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Last day to save on the LPF convention‏

We just wanted to let you know our discount on the packages for the Libertarian Party of Florida’s 2011 State Convention ends at midnight tonight. All the information you need is at the convention’s website Save $100 per Gold Package! Currently the price of a Gold Package is $125; at midnight that price will go up to $175 and on April 2nd it will go to full price of $200. So lock in your savings today by paying online OR by sending in your check or money order today (postmarked today will qualify for discount).

Haven’t decided if you are going to the convention? Think back a year ago if you went to last year’s convention. Did you go? Did you have a say in who the Libertarian Party of Florida operated? Do you want to have a voice in decided the new leadership for your state’s Libertarian Party? If you do, then get on board right now by visiting
We will be electing a new chairperson, treasurer, two at-large directors and the regional representatives. Only YOU can decide who will represent you in moving liberty forward in Florida. But you can’t decide if you are not there in West Palm Beach on April 30th.
Have a great day!
Karl Dickey
Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County

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