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Out of the ashes of necessity is born a new Phoenix for Liberty. Welcome to Libertarian Viewpoint. This site was set up and designed to spread the word about Libertarianism. The world is thriving with misconceptions about what a Libertarian is, the way they think and what Libertarianism is all about.

LV is a  site  dedicated to bring  some changes to those misguided thoughts and help educate the masses interested in finding a new perspective to our current two party system. Many people feel that there are only two choices, democrats and republicans; anything else is just too radical. So, they are left with the choice between the lesser of two evils.

Many of these same people claim that they believe in what Libertarians say but that they don’t want to throw away their vote. Such blind faith means that no matter what you vote for – you are voting for evil and your vote is in effect – thrown away, since you did not follow your conscience. If everyone thinking like this actually voted for a Libertarian we would have a much different government today.

As time goes by my team and I will continue to update this site with new and improved material in the hopes of showing everyone what is going on in our world and how Libertarians can make it better. If you have educational material you would like to share with others or comments on how to make the site more effective please send email to

I hope you enjoy your stay, visit often, comment well. Live rich and free.

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Kearney

Meet The Authors

Chief Executive Officer – Jim Kearny

My name is Jim Kearney, from Sunrise, Florida. I am a software engineer by trade and a Libertarian by heart. I graduated from The University of West Florida, class of 1994, with a Masters degree in Software Engineering.

Since the age of 11, I knew I was different. They way I think was at odds to everyone around me. I eventually learned that there were others that thought like me and sought them out. I found a political home with what became known to me as a Libertarian. Libertarianism, for me, is a way of life. I am a firm believer it is immoral to initiate force or fraud on another human being.

Knowing laws and where they apply is an argument I find myself posing in many discussions. I believe in truth above all things, and as such, I expect people to be consistent in their argumentation. I started this blog mid 2009, and since, have established a venue for we the people to hold educated discussions about libertarianism, and how to expand the philosophy into a respectable, elect able, political party.

I ran for Lieutenant-Governor of Florida back in 2006, on an NPA ticket with current 2010 governor candidate, John Wayne Smith. I have also held a consistent position as Chairman of the Broward Libertarian Party of Florida for a several years, and am the representative for District 8 of the State Libertarian Party of Florida.

Most recently, I have been hired (pro bono) to be John Wayne Smith’s campaign manager for his 2010 governor’s candidacy. I also manage some other libertarian websites and engage in other forums in the name of promoting libertarianism.

Feel free to email me for more information, discussion, special topic requests, or author/contributor status for the blog. Send email to

Editor in Charge – Jonathan Raof

My name is Jonathan Raof, from Davie, Florida. I graduated from the University of Miami, class of 2010, with B.S. degrees in Neuroscience and Political Science. I am a debater. I competed on UM’s debate team, as such, indicative of my sincere interests in politics and argumentation. I want to run for public office one day, and I know the Libertarian Party is the political party that best encapsulates my political ideology.

I actually would prefer not to identify with a political party, but, it is what it is. As far as the legislative aspect of the political arena goes, I prefer to engage in the philosophical warrants for the legislative process. As such, I typically find myself being the devil’s advocate – and enjoying it. “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” – Malcolm S. Forbes.

I am a fiscal conservative – economics are a big interest of mine that I often like to discuss. However, being the devil’s advocate that I am, I often like to hold the position that capitalism as we know it is an out-dated, profit driven, social enslavement system; but who knows?

I am a Constitutionalist. Just like a fire-arm, the constitution is a tool, that ought to be used in holding government accountable and preserving personal liberties. Tools, like the constitution, are technological in nature. The constitution is an intellectual piece of technology that can evolve, and be technically improved. You will find I philosophically believe technology, not laws, are more logical in solving what we exclusively encounter as social problems – crimes of passion and medical illness. This proposition further warrants my critique of capitalism, as capitalism cripples technological innovation, and strives on cyclical consumption.

Feel free to email me for more information, discussion, or special topic requests, or author/contributor status for the blog. Send email to