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Democrats: The Party of Co-dependency

persecutor / victim / rescuer (rescuer and persecutor are same party)

persecutor / victim / rescuer (rescuer and persecutor are same party)

As within, so without.

Bill Moyers had Parker Palmer as a guest on his PBS show on Friday, February 20, 2009 [1]. Mr. Palmer founded the Center for Courage and Renewal. While today’s political factions were not a topic of discussion, Mr. Palmer observed a correlation between depression psychologically and Depression economically. Since I’m a firm believer in as within, so without, the argument immediately piqued my interest.

Sudden losses can trigger depression. It can be the loss of a loved one, or of income, or of wealth, or of country. The inverse is that self-defeating thoughts trigger depression, which in turn triggers behaviors that result in outward losses. This is more likely the chain of events. Des Cartes so aptly wrote that, “except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power.” [2] It’s reinforced throughout Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. It’s further reinforced in these words: “You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny” [3]. Many others have discovered the power of thought and uncluttered reasoning. Challenging beliefs and precepts scare people. But without challenging our deeply-held beliefs and realigning our beliefs with natural principles, we live at the mercy of our own stupidity. This in turn leads to the Law of Unintended Consequences. This is the ignorance that ignorant people call bliss. That’s precisely why the Law of Attraction works against them. So they become co-dependent. In politics, the co-dependent’s rallying cry is “Save me, Uncle Sam! Make my countrymen pay for my folly, laziness, hypocrisy and pet projects! Don’t expect me to measure up!”

This is the height of irresponsibility and why democracies always collapse in on themselves [4]. As parents well know when correcting their children, shirking responsibilities leads to the curtailment of freedoms. The kids get grounded. No more floating around in la-la land. Getting grounded is precisely what’s necessary to get back on the straight and narrow towards independence.

We should not concern ourselves so much with externalities. This is also the basis of much Eastern philosophy. Attachment breeds the fear of loss of attachment. Fear of, or the actual, loss of the object of attachment breeds suffering. As within, so without is a principle. Therefore it can be applied to various situations. Like co-dependency and politics.

Relying on the impeccable wisdom of Stephen Covey, let’s familiarize ourselves with the levels dependency. There’s dependency, independence, co-dependency, and interdependency. Total dependency is the state of infancy. An infant supplies none of his own needs. The first need that an infant learns to fulfill is self-pacifying: he locates his thumb. In the absence of self-reliance, the infant’s only recourse is to cry out, to communicate. An addict of any description supplies none of his own happiness. He is dependent upon some external source for gratification and pacification. Codependency enables an addict to remain addicted to this role because the codependent is equally addicted to the enabling role. They avoid the upheaval from changing roles and growing to a higher level of maturity. If the addict is addicted to dishing out abuse, then the codependent is addicted to receiving abuse. Neither is doing the work on themselves (where it matters) to end the abuse. They are not imagining themselves in different roles and therefore are not aligning their desires and deeds towards changing their roles. All the world is a stage [5] and all the men and women merely actors. What we need to remember is that we can and must choose roles based upon our importance as individuals. If we don’t choose our roles consciously [6], then our roles will be chosen for us. The danger of rule by majority voting starts to crest over the horizon.

Independence is the next level to which we transition. Here we decide our role is to provide for ourselves. A healthy measure of egocentricity and selfishness is required. It’s when we realize that we are not someone else, not living someone else’s life. We are not sovereign over our neighbors, parents, friends, enemies or anyone else. We are not living in someone else’s body. We are not seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. Our own life is our own and sole responsibility. It is a challenging stage to master. Master it we must or we can never truthfully say I know myself. Parts will remain foreign territory. Gnothi Seauton.

Interdependence is to co-dependence as federal union [7] is to incorporating union [8]. A true federal union recognizes the integrity and wholeness of the individual members, or states. It’s a marriage of whole parties. An incorporating union is a merger in which one is subsumed into the other. These levels are better described on the individual level in Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “The 8th Habit”.

Nearly all of us are familiar with the phrase Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. My father, who was a lifelong registered Democrat, said the Democrats will give you a fish. Republicans say they’ll teach you to fish for yourself. I wanted to be a Republican. Then my father said that the truth is Republicans won’t teach you to fish. Once they find an abundant fishing hole, they hide it so no one else can find it. Then they’ll sell you the fish and make themselves rich.

So who doesn’t want to be rich? Even so I didn’t want to be greedy or hide the keys to the kingdom from anyone. At least I’d get a fish for nothing from the Democrats if I got hungry.

But there’s no such thing as a free fish.

Everyone pays taxes for those government-dole fish. Those dependent on those free fish are not learning how to fish for themselves. The longer they get something at someone else’s expense, the less incentive they have for finding their own fishing hole. There are plenty of abundant fishing holes, but you can’t find them if you don’t bother to look.

The more of our earnings taken in taxes, the less we have available for saving, investing and business building. Let’s not forget the costs of maintaining the bureaucracy and administration for government-dole fish. Forms for determining eligibility. Supervisors for approving the forms. Clerks for filing the forms. Auditors for reviewing the forms. Inspectors to make sure the forms are filed in good order. Warehouses for ancient forms. Subcontractors for procuring the fish. Drivers for delivering the fish. Code enforcement to chase down fish malingerers. Committees to convince themselves that their fish program is the envy of the world. The IRS to make sure that the nation’s independent fishers are coughing up their “fair” share. This is silly make work that doesn’t contribute to the economy [9].

All this to discourage anyone from fishing for themselves. To keep the poor poor, because there’s big tax revenue [10] [11] in it.

Ready to register Libertarian yet?

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Federal Union

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(c) 2009 all rights reserved without prejudice pursuant to UCC 1-308

12 comments to Democrats: The Party of Co-dependency

  • Aptly written diagnosis of the problem.

    With all stories there are two sides.

    This was the problem side.

    What is the solution side and how do we implement it?

  • lptbruce

    in general a good thoughtful article it lacks wholehearted agreement in my case because i take exception to a small part that goes

    “Nearly all of us are familiar with the phrase Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. My father, who was a lifelong registered Democrat, said the Democrats will give you a fish. Republicans say they’ll teach you to fish for yourself. I wanted to be a Republican. Then my father said that the truth is Republicans won’t teach you to fish. Once they find an abundant fishing hole, they hide it so no one else can find it. Then they’ll sell you the fish and make themselves rich.”

    i think that republicans/democrats being largely indistinguishable demopublicans are among the state parties. the state party wants to own and control the fish, the money supply to pay for it, the inspections, transportation, licensing, rationing approved uses etc for it and everything else.

    individual liberty based parties such as Libertarian, Boston Tea, Constitution etc. want you to learn to fish and use that to help yourself –and others as you choose entirely voluntarily–. grow the pie more wealth rather than dividing less wealth.

    for people to choose the self growth and discovery — personal liberty and responsibility– they need to see that it is a choice. they need to know that neither they nor their neighbor is likely to starve. the state party grounds people in fear with lack focused actions–taxing, regulating, government takeovers, etc.

    counteracting that needs a more rational (in some cases a faith based approach) nuanced educated approach.
    education of —and a hunger for– liberty (back to education and marketing again) are keys to changing it

  • American Citizen

    As to Jim K, there are ever more than 2 sides to a story. There are 2 sides to a coin, but it’s only one coin. And the coin has a 3rd dimension after all, unless it’s ridged. Then there’s dozens of sides.

    In any event, what is the solution? There’s outside-in and inside-out.

    Party-building is outside-in. Education on the principles of liberty is inside-out. Or as I prefer to call it, Liberty-consciousness raising. As we know, once Liberty is taken out of the abstract and applied to economics, taxes, wealth-creation, personal choice – the **LIGHTS** go on. People realize they’re Libertarians and always have been.

    I’d LOVE to know how generate a massive re-education!!! Suggestions are welcome wholeheartedly!!!!!!

    Lbtbruce, indeed the Demopublicans (aka Kleptocrats) are merging into a single ruling party. America doesn’t seem to notice the “bipartisan” efforts are happening with more regularity. They’re not alarmed. They’re being frog-boiled.

  • BOBO the magnificent!

    Co-dependency is one of the problems I have identified with BOTH the DNC & GOP. Working Y/A’s promoting Libertarian values I have come across a ‘catch phrase’ used so far only by demmies, but am SURE many repubies also harbor the ideology of the ‘catch phrase’. That ‘catch phrase is… social “security net”(quotation marks mine!). From what I can garner MANY share the opinion that if America collapses as a functional nation, that taxes in the form of wealth redistribution from the ‘haves’ to the ‘have not’s’ will save the pikers from destruction.
    This is self deception at best & outright lunacy at worst! When a collapse TARGETS our USA, & it will(orchestrated), the pathetic fantasies of the pikers will come true, in reverse! The likes of the Kennedy family, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi or John McCain squandering their fortunes in an attempt to save the pikers from ruin is ridiculous at best! Those ‘haves’ mentioned beforehand will finish breaking then enslave the pikers. The ILLUSION of a SECURE socialist state never has, is not, & never will be a reality. Independence is the ONLY security net. Stands to reason too, as the ‘haves’ are as independent as can be! I have limited credited studies in psychology, above average in sociology studies & again limited in poli/sci. I came into our Libertarian party a disillusioned, greener than apples former GOP victim. By accident I found out about Yahoo Answers & quickly found the political section.
    By the grace of God I found on Y/A’s a person that had an answer for every question I fielded, answers that MORE than made sense to me, still do too. That person turned out to be ‘Gentleman’ Jim Kearney. I regard him as my personal tutor & mentor. Well done Big Jim, & praise the Lord for Libertarians!!!

  • Ahh – very good response

    Now the hard part, you know the problem, you know the solution but you are copping out on the implementation. Asking for suggestions wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear – LOL. Although, it is a method of asking for others to help…whether they take you up on it or not is a different story.

    I will give you one suggestion. If you come off as a fly by night person no one will give you the time of day. Make yourself a guru on the subject. If you are a guru people will LISTEN and ACT on what you say.

    Start first with the Organic Laws of this country. Study them and know what they mean, what effects they have and how they interact with each other. Then you will know where you stand in relationship to the governments they set up.

    Based on that task, look at everything with the new education you received. Apply the non-agression policy to each situation. You will begin to see how the wool was pulled over the eyes of an entire populist.

    Now start spreading the truth. Get into schools (preferably high schools since that is where the greatest formation of polictical ideas begins) and lett them know there is a different way available.

    It took almost 100 years for the government to control it all. With the advent on new technologies we should be able to reverse that trend in a lot shorter time. Ready to get started?

  • American Citizen

    Jim K,

    You’re cracking me up now. You know damn well you already sent me a-digging through the Organic Laws of the USA. Even beyond to the Magna Carta. And the latest is now 17th century Rights of Man philosophy and Austrian School of Economics simultaneously.

    Take a look at, as well as the notes from last night’s conference call that I posted to BLP discussion group.

    This is over 200 yrs worth of education to catch up on. If we consider the 14th Amendment creation of a new class of citizen, we’re looking at 140 yrs of corporate corruption of free market capitalism to undo.

    Compared to the sheer volume of information, anyone would look like a fly-by-night trying to introduce the concepts and maintain an attitude that upending the regime is possible.

  • American Citizen

    Jim K,
    Looks like you got a vote of confidence on my article.

    Bobo, what is Y/A please? Is that Campaign for Liberty Youth America?

  • Doc

    I used to be a Libertarian. I belonged to the Advocates for Self Government. I used to subscribe to The Freeman.
    I’ve read all the books and documents: Murry Rothbard, David Boaz, Leonard E. Reed, Lord Acton, Benjamin Constant, Adam Smith, et al. I worked on Harry Browne’s campaign. And I still consider myself a staunch Austrian School economist.

    But I no longer vote.

    I strongly disagree with “fixing” America by electing the “right” people. Sorry guys. Won’t work. The system is broken and has been since the year 1913. And before that many of our so-called forefathers were working hard to tear down what we’ve been taught they built.

    BOBO The Magnificent turned me on to your site. We are of mostly like minds. He believe the sheeple need awakening; I believe the sheeple will continue to blame everyone but themselves and their own ignorance even while being let to their slaughter in the new concentration camps of FEMA.

    I’ve been at this for over 22 years. I’m not optimistic.


  • American Citizen,
    Yes, I know I sent you on the rampage – but the rest of the people reading your post and comments do NOT know that – it is certainly wise for them to follow the same path so they are as well verse in these matters as you have become.

    Y/A is short for Yahoo Answers. I met BOBO there when Ron Paul was running. He was trying to educate people on what Libertarianism is all about. There is a politics section on Y/A where he posts his questions, every now and then I stop in to answer a few of his posts. Sometimes I have to straighten a few people out (go figure – LOL).

  • BOBO My Friend,

    It is wonderful to see you here.

    I hope you vist often and tell all yourfriends about this new site of mine. If you have any questions you want answered please feel free to let me know and I will see if I can post an answer for you.

    Better yet, if you would like to be a contributor to the site drop me a private line and let’s set you up with an account. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

  • Hi Doc,

    Glad to have you here. Any friend of BOBO’s is a friend of mine.

    Yes, he does believe that people need awakening, I believe it also. I still have some optimism left, although with the events of the last few months I am no longer sure. Those optimisms seem to be disappearing rather quickly.

    For some unfathomable reason people still think Obama will save this country. It doesn’t matter to them that he is nationalizing private industry in a fascist manner, plundering our monetary system in a socialist manner or decreeing wide range law changes that trample on the very freedoms he claims to protect in a dictatorial manner.

    It’s no wonder he has FEMA setting up concentration camps around the country. All dictators are afraid of the population’s resistance to their rule. That’s why they attempt to eliminate all forms of opposition at every turn they can. People have yet to realize the more their government legislates the more tyrannical the government is.

    Some day, I hope soon, the people will wake up. I pray it’s not too late and a peaceful return to what this country should have been will occur. If not, I fear it is a return to the independence wars again. This time, probably all 50 states will join in each declaring their own sovereignty. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  • American Citizen


    perhaps you’ve read jefferson mack’s invisible resistance to tyranny. freedom from within the system is approaching impossibility. i get it. renegade freedom is always a possibility.

    i suggest directing your optimism in another direction then. we NEED optimism to survive. no hard core libertarian (except Jim LOL!!!) will insist that you vote.