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LP NY welcomes elected official, ballot access wins in Maine & Va., and more


News from the Libertarian Party:

LP in New York welcomes elected official known as “taxpayers’ watchdog” Virginia LP gubernatorial candidate on the ballot Libertarian Party now qualified in Maine “Libertarians Working for You!” episodes with activists, candidates, and elected officials from Alabama, Arizona, California, Illinois, Maine, Texas 2017 Libertarian Party state conventions LP […]

Go Away George Soros

Macedonia to George Soros and USAID: Go Away

BY: VICTOR GAETANHere’s an opportunity for President Trump and Secretary Tillerson to pay some serious attention.

Small but mighty Macedonia is the mouse that roared this year, declaring war on George Soros, 86, and his U.S. Government handmaidens, who, incredibly, have financed a left-wing agenda to […]

PeaceOptions – How Far Will Your Hate Go?



How Far Will Your Hate Go? Jun 23, 2017 02:46 pm | John Dennison

It’s no secret Democrats hate Trump. In fact, they’ve turned it into a fine art form. Starting with the election and continuing daily, a never-ending crescendo of vitriol has been spewing forth from liberal Democrats against Trump and […]

The Nature of Fascism


Fascism: The Career of a Concept Paul E. Gottfried Northern Illinois Press, 2016 9780875804934 (cloth) 9781609091835 (e-book)

[Published in The Salisbury Review, June 2017]

I feel obliged to begin this review with an admission. I first met Paul Gottfried in May 2006, at the inaugural meeting in Bodrum of the Property and Freedom […]

One Subject at a Time reintroduced in U.S. House and…






We have VERY good news to report on the Downsize DC Agenda. RETWEET

Rep. Mia Love has reintroduced the One Subject at a Time Act (H.R. 395).

The 115th Congressional session just started, and it lasts two years. This is the earliest any of our bills has ever […]

FEE: Liberate Your Life with This Ebook Full of Inspiring Essays

Rogue One and the Moral Costs of War

by Ilya Somin

The awfulness of war is driven home by the fact that the heroic rebels in Rogue One are almost entirely ordinary people, with relatively ordinary abilities, rather than members of a Force-capable elite. Lead heroine Jyn Erso and her cohorts talk about how […]

NH Rep. Phinney switches to Libertarian Party


For immediate release June 27, 2017

New Hampshire Rep. Brandon Phinney switches to Libertarian Party Brandon Phinney, Libertarian state representative in New Hampshire

CONCORD, N.H. — Rep. Brandon Phinney (Strafford 24), formerly a member of the Republican Party, announced today on the State House steps he is changing his party affiliation to Libertarian.


Breaking News: Nunes Says Trump Communications Were Collected

Nunes: Trump Communications were Collected…Incidentally

BY: MELISSA MACKENZIESo Trump’s accusation that Obama spied on him is true?!

This seems noteworthy: Nunes confirms US intel collected information on Trump campaign, transition teams unmasked – none of these activities related to Russia. — Katherine Gypson READ MORE The Heartland Institute will be holding their 12th International […]

The General Election: Authoritarian Hag v Fenian Scumbag


The General Election: Authoritarian Hag v Fenian Scumbag by Sean Gabb 26th May 2017

For the avoidance of doubt, I still intend to vote Conservative in this dreadful election. And, if Labour seems to be catching up in the opinion polls, so, I suspect, will enough people to give the Conservatives a decent […]

PeaceOptions – Government Hacks Our Wifi Routers


Government Hacks Our Wifi Routers Jun 21, 2017 08:36 am | John Dennison

It’s not enough that the NSA can sweep up all our email, text and phone conversations. Neither is the fact the CIA has software that allows them to hack our phones and smart TVs to turn them into hot mikes […]

Healthcare proposal #1: Restore natural prices & make them visible






Things cost more when you can’t see their price. Retweet

Downsize DC is promoting 20 proposals designed to replace Obamacare with consumer controlled, free market medicine. A major effect of these proposals would be to make healthcare costs visible to patients. And that’s because restoring natural prices is the […]

FEE: Ten Greatest Hits This Week

Your Shower Is Lame, Your Dishwasher Doesn’t Work, and Your Clothes are Dirty

by Jeffrey A. Tucker

We have long lived with regulated showers, plugged up with a stopper imposed by government controls imposed in 1992. There was no public announcement. It just happened gradually. After a few years, you couldn’t buy a decent […]

How you can help accelerate our growth


All over the country, from Utah to Nebraska, and from Iowa to New Hampshire, liberty-minded legislators are joining their true political home, the Libertarian Party.


Our bold vision for empowering people by bringing down government barriers appeals to principled legislators from all parts of the traditional political spectrum.


Yesterday, we […]

What happened to gun bills in the 2017 Florida legislative session?


What happened to gun bills in the 2017 legislative session?

In the wake of the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting and the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting, Senator Greg Steube filed several gun bills repealing state mandated “gun free zones” such as airports and college campuses for the 2017 session. The Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale […]

Yes, Obama Did Investigate Trump

Yes, Obama Did Investigate Trump

BY: GEORGE NEUMAYRAfter all the parsing at the Comey hearing, that remains the bottom line.

Straining at the tweet and swallowing the camel has become Washington’s favorite pursuit, and it was on tiresome display at Monday’s Congressional hearing with Jim Comey. Out of it came two clashing headlines: “Comey […]

In Limited Praise of Charlie Elphicke

In Limited Praise of Charlie Elphicke by Sean Gabb 20th May 2017 Last Sunday, my daughter assisting, I delivered about three hundred leaflets in North Deal for Charlie Elphicke, my Conservative candidate in the General Election. This was the first time in thirty years I had lifted a finger for the Conservative Party. I […]

PeaceOptions – When Will the Political Violence End?


When Will the Political Violence End? Jun 14, 2017 03:04 pm | John Dennison

Too many have been hurt. Too many have died. Yet still the political violence continues unabated. Just today House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot AT A BALLFIELD in Virginia along with several others by a “lone gunman” in […]

Is Donald Trump a cancer? Or…






Send lawyers, guns, and money… The immigration taboo. RETWEET

Dear DC Downsizers,

If you have principles, a brain, and a heart then I ask you to please pay close attention because…

Downsize DC has been injured for standing up for principles. Now…

Maybe you don’t agree with one or […]

FEE: An Economist’s Goodbye to Thomas Sowell

Be the Master of the Thrift Store

by Jeffrey A. Tucker

I’m talking thrift store here, as in Goodwill. You would never shop there, right? Well, why not? Don’t let snobbery stop you. There are amazing things in the Goodwill, or any thrift store, but you have to have the right attitude, an eagle […]

Special Session Produced Corporate Welfare Lite


NOTE: The Liberty First Network has begun using the NEW LFN Action Alert Service. If you want to continue to receive Action Alerts from the Liberty First Network CLICK HERE to sign up.

Special Session Produced Corporate Welfare Lite

As far as I know, light beer is still beer. It may be […]

Military personnel vital to Libertarian Party, Carla Howell moves on, candidates rattling cages, and more


News from the Libertarian Party:

Thanks to Carla Howell for her service as National LP Political Director Libertarian Gary St. Fleur rattling cages in Scranton mayoral race Salon magazine interviews Libertarian Party chair on the war on drugs Greg Creswell running in first-ever LP Michigan primary Michelle Darnell running in special election for […]

preserving our history



As you may know from previous emails, the national party is working on preserving our party’s history.


This includes archiving and preserving printed materials, digital materials, and more.


Our Historical Preservation Committee needs just $10,000 to fund their work this year. As of right now, we are about $1,400 […]

Leadership tips for county and state affiliate leaders

You are invited to a special conference call on Leadership Tips for County and State Affiliate Leaders featuring Pat Dixon

Monday, July 10


6 PM Pacific

7 PM Mountain

8 PM Central

9 PM Eastern


Pat Dixon has served as chair of the Travis County Libertarian Party (Austin, TX), […]

Declare Your Independence


Declare Your Independence!



As you grill out, watch fireworks, and spend time with friends and family this Independence Day, The Advocates for Self-Government encourages you to reflect on the meaning and significance of this day, along with the following quote from which the Advocates gets our namesake:

May [the Declaration of […]

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