…
Learn more

U.S. Dollar Dying – Korea Jumps On The Chinese Renminbi Bandwagon

renminbiOver the course of the last several weeks I kept mentioning how the renminbi is getting stronger and the dollar weaker. Now, we here in the news that the dollar is getting stronger and people are thinking this means that the troubled times are over. Unfortunately, they are not. In fact, the decline continues without anyone listening to the warnings.

Perhaps, even you, as a reader here, are not listening and think I am just blowing smoke where the sun does not shine. The truth is the truth no matter what you believe. I am just letting you know what is happening in the hopes that you will be smart enough to do something to protect yourself, your family and your wealth…before it is too late.

South Korea’s central bank (The Bank Of Korea) recently released its financial data. Within that data stream was the domestic deposits of foreign monies. The Chinese renminbi, as of July 2014, sat at a deposit level of 16 billion or there about. Last year, at the same time frame, there was only 290 million in renminbi. That is greater than a 50 fold increase of the amount on deposit.

In the grand scheme of things on the world stage, 16 billion does not seem a lot. After all, there are trillions upon trillions being exchanged across international borders. However, this shift is indicative of a growing trend worldwide. More and more countries are accepting the renminbi as a form of currency to settle debt or hold on deposit.

If you looked at the data from The Bank of Korea you would see this trend building across the last few years. Ever since the crisis of 2008 in America, countries have been doing this. Korea is no different. In 2012 deposits of the renminbi was about 0.5%. By the end of last year it was up to 13.5%. With this latest report release that number is now sitting at 26%. This is huge news. The increase is exponential. Over one quarter of all foreign deposits in Korea is now sitting in the Chinese renminbi.

Economies are bad around the world. Interest rates are low. Most of Asia’s interest rates follow those of the Western countries (namely America). Inflation rises in every country. With inflation up and interest rates low, money is losing the value of its purchasing power.

Clearly the dismal returns of banking in your own countries monies will ruin you. The lack of investment opportunities, near zero interest rates and a volatile stock market all lead you toward the road to ruin. That is, unless you do something about it. Koreans have gotten smart and began to diversify their exposure to the currency markets by switching to the renminbi where they can get a higher return rate.

This tactic is not unknown. Many European countries have been doing this for decades. Europeans who live in countries with weak currencies have always traded there funds for the Deutschmarks or Swiss franks. Maybe even some people here in the U.S.A. were smart enough to do it. This trend continues even today so it is not surprising to see it happening in Asia with the renminbi.

But what does the switching from U.S. dollars to the renminbi mean. Individuals, businesses, even governments, diversify their currency exposure. It is just that now, instead of buying U.S. Debt they are buying the renminbi. Renminbi dominated bond sales are increasing and being issued by businesses everywhere in the world. U.S. companies like McDonalds are even getting on the band wagon.

It is becoming so prevalent that the United Kingdom became the first country (other than China) to issue renminbi denominated government debt. They recently hired the Bank of China and HSBC to arrange the sale which will begin this week. This is following on the heels from last week’s news that the euro and renminbi were directly tradable without using the U.S. dollar as its medium.

For sure, the obvious should now be obvious to even the most casual of observers. All the signs are being laid out in front of our eyes. The present system, with the U.S. dollar being the world reserve currency, is on the way out. Countries are taking this to heart and doing something to protect themselves. The Germans, French, Brits, Canadians and now the Koreans are all doing it.

It is, by far, time for you to do something about it to.

With the knowledge that the U.S. dollar is dying, what can you do to protect yourself? Is it possible for you to get the renminbi? Maybe, but I doubt it will be easy here in the U.S. and if you did get some I doubt that U.S. banks will hold it as such. They are likely to convert it and you would lose out. SO, what can you do?

The best money insurance available for the last 6,000 years has been gold. Yes, I know it is expensive. I realize that most people cannot afford to spend $1,300 per month to get one ounce of gold per week. Nobody says you need to buy that much all at once. You can buy as little as one gram at a time. Instead of $1,300 per week, you can spend $60 bucks for the one gram. Accumulate more over time and protect your wealth over the long haul.

Learn how before it is too late.

Go to and get started today.



Yours in Liberty

From John Marsh: Adrian and the Wyllie Coyotes need some events to attend‏


Hi folks,

We need your help.

  1. Adrian will be in South Florida Nov 1st and 2nd.  He needs some good events to attend on those days.  Places where we could potentially arrange in advance to put up a tent or something would be ideal.  For example tailgating at Sunlife Stadium is a possibility.  Large farmers market events might work.  You would think with the internet that it’s easy to find such things but it’s not that easy.  We’ve found that we’ve been missing some potentially good events in our local efforts.  Please respond to this email with any events, particularly in your area that you have knowledge of.
  2. We also need some regular events for us volunteers to attend throughout the week and weekend.  We noticed we haven’t hit the North part of the county or the areas near the ocean and the Everglades.  So we could also use your help with some fresh ideas for these areas.  We’re looking for things to attend where there is a decent crowd of people after work during the week and anytime on weekends.


Below is a map of the local events such as food truck gatherings and various festivals with 100s or 1000s of people that we’ve attended in the past couple of weeks.  We’ve hit some of them more than once.  This doesn’t include bigger events that draw people from outside Broward County such as college and professional football games.  Help us find some similar opportunities in new areas.

Just respond to this email with your ideas.
Ron and John
670 SW 164th Ave
Pembroke Pines FL 33027
The Red Xs on the map indicate events we’ve attended recently while the blue circles indicates the post office (zip code) location of Libertarian voters as of the last election.  The biggest circles represent about 50 voters and the smallest ones just one or two.  Maybe even YOU.  We’d like help finding good events in areas that don’t have Red Xs.

Scott Falls to Much Dreaded 39%! Wyllie Jumps Up Over 13%!‏

JoteThompsonThe latest Optimus Poll  today shows former Republican Governors Rick Scott and Charlie Crist now in free fall, dropping into the 30 percentile bracket while Libertarian Adrian Wyllie jumps two points to 13%. Wyllie is now on coarse to repeat Jesse Ventura’s stunning victory in the 1998 come from behind landslide for Governor of Minnesota. This also puts Wyllie on par to be in the statewide television debates.

Wyllie team has saturated the Tampa Bay area driving up his numbers but he has also campaigned all over the state of Florida attending meetings and rallies totaling as many as 1,000 venues. Wyllie’s team with this breaking news is asking supporters to buy super brochures to be automatically sent out by the campaign to super voters. To help. go to!
Adrian Wyllie continues to tout Rick Scott and Charlie Crist as his best asset to win this election. Crist and Scott have been beating each other up on the airwaves for months while Wyllie has remained adamant with his campaign of much smaller government including reducing or even ending property taxes to Florida homeowners.

Libertarians nationwide are inching towards victory in Novembers election and Wyllie just may have enough steam in his engine to pull candidates such as Bill Wohlsifer, Attorney General ( ) and Lucas Overby, US House District 13 ( ) over the top along with other Libertarians in tight races. Right now Overby looks like he just might take this seat from incumbent David Jolly.


Mike Benoit For Congress

Libertarian Bill Wohlsifer For Florida AG


From John Marsh: Useful Links for Adrian Wyllie campaign volunteers and supporters‏

wyllieForGovernorHere are all of the links you'll need between now and election day.
Obviously we need to put our money where our mouth is on the main page with a donation:
Lots of information on this page including events he'll be at all over the
state, buy t-shirts etc, everything!
Finding voters in your precinct to call or door knock:
(need to be setup)
To be setup email [name], [address], and [precinct number] (if
possible) (saves a lot of time) to
Main Facebook Page:
Campaign Team Page: (requires being added - convince us that you're worthy by taking some action)
To buy brochures or have them mailed to likely Adrian voters
in your area:
Broward Supervisor Of Elections:
John Marsh
Ron Rollins
Broward County Coordinators
670 SW 164th Ave
Pembroke Pines FL 33027

Wyllie Files Suit in Federal Court for Inclusion in October 15th Debate‏

wyllieForGovernorwylliespeechAdrian Wyllie, Libertarian candidate for Florida’ governor, byway of First Amendment attorney Luke Lirot, filed suit the evening of October 8, 2014 for inclusion in the debate on October 15, 2014 being held at Broward College.

Wyllie claims in his complaint that the debate organizers’ criteria was set arbitrarily and in a manner to specifically exclude the candidate for governor, who is now polling over 14% in the latest 0ptimus poll with the margin of error. Wyllie had previously asserted that, with the help of his campaign team and thousands of supporters, he would fight for the right of every Floridian to hear him communicate his ideas on an equal footing with Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.

Third-party and non-party voters are the fastest-growing political demographic in Florida. Wyllie points out that he would have easily qualified for the debates using the 2006 standards. However, he says recent changes to the debate qualifications are designed solely to exclude viable third-party candidates, whose positions often more closely align with an estimated three million Florida voters.

With a full-time campaign staff, commercial ads, a physical office, statewide distribution system of campaign supplies, GOTV software specifically for grassroots volunteers, and campaign contributions over $100,000, and polling near 15%, the campaign has proven to be a credible and formidable opponent in this race. With donations averaging only $75 per donor, to amass that amount in the campaign coffers shows significant grassroots support for Wyllie. Wyllie promised to utilize every avenue to fight his exclusion from this debate on many different fronts, but is not disclosing other strategies at this time.




©2014 Wyllie for Governor | 9851 SR 54, New Port Richey, FL

Send A Clear Message

Breaking News: Democrat in Fl. 13 Dropped Out, Endorses Libertarian Overby!‏

JoteThompsonDemocrat Eduardo Jany, who dropped out of the Florida District 13 race for Congress now held by incumbent David Jolly and once held by Republican Bill Young before his death last October, has publicly endorsed Libertarian Lucas Overby for Congress in that district. Overby is in a neck and neck battle for the seat and incumbent David Jolly has in recent weeks been struggling to get high ratings. Jolly has remained well below the 50% mark, a bad sign for an incumbent. Libertarians are counting on a heavier than average voter turnout because of amendment #2 to legalize medical Marijuana. Some polls have amendment #2 favored to pass as high as 80%, giving the “less government is better government” Libertarians strong leverage in Florida races.

Jany clearly made this decision after he learned his name had not been removed from the ballot and votes for him would be discarded. Team Overby, already in overdrive attempting to make history by electing the first ever Libertarian to Congress while thrilled with the news, is continuing on track with their plans to reach every voter one by one and it seems to be paying off. To learn more please go to

Nearly 250 Years And We Still Haven’t Learned

Palm Beach County Voters – I need your vote!‏

KarlDickeyIf you are a Palm Beach County Voter – I need your help!

Vote by mail – Early Voting – Vote on November 4th

Myself and a group of friends are trying to do something important by having a majority on the Palm Beach County Soil & Water Conservation District. Two of us have already been elected – I will be the third with YOUR help to save taxpayers over $350,000.

It will not happen without your vote and anyone else you can influence to cast their vote for me instead of my opponent. If you do not wish to go to the polls, then your ballot can be sent to your doorstep by clicking this link and requesting an absentee ballot. It will literally take one minute to request the ballot.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

Karl Dickey
Candidate for Palm Beach County Soil & Water Conservation District, Group 5

Copyright © 2014 Karl Dickey, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted in at my website to stay informed about the novel “Liri: An Adventure Toward Freedom”

Our mailing address is:
Karl Dickey

303 E Woolbright Rd #233

Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Only One Attorney General Candidate Accepts Invitation to Forum‏


Only One Attorney General Candidate Accepts Invitation to FAU Forum


Florida - Attorney General Candidate Bill Wohlsifer (LPF) was the sole Attorney General candidate to accept a candidate forum invitation from Florida Atlantic University, even though the others had been invited by the organizers, as well as Mr. Wohlsifer himself. The forum was intended to showcase each of the candidates’ positions on Medical Marijuana, but will now feature Mr. Wohlsifer discussing Amendment 2 and why Cannabis should be removed from the Florida Controlled Substances List Schedule I.

Mr. Wohlsifer, who recently received endorsements from former Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray, stated in the Attorney General debate on Monday, “It was a dereliction of duty for [Pam Bondi] to not reschedule Cannabis after SB1030 was passed…”

During a press conference after the debate Mr. Wohlsifer went on to explain how he would be removing all Cannabis from Schedule I of the Florida Controlled Substances List when elected, including industrial hemp which he has outlined at

Mr. Wohlsifer will be available to the public and media after the event in the Live Oak Pavilion Student Union (8 PM).
Contact Information:

Bill Wohlsifer for Florida Attorney General

1100 East Park Ave Ste B

Tallahassee FL 32301

Tel: 407-701-9045



Copyright © 2014 Wohlsifer for Attorney General, All rights reserved.
We are the committee to get Bill Wohlsifer elected to Attorney General

Our mailing address is:
Wohlsifer for Attorney General

1100 East Park Ave Ste B

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Eduardo Jany offers endorsement of Lucas Overby in CD13 election


Team Overby needs your support in raising funds to purchase campaign supplies!  This endorsement is being promoted throughout the community in social media and we are counting on your support to help us spread the message about our historical opportunity to elect the FIRST Libertarian to the U.S. House of Representatives.
Please donate today…

Pinellas County, FL: October 8, 2014 –

“I am so pleased to continue to receive the support and encouragement of my friends in the Pinellas area. While I have decided to withdraw from candidacy for District 13, I know that it is of the utmost importance that our community has a viable alternative to the Republican platform. I would ask voters to carefully consider voting for a candidate who has espoused ideas like mine with regard to education, opportunity, women’s rights, marriage equality, current tax policies and energy practices. All of these are so important to our District. We cannot afford to continue with a status-quo Congress that fails to make decisions and is mired in argument and discord. It is time for collaboration and progress and this is why I would like to lend my support to Lucas Overby.

It is an honor to live and work in this wonderful community. I came to this country as an immigrant, proudly served in the military and in law enforcement for over 33 years and fully understand the work, the hardships and the struggles that the American family has endured and continues to endure. This election continues to be an important one. Having career politicians, lobbyists and special interests running the country is out of the question. I would respectfully request that you use your vote wisely and look toward what is best for your family as well as Florida and Pinellas County.”  ~EDUARDO JANY, FORMER CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS (FL-CD 13)

“I’m both honored and humbled to accept Eduardo Jany’s endorsement.  It stands as proof that we share the same vision; reaching across party lines in support of the working families of our district. Serving our constituents will remain my highest priority, and I look forward to working with those who share this goal.” ~Lucas Overby, Libertarian candidate for Florida’s 13th Congressional District

For further information, media inquiries, or interview requests, please contact Michael Jenkins, Media Coordinator at Lucas Overby for Congress, at (910) 551 9067 or

Lucas Overby for Congress

1910 Drew Street

Clearwater, FL 33755




Copyright © 2014 Lucas Overby for Congress, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email as a member of the Libertarian Party of Florida who has shown an interest in the campaign and in an effort to keep you updated with the 2014 Libertarian Lucas Overby for Congress campaign.

Our mailing address is:
Lucas Overby for Congress

1910 Drew Street

Clearwater, FL 33755

Wyllie statewide sign wave details for Broward‏

WyllieDanthemanFellow Wavers,

The sign wave will be at the entrance to Broward College Central Campus and both sides of Davie Rd there.  This will tie in well with the protest/rally at the Telemundo debate site earlier in the day as well as the future protest/rally planned for Broward College next week on debate day (if necessary).

Friday Oct 10th at 4:00 we will meet at the Publix around the corner at 6525 Nova Dr, Davie, FL 33317. We’ll park as far away from the store as we can toward Nova Drive and Davie Rd.  Below is their web site with address and map.  If you expand the map, you can see the entrances to Broward College from Davie Rd.  We’ll be at the entrance closest to Publix.

From Publix we’ll transport initial group of people and signs to the entrance area to do the waving.  You’ll probably see Ron’s car at Publix plastered with Wyllie stuff as confirmation that you’ve found the meetup spot.  I’ll have my extra long silver Chevy Silverado pickup truck with Wyllie magnetic signs on the side.

Obviously not everyone can come at 4PM, so whenever you come you can just walk down the street and find us. Traffic lasts so long around there that we expect to be there until around 7:00-7:30 when it starts to get dark.  But anything can happen, so if you want to confirm call or text.

If for some reason you can’t make it to Broward College, wave a sign at a busy intersection wherever you are.  If that’s your plan and you need a sign call us and we’ll try to connect with you to get you one (or more).
John: 954-593-8777
Ron:  954-559-4438



We’re planning on going to the LauderAle Nanobrewery in downtown Ft Lauderdale afterwards to grab some food and beer as well as promote Wyllie to any crowd that might be there.  Supposedly there is a food truck event there on Friday.  It’s all on the schedule.

Obama’s Last Clear Chance: True Universal Health Coverage, Libertarian Style

To read the full column, simply click here:

Ralph Benko Contributor


President Obama famously wished to be a transformational president.

Recent court rulings have placed Obamacare into jeopardy.  It may be compromised beyond salvation.

There may be but one last clear chance for him to salvage his signature domestic policy legacy.  Will he take it?

The promise of transformation need not die.  Ironically, however, the way forward is blocked not by the right but by progressives’ ignorance, and hatred, of the right.  The solution lies within a paradox.

Prominent members of the left take a position sanctifying themselves as standing for using state power to help the rank-and-file and the marginalized.  Many progressives then go on to demonize conservatives as heartless shills for the wealthy.

Caricaturing the right as

< Read More >

Willey volunteers and supporters November 5th is almost here!‏


An email from John Marsh:

That’s the day you wake up and have to look in the mirror and answer questions like “Did I do all I could do?” and/or “did I start soon enough?”.

It’s hard to contact everyone individually, so if you’re ready to get engaged reach out to us rather than wait for us to contact you.  There are plenty of ways to be involved, both big and small.

We’ve just received the last batch of yards signs.  We have some volunteers that have offered to deliver them and/or plant them in the ground in front of your house if you like.  If that sounds good to you, just respond to this email as your authorization to do so along with the number of signs you think you can make use of in your part of town and we’ll look up your address and try to get them to you next time someone is in your area.  Our preference would be that you’d meet us at one of the events on the schedule and pick them up in person and say hello.  We’re somewhere around the county every day.

Keep an eye on your junk mail between now and Election Day.  I’m hearing that some of my mail is going to junk for some people.  Hopefully this email isn’t in there too. J

It’s Not Too Late- Join us in promoting our Libertarian candidates!‏



It’s not too late-  Join us this weekend as we spread the word of Liberty at the South Florida Fairgrounds Gun and Knife Show-  Man the booth with other Libertarians.  Promote our Libertarian Candidates running for office.

It’s easy, fun and we guarantee interesting……

Let us know when you are able to join us-  Volunteer for as little as 2 hours-

Sunday, October 12th - 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
9067 Southern Boulevard West Palm Beach, Florida 33411

To volunteer, contact

Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County

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