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Benghazi Gate Conspiracy Still Unfolding

Image copied from Google Images - Benghazi Attack

General Petraeus resigns? Over an extra marital affair? Do you really believe this?

One of the most powerful men in the country is supposed stepping down from his office over an extramarital affair. This coming from the guy in charge of the most secretive organization in the entire world, one that makes people disappear without any traces anywhere. Do not believe that BS story for one moment.

Petraeus was in the position to know exactly what happened in Benghazi. He stuck to the story the Administration put out. Everything would have been fine if it was dropped at that point but it wasn’t. Facts came out about the attack and the official story was refuted. Petraeus may have rolled under the bus for President Obama but he refused to take the sword plunge. He was forced out of his office and this is just a cover-up story.

He went along, towed the line until suddenly it was revealed that there was no protest at the embassy. Emails were sent directly to White House Situation Room so Obama KNEW it was an attack. The Administration had a live drone feed the entire time the attack was taking place.

The two SEALS and CIA operatives were told repeatedly to “stand down” and stop aiding the Ambassador. They disobeyed direct orders and saved 20 lives by paying with their own. That was not good enough for the Administration. Since they were now dead they could not be held accountable, that left one man, Petraeus.

Petraeus refused to admit that he gave the orders to stand down. This means, by implication, that only one other person could have given those orders, the Commander In Chief, thus the reason for the cover-up. Such an act of treason on the President’s part would spell the end of his career and possibly his life. Crossing someone from Chicago is worse than crossing the Mafia. Obama and his Administration needed to move fast.

Petraeus had to go and go fast, before he speaks to Congress. This will not be the only casualty in this cover-up scheme. General Carter immediately resigned his post because he “refused direct orders to stand down”. Rear Admiral Gaouette was fired from his position by Obama for his “inappropriate leadership judgment during the situation” because he wanted to send in rescue teams. Ali Harzi, a suspect in the attack, was arrested in Turkey (a NATO ally) and sent to Tunisia where U.S. investigators cannot reach him.

All these people with clear knowledge of what went on have left office or disappeared. President Obama continues to lie about the situation. The news media repeat the president’s lies. The idea is to say them enough times until the public believes they are true. Yep, no real news story here, just go ahead about your business, do not mind the person behind the curtain. This is just one in a long string of conspiracies surrounding the President.

We get what we vote for. Hope you like what you get.

Yours in Liberty

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