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Trump Slashes Renewable Energy Budget By 70%: Understanding the Potential Impact

Since the beginning of his election campaign, President Trump has targeted clean and renewable energy investment as one of his primary areas of budgetary cuts. He is now making good on those campaign promises, with the 2018 draft budget that was recently leaked indicating that he intends to cut the budget for the U.S. Department […]

Government Under Fire for ‘Spree Killing’ Death Row Inmates as Drug Runs Out

The contentious issue of whether the death penalty is morally and legally justified has been raised again with the double execution of Arkansas inmates, Jack Jones (aged 52) and Marcel Williams (46). Jack Harold Jones Jr, murdered a woman in 1995 and had been condemned to die. Marcel Williams kidnapped, raped and murdered a mother […]

KiKstart – March 31, 2017




KiKstart’s Latest show is March 31, 2017 – 7:00 PM

Come One Come All

Vincenzo’s Pizza 24504 Lyons Road Newhall, CA. 91321

Sing, Dance, Eat and Watch the girls rock the house.


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A Heartfelt Plea from Adrian Wyllie, Candidate for Governor‏

It’s not easy for me to ask you for money. It’s one of the things I like least about campaigning. I know times are tough and many of us are struggling. If I didn’t think I had a legitimate shot at winning the race, I wouldn’t be sending this letter. But […]

The Bullying Myth

I will add a video about this today. This whole issue is simpler than we want it to be. Society is trying to teach the kids ( and their parents ) to allow governmental institutions to take responsibility for every detail of kids lives ( and adults!) Here is the answer to bullying. FIRST type […]

Florida Grassroots Activism Action Alerts

Florida Unity In Action


August 9th 2013

If you are receiving this email then you are active in politics in one way or another. I wanted to tell you about a very special […]

Rand Paul’s Futile Attempts to Salvage the GOP!‏

A Public Policy Poll has come out this week showing Kentucky Congressman Rand Paul leading his rivals for the 2016 GOP nomination, with 16% of the votes. Initially, this polling would be cause for celebration in the Paul camp but scrutinize these numbers and you see the end of the road for Libertarianism inside […]

Fake Libertarian?

The Libertarian Party should NOT become a “big tent” like the Republican Party– and yet I afraid that is exactly what we are becoming.

There is some support in the Libertarian Party for the “Fair Tax”. The Libertarian Platform( which can be seen at: clearly says

2.4 Government Finance and Spending

“All persons are […]

Term Limits belong at the ballot box, not in the Charter

I understand the theory behind term limits. Term limits help third parties and independents get elected to office. Well that’s the theory anyway. But term limits are eval because they limit choice at the ballot box. And they entice citizens to have the attitude “I don’t care what they do-they will be out of office […]

FOX: California’s Medical Marijuana Industry Getting Stoned – Ron Paul 2012

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Join the Libertarian Party of Duval County 9/18/11

Fellow Lovers of Liberty

Are you tired of having to choose between the lesser of two evils? Are you tired of listening to the same Republicrat double talk? Are you tired of seeing the “Tea Party” Republicans play along in Washington as usual? Do you want to make change happen at a local level?

Social […]

Because no one else can be trusted to say what he means and do what he says like Ron Paul does.

1. Ron Paul took a lie detector test. The lie detector tapped out.

2. Ron Paul is an element on the periodic table.

3. Ron Paul could lead a horse to water AND convince it to drink, but he doesn’t believe the government has the right […]

Ron Paul’s Appearance on CNN’s John King USA: War Powers Resolution Standoff

Video of Ron Paul’s appearance on CNN’s John King USA on June 29th, 2011. Topics include the War Powers Act, Constitution, Libya, and Debt.

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Ron Paul makes 2012 Presidential Run Official on Good Morning America

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Rand Paul: ‘Right to health care’ is Slavery

Kate Nocera of Politico reported how Rand Paul creates a perspective: The Right to health care is slavery. A hearing of the Senate HELP Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging looked at emergency room use and took an odd turn Wednesday when Sen. Rand Paul compared the “right to health care” to slavery.

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Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, offers advice to Rep. Ron Paul

Jon Stewart offered advice to Ron Paul Monday (May 9th) night, saying the potential Republican presidential candidate should “compromise his principles.”

The Daily Show host showed of a clip show of Dr. Paul, a potential presidential candidate, pushing for support of closing secret military prisons and withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. from the […]

Opening Cage Doors

I received this email from Larken earlier today. Hope he doesn’t mind my sharing it with you.

Yours in Liberty

Tonight, the first installment of “Outside the Cage” will air. As I mentioned before, I finally broke down and agree to do my own radio show, and this is it. But this one will […]

Ron Paul: The Fed is stealing the People’s Money

Great Ron Paulian explanation of the recent news with Bloomberg and the Fed, the Discount window recipeitents from the 2008 financial crisis, and all the ways in which the Fed is stealing the People’s money.

By Ron Paul – Texas Straight Talk of April 4, 2011

Last week I was both surprised and pleased […]

The Dictator Fallacy!!

I wish I could say I wrote this, but alas it came from another source. It was well said and articulated in a manner that seems very effective.

The Dictator Fallacy” fal·la·cy – * a misleading or unsound argument. * Logic. any of various types of erroneous reasoning that render arguments logically unsound. Do […]

Anarchy – Applied Chaos

What fun it is for me to come across examples of what SOME PEOPLE think is a desirable goal. HeeHee.

“PORT-AU-PRINCE — Angry Haitian mobs have lynched at least 45 people in recent weeks, accusing them of spreading a cholera outbreak that has killed over 2,500 people across the country, officials said Wednesday. The number […]

Thomas Jefferson a True Libertarian?

As one of our founders of our country and the principles we live by, Thomas Jefferson was one of the most influential figures regarding how our country developed. Was he a Libertarian in values? Look at quotes attributed to him and you make up your own mind.

…When we get piled upon one another in […]

Top U.S. General Expels Jews

December 17th – Today the top United States general issued an order to expel all Jews from the Treasury Department.

Order No. 11: “The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the department within twenty-four hours from receipt of this […]

Join The Party!

The Broward County Libertarian Party Executive Committee invites all readers, and their guests, to join us this Saturday night in a pre-New Year social to be held at Tijuana Taxi, University Drive and Griffin Road (NE corner) in Davie at 6:30pm. Normally we stay until about 8:15 or so. Bring an appetite (Mexican). […]

Iceland may ban MasterCard, Visa over WikiLeaks Censorship

Eric W. Dolan of reported yesterday credit card companies that prevented card-holders from donating money to the secrets outlet WikiLeaks could have their operating licenses taken away in Iceland, according to members of the Icelandic Parliamentary General Committee.

Representatives from Mastercard and Visa were called before the committee Sunday to discuss their refusal to […]

Platform of the Boston Tea Party

“The Boston Tea Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose.”

Really! That is the platform of the Boston Tea Party (BTP). This single sentence satisfies nearly 2100 members […]